Josh Brady Makes His Bottoming Debut In A Bareback Flip-Fuck With Joey Mills

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Beach-Bodies-008The best gay porn scenes are the ones with an unexpected twist, and this one was a surprise to me. As noted in the headline, it’s big-dicked Josh Brady’s turn to make his bottoming debut, and he’s making it in a big way: His bareback top his none other than fat-cocked Joey Mills.

Beach-Bodies-018 Beach-Bodies-037Josh’s bottoming debut doesn’t come until almost the end of the scene, and while he only gets fucked for a few minutes in one position, he proves that he’s down to try new things, he’s not afraid to take a big one, and he looks damn good doing it:


If Josh’s bottoming weren’t enough, everything that happens leading up to it is excellent, too.

Beach-Bodies-015 Beach-Bodies-013It’s quite clear that Joey is one of the best cock suckers in gay porn. At a couple of points, it almost looked like his deep-throating was going to make Josh cum early:


Another highlight was Josh’s topping. In addition to his dick being so big, it’s always extremely rock hard:

Beach-Bodies-028 Beach-Bodies-032 Beach-Bodies-033 Beach-Bodies-034

Josh always fucks deep, with long, full strokes, and the camera captured the balls-deep pumping perfectly:


One complaint: Unfortunately, the camera was filming from above Josh’s head during the cum facial at the end, so we can’t see his cock shooting cum on Joey’s face for a few seconds.

josh2That glitch aside, two great performers with real chemistry expertly suck and fuck each other in one of Helix’s most satisfying duos of 2017. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady And Joey Mills Flip-Fuck Bareback]

  • MiloŇ° Del Rey

    Absolutely love josh and Joey is cute and has a cool personality. But I can’t get over how young he looks. He looks like he just started middle school. Living for his sleepy eyes though.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Joey stays higher than a kite. Those are “weed” eyes.

  • Felipe Pinafi


  • 2345

    Josh looks hot with a dick in his ass. I HOPE he gets his hole filled much longer & harder in future scenes

    • peter

      1) Corbin Colby
      2) Blake Mitchell

  • Scrapple

    Joey fucking Josh? It’s like a Shyamalanian plot twist. Only less contrived. Look at Josh with a dick in that ass.

    • peter

      Joey’s got such a big dick. I like seeing him use it!

  • Philip Broad

    Joey Mills is cute but an unconvicing top, especially with a bottom built like Josh Brady.
    Helix has been riding high lately; I guess the only way to go now is down.

    • peter

      I like the novelty of a twink top and jock bottom myself.

      • Philip Broad

        You’re right. I hadn’t seen it like that. Thanks for opening my eyes. PB

  • Maximus
    • peter

      Piercing enhances sensitivity I’m told. Never been tempted myself. Mine are sensitive enough as it it

      • Maximus

        For real? I’d never heard that before. I’ll have to investigate whether that’s true.

        I envy your nipples. Mine are barely sensitive in a ticklish way, and they aren’t at all sensitive in an erogenous way.

        • peter

          I discovered my nipples when puberty really started to hit at about 12, about the same time I realized I wanted to suck a dick more than anything else in the world! Especially a BelAmi dick! It’s like my nipples are hard-wired to my dick. Play with them and I get real wet and gooey down there.

          I suppose piercing provides a baseline of irritation/inflammation, which makes every thing more sensitive. PAs do the same downtown, and are also supposed to increase the intensity of orgasms. Same for clitoral piercings

          • Maximus

            Oh, I’ve definitely witnessed how turned on some guys can get when they have their nipples played with. It’s fun to make happen. Interesting about piercings. Still not worth it in my mind, though.

  • moondoggy

    Lord, this blog loves some Helix.

    • Zealot

      You spit a bib-full there hon-tee.

    • peter

      Helix is just making the best product on this side of the pond for now (Sean who?)

  • Devin

    I like Joey, but in a little bro kinda way. I just want to protect him from the evil porn industry….Lls…j/k Seriously though…he’s too cute for this BS

    • peter

      Don’t characterize the Adult Industry in such broad strokes! For a lot of these guys (and women and straight porn) adult work is just a stepping stone. They use their earnings to pay for school, start businesses, etc.

      Also the more responsible studios (and I think Helix is one) treat their models like family. For some of these guys, it’s the first real family they’ve had.

  • peter

    Josh’s STAY WEIRD tattoo and pierced nipples form such a stark contrast with his look. He’s possibly the most conventionally handsome of the current Helix models in a square-jawed rugged kind of way. He could be a ‘jock’ in some WB teen drama. A generation ago he’d be in an A&F catalog.

    Joey’s irresistible cuteness is a perfect foil for Josh’s ruggedness. They make an attractive couple.

    • cluelesswitness

      WB? Kinda dated yourself with that one eh?

    • Rob36

      he’s a 2/10

  • peter

    GISP is basically a combo of filmed web-cam shows and Corbin Fisher-GayHoopla.

    Helix is doing some really innovative stuff that avoids being both cheesy/Chi Chi ‘classic’ Catalina porn and artsy fartsy CockyBoys. So he should stay with Helix and be in the next ‘Flower’.

  • Troy MacGyver SP

    I’d never met anyone who could come even close to deep throating my cock until I was 26. He was a Navy Seal and we were 69ing and he was on top. God, even though I started getting my dick sucked in the 6th grade people struggled to just get the head in their mouth. Funny, as I was his first male sex partner, even being warned “if you cum in my mouth I’ll kill you.” Yet, I couldn’t get his large dick out of my mouth in time to warn him and blasted it while it was clear down his throat. He was so pissed off but must have changed his mind as he shot two seconds after I started. I did get another stern warning “don’t ever do that again” Soon he was on his knees taking regular loads. But I always wondered how he was able to do it. Doesn’t matter as like so many other straight guys I seemed to end up with all the time I lost him to marraige and a new born.

    • 2345

      Did you get a chance to inadvertently cum in his ass?

    • peter

      “The good ended happily and the bad unhappily. That is the meaning of fiction” — Oscar Wilde.

    • Bryan Urahara

      Duh! You’re NOT straight. A straight man does hook up with another man. Get it?

      • Troy MacGyver SP

        I’ve never been straight! He went onto that life of married bliss.

  • snoopyfo

    they are both beautiful and hot

  • Jbj

    It’s always hot seeing joey and those sleepy eyes and big dick, but josh is definitely an added bonus. Hot!!!

  • TheSagaOf

    Also: Charlie Day is hot

  • Ocelot

    Josh bottoms for about a minute and his fucking of Joey is basically in one position. Joey’s cocksucking winds up being the best part of the video.

  • Bin

    Booorrrrring….but cute guys. Well, I take that back. The banter was nice.