[UPDATED] Joey Mills Issues Statement Regarding Cancellation Of Book Tour: “Keith Miller Canceled The Tour Due To Kyle Ross”

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This post is being continuously updated below.

Following the abrupt cancellation last night of his nationwide book tour for Electric Soul, performer Joey Mills has just released a statement to (at least partially) explain why the tour—which had been set to continue this weekend in Los Angeles, followed by stops in Chicago and St. Louis—was canceled.

In his statement (read below in full), Mills apologizes to fans, thanks author Tayor Saracen and Cameron Parks, and says the tour was canceled by Helix and 13 Red Media owner Keith Miller “due to a private issue with Kyle Ross.” This seems to only present more questions, and Str8UpGayPorn has reached to Mills and Ross for clarification.

It appears that Mills and Ross had some sort of falling out, and while Ross tweeted Mills earlier this week after the NYC book signing, Mills is no longer following Ross on Twitter:

jmk joeyk Joey Mills has confirmed to Str8UpGayPorn that he is not following Kyle Ross on Twitter, and he revealed that Ross became hostile with Mills this week after Mills texted Ross about Electric Soul’s high book sales, with Ross calling Mills a “fake ass bitch.” As you’ll recall, Ross was the subject of Saracen’s previous book for 13 Red Media, Twink.

And, Kyle Ross has just tweeted the below response:


Here’s Joey Mills’ statement in full, which points out that while the signing this weekend is canceled, he’ll be hosting his own signing along with a party on Saturday night at Radiant Space in West Hollywood, and he’ll be having a meet and greet (also hosted on his own) in St. Louis:

I regret to say the book tour for Electric Soul by Taylor Saracen, in conjunction with 13 Red Media, has been cancelled. Sadly, Keith Miller (owner of Helix Studios and financier of 13 Red Media) chose to cancel the tour due to a private issue with Kyle Ross (an employee of Helix Studios).

First, I would like to thank Taylor, as well as Cameron Parks for organizing the New York signing event at the Strand Book Store. It exceeded my wildest dreams. Taylor has tried her best to save this tour but was unsuccessful. Other than her support she was not a part of the cancellation but will sadly reap the consequences.

I do apologize for this inconvenience, but I am trying my best to make sure I can still visit most of the destinations listed for the tour.

I know there are a lot of fans, friends and family planning to attend the book signings in Santa Monica, Chicago and especially my hometown of St. Louis. Since the tour has been cancelled on such short notice, I’ve decided I will be personally hosting my launch party this Saturday March 2nd from 9p-Midnight at Radiant Space in West Hollywood, CA.

For those planning to travel to St. Louis for the signing on Sunday March 24th, I will be arranging a meet and greet event for the same day and look forward to signing your books at that time. I am also looking forward to showing everyone around the city.

The book store signings in Santa Monica, Chicago and St. Louis will in fact be cancelled; however, this Saturday’s party in LA will go on.

At this point in time, my fans are my top priority and will continue to be. I’m hoping that despite these changes I can still satisfy my fans and I will do everything in my power to do so.

Whatever the reason for the cancellation, it’s extremely bizarre that Helix/13 Red Media/Keith Miller have issued no statement or explanation whatsoever alerting customers about the cancellation of their own events promoting their own product (which they’ve been advertising and organizing for months to people around the world), and it was Mills—who is not an employee of Helix or 13 Red—who had to do damage control with this statement. This post will be updated if there are further developments.


Kyle Ross has issued the below statement addressing the text message exchange with Joey Mills regarding book sales, and his own explanation for why the tour was canceled. Ross says that Mills was “trashing the leadership at 13 Red Media,” and that “the company will not be funding rogue Joey’s book tour.” If there was “leadership trashing” on the part of Mills, it would had to have been done in private, as Mills had made no public statements about 13 Red Media, other than promotion of the book tour. Here’s Ross’s statement in full:

Joey mentioned to me via text his Strand book store success and I congratulated him sincerely. Moments later I realized that he had blocked me on Twitter (he also blocked Helix Studios and all other main Helix employees). I sent him a text asking about the block and accused him of being fake. The conversation quickly went south. We did have some drama but in the grand scheme, our conversation did not effect the outcome. The reason for the tour cancellation is that Joey has been consistently trashing the leadership at 13 Red Media whilst the company has been funding his expensive book tour. The company will not be funding rogue Joey’s book tour when we can’t even tag him in a tweet. It was not an easy decision but when you lay a steaming pile of shit in the hand that feeds you, it would be moronic for us to continue paying for it. Keith reached out to Joey multiple times to try and find a workable solution to which Joey only continued to trash talk Keith directly and after multiple attempts, no agreement could be made. I wish Joey well in future endeavors.

  • FrenchBug

    I was hoping the Kyle Ross trail would begin to explain all the Helix stuff but if the hostility started this week, then we are back to square one.

    That being said, why was Joey Mills texting Kyle Ross about the sales of his book? Me thinks someone was being shady so whatever is going on here, I am not entirely buying the “Who? Me?” act JM is giving us.

    But again issue is: none of this should be relevant to business decisions Helix bosses are making. That there is even a doubt is just… problematic.

    • Zachery Binx

      Interestingly enough, Angel Rivera tweeted out just yesterday (Feb 28) that Kyle Ross (2.0) had blocked him on Twitter and he was asking why. When someone asked him if he had “Beef” with Kyle, he simply replied “None from me.”

      Kinda have to wonder if Joey texted Kyle bragging about his books sales (possibly putting down Kyle and his book) and then Kyle just showed the texts to Keith leading to him making the decision to just shut down the tour simply because it wasn’t worth having a former employee trying to stir up unnecessary drama with his current staff.

      I mean, not trying to paint anybody in a bad light but even if you take just a cursory glance through Joey, Kyle and Angels tweets, it’s very evident that none of them has any issue stirring the pot and throwing shade around online (especially vague subtweets) or even just flat out starting drama with accusations directed at specific studios / people.

      Regardless of whatever fallout occurs after this (and I’m sure eventually Helix / Keith will release a statement) it’s honestly probably best for all parties involved that none of them are doing business with each other any longer.

      One thing that would NOT surprise me to see happen after this though would be for Helix to adapt some stricter social media policy in regards to their exclusive models and possibly even start forcing some of them to sign N.D.A.’s that even covers a length of time after they stop working exclusively for the company.

      • FrenchBug

        I have been advocating the latter for years. They need to reign in the drama if they want to survive. It is toxic, unpleasant and cannot be healthy for the work environment.

        • Zachery Binx

          Exactly why other professional business have those exact same clauses in their employee handbooks and contracts.

          I mean just look at the bullshit Kyle just posted as his “statement” about what happened. He’s not only saying some pretty specifically pointed comments to make Joey look bad and attack his character, but he is very knowingly making statements about the company, it’s decisions and financial obligations.

          Is Kyle even remotely qualified and allowed to speak on the studios behalf like that? Also if he is, WHY??? With a post like that he obviously isn’t business minded enough to hold back personal emotions to respond to this situation.

          I mean pretty much his statement boils down to “Joey is a rude, arrogant, egotistical piece of shit that no longer works for us so fuck him… but I wish him the best in the future”. Granted every single bit of that sentiment might be true, but there are way better more professional ways to say that without just blurting out the horseshit that Kyle posted.

          That all being said, I don’t honestly think Joey or Kyle are bad people, or that Helix is a bad studio, I just strongly feel that none of them are approaching this the correct way. I like the work all of them have produced in the past and am happy to consider myself a fan and be a subscriber, but it’s just disappointing to see them doing things like this.

          • Van

            Kyle does seem to have a lot of power at the studio. I have always held a suspicion that Kyle has a financial interest in Helix that goes beyond being one of their models. I have no proof of this, but it would help to explain why he has stayed with them for so long. His brother was also working for them in their San Diego office.

          • GayhawkAZ

            I always thought that Kyle had Keith Miller by the balls in some way. Financially, personally… 🙄

          • FrenchBug

            I’ll say this: one source of begrudging respect for me about Helix has always been that for all these years, I never heard any stories of the principals at Helix sleeping with the models, a la CorbinFisher or, worse yet, a la Boycrush.
            It is not that I would be surprised if it was the case (and the unusual but happy-sounding pairing of the Romans indicates that the age and hotness difference isn’t always a factor) but considering how poorly I think of that practice, especially when we are talking about young impressionable guys, and how unhealthy the overall approach of the “Helix family” is anyway, the fact sexual peccadilloes didn’t seem part of the mix has always provided me with a sense that the studio wasn’t a completely immoral lost cause.
            If it was the case though that they were sexually involved with some of them, then a lot of things like the schoolboy marketing (note to whoever made that Kyle Ross documentary: dude isn’t a “boy” anymore) and the involvement in the models’ person life would be a lot creepier than they already are. And they are already plenty on their own without the added yuck factor of the owners dicking the models.
            I hope my trust was warranted but you could very well be right. Men are trash after all.

          • GayhawkAZ

            I’ve no proof. But it’s always just been this feeling on my part that whenever there’s been discussion regarding Keith running the company, there’s a mention of how valuable Kyle is (and Max, when the two were in the thick of their romance). Even Helix’s recurring fan boys (FrancisMastro etc) are always referencing Kyle’s value to Keith and how Kyle is a Helix mainstay. *shrugs* No proof. Just a feeling there’s something there.

      • Van

        Actually, it appears the opposite is happening with regards to social media. The last couple of days, pictures of the Helix “family” have been posted on Twitter. One at a dinner, and another of the models hanging out with Alex Roman. Seems to me like they are trying to show that the Helix family is still going strong.

        • GayhawkAZ

          It’s called a PR spin.

    • SMB1128

      No company is going to fund promoting a product for someone that is talking bad about the company’s management team. It just doesn’t make any sense. He’s lucky they don’t stop selling the book altogether. I’m sure they own the distribution rights. Hopefully he learns that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. it seems his ego just grew too big.

      • Benjamin

        This is all true, but also the business invested in a product. Fiscal responsibility dictates that they then handle things professionally, unless they don’t give a shit about flushing their money down the toilet… which I guess they don’t.

        The best thing, business wise, since this twink wasn’t overtly trashing the company in public, would have been to suck it up, let the tour continue, and then cut him loose hard the second it finished.

        If they really couldn’t be grown up enough for that, then a proper cancellation of the events that the company organised and promoted is the least any professional organisation would do.

        What they’ve actually done, regardless of the ages of all parties involved, is act like a bunch of 13 year olds cancelling a sleep over.

        • Seanumich

          Except this is a company owned by a PRIVATE individual. He can do with HIS money anything he desires. I would bet the expenses of outweigh the revenue of the books, but the ancillary sales of subscriptions would help defer that cost. BUT when the person you are PAYING to promote the book has said he QUIT yoru company due to bad management, what the hell did you think would happen? Do you think Apple keeps people around whpo would bad mouth their brand?

          • Benjamin

            I don’t think you actually read my comment. I said, this is how any mature, fiscally responsible person would handle things “unless they don’t give a shit about flushing their money down the toilet… which I guess they don’t.”

            So not really sure what your problem or point is?

            Also, until they “cancelled” this “book tour” (and I’m putting those words in air quotes, because none of this is even vaguely legitimate or professional) NO-ONE KNEW THERE WAS A PROBLEM OR THAT ANY ‘BAD MOUTHING’ HAD TAKEN PLACE.

            So to re-iterate, if they had of waited a week or so, they could have then cut this over-inflated twink loose, without damaging the sales of this “book”, or garnering the bad/idiotic coverage these events have generated – they have caused the exact problem you claim they were preventing.

            But instead this business, and all involved, are behaving like children (which to be fair some of the parties involved almost are).

            If your argument is that this business owner can behave like a child, cutting off his nose to spite his face, and therefore lose money and damage his business… Then yes, you’re absolutely right.

            He CAN do that (provided he owns the business free and clear, and doesn’t have investors or any other parties he has a fiduciary responsibility to). It’s just a really idiotic thing to do.

          • trumn10

            Common sense. The drama is funny though, just a porn company.

  • Caesarimp

    I don’t pretend to have any answers here, but I’m curious as hell about what’s going on at Helix and who could be to blame

  • Shawn

    This is the part of the Helix social media game I don’t like…. I get these guys are still young but they also represent a business. This shit should not be going on in public.

    That being said, I’m gunna get fat off all this popcorn and who needs SPF 50 with all this shade.

    • Kenny

      Uhh… well like you said, they just became adults last year. Their working conditions are 55 year old men telling 18 year old boys where to put their dicks next. This isn’t Microsoft or Starbucks. The HR department is another 55 year old man telling 18 year old boys where to put their dicks next. So, yeah… I don’t think we can expect much “professionalism” from this “business.” Hopefully, they just pay their employees on time and don’t air too much of their manufactured drama. Or hopefully they do air some of the drama so we can all laugh. :)

      • FrenchBug

        It makes me sad that you think there cannot be ethics and professionalism in the adult entertainment industry by definition.
        That’s a sad frustrating misconception that leads to so much of the abuse we see.

        • Kenny

          There can be ethics and professionalism in sex work, to a certain degree, but frankly, it’s never going to be at the caliber of what it is in other industries. Sex work is dicey. And, that’s not a misconception I have; that’s present reality. And it’s not my misconceptions about sex work that lead to abuse, rather, it’s the abusive behavior of people who capitalize off sex work that sometimes abuse their workers.

          • magenta5

            Amen, brother. Especially when so many of these boys are poor kids from the midwest in unstable living conditions and they see doing porn as the only way out.

            UNITE HERE!

            Adult performers are desperately in need of a union.

        • Seanumich

          What the hell are you talking about. This is NO different than the ciurrent POTUS and he is hardly a twink. Welcome to 2019

          • Shawn

            I’d love to know what goes on in your mind that made you leap from porn industry drama to the giant ball of corruption that is the current administration

          • revieweroftime

            We’d say the same for you, but it’s obvious there’s not really anything going on in your mind at all. 😂

      • Pinko of the Grange

        Miller is barely 40 if memory serves. And unless things have changed in the last few years he is the oldest on regular staff.

        • GayhawkAZ

          Wait…he’s not 40? I swear the last time someone posted a picture that was captioned as being Keith Miller, the subject looked like he was a hard 50, if not older.

  • Kenny

    So one porn twink got upset at another porn twink and then the Executive Producer of porn twinks cancelled the book tour of one porn twink so as to not overshadow the previous … if only any of this mattered.

    And clearly, “I’m not one of your fans!” :)

  • TK

    It would be so unlike Joey to rub his popularity in the face of another model. So unlike him. /s

    • Hari Kalyan

      Joey used to be one of my faves but his attitude off screen is the reason why don’t care to follow many performers on social media

  • Zachery Binx

    It’s just all dicks and butts people. Everyone getting their shit all in a twist over dicks and butts.

    Besides that, on a more personal standpoint, Blake Mitchell and Tyler Hill are far and above much bigger and influential stars than any of the other boys all involved in this drama and you sure don’t see them spouting off online and stirring up unnecessary petty shit. Maturity is a wonderful quality.

  • Checkedout

    This all seems incredibly stupid. I feel like some of these porn stars have an incredibly inflated ego.
    Joey Mills, Kyle Ross, Blake Mitchell (naming him only bc he has a book) and anyone at Helix is only “famous” because they are cute twinks on a popular gay porn site.

    The drama is sometimes interesting but this episode seems like a miss.

    • Fridaybird1983

      I totally agree with you!
      However from what I saw on social media, there were no “lines out the door” in NYC. In fact I saw a lot of empty seats during his readings. However, I am sure overall it was a success.
      Fans of Joey will be upset by this, and I feel bad for fans who made travel arrangements to see him. However, if Joey were smart, he would have waited till after the tour before he bad mouthed his studio that was paying for his hotel/airfaire/food, and boyfriend to tag along on his trip. I don’t blame helix one bit for cutting him off. Joey is a sunk cost. Fans who wanted to buy the book will buy it regardless of the cancellation of his tour. Helix will go on with new models-no one is a star forever.

      I wish everyone luck.

    • trumn10

      No reason for the ego, they simply have sex in porn videos, and then some move on with their lives.. I don’t think this career long term is very aspirational.

  • AlohaMar

    You don’t have to trash talk a company publicly for its owners to get pissed. They can just not like what you’re saying in private. The truth is probably a combination of both stories.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Lie down with twinks, wake up in Jr High.

    • Galaxy_Scribe


    • Izzy

      You need a book deal

    • cardigay


  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Joey dear..it’s Keith*.

  • Scrapple

    Ummm…why are they acting like funding the book tour was favor to Joey? It was their product. They created it. Joey was simply the inspiration, and while he most likely was being paid to attend these events, along with being paid to let them use his life story for the book, I doubt he’s being paid royalties for each book sold. Joey sure didn’t lay out any money to create or peddle this book, so if the book fails who is going to feel the pain in their pockets? Actors and directors who can’t stand each other put aside their differences when it’s time for promo. Because it’s about that bag and those coins. If Helix’s management is that pressed about an unfollow and an inability to tag that they’re willing to let a project they poured money into possibly fall by the wayside, then that does speak to poor management. Kyle is only lending support to what Joey hinted at.

    And if Joey is still going forward with the signings, how much better are his optics going to be? Fans eat that shit up. And all it does if give Joey a chance to speak with those fans about the problems he was facing, without anyone from Helix being there to shut him up. Sounds like a great idea.

    • Seanumich

      I would bet the pay is based on sales. It doesnt cost shit to produce the book in today;s publishing world. You seem to confuse what consimers will think. If Lady Gaga doesnt show up at a concert, they wont blame the record company or the promoter, they blame the talent.

      • Scrapple

        If I seem confused, you seem slow.

        If you think it’s cheaper to create actual books, promote them and sell them, you haven’t been paying attention to the industry over the last decade or so. Do you not realize how many publishing houses have shuttered their doors in the last ten years? How many bookstores have closed within that same time period? It’s all about e-books now. Getting people to actually visit a bookstore or online store and buy an actual hardcover or paperback book is much harder because the majority of technologically-minded folks aren’t going that direction. So your idea that this undertaking cost Helix and 13 Red Media pennies to manufacture is false. Kyle even stated the book tour was expensive. If the book tour was expensive, then obviously the book itself was expensive to manufacture. Because if the book had been cheap to make, the tour costs wouldn’t even faze them, because the profits would already be there.

        And your Gaga analogy was really nonsensical. Sure, if Gaga cancels the concert her fans are going to be blame her. If her record company or management cancels the concert, then Gaga goes and tells her fans she’s going to sing on the street corner so those fans can still see her, she most certainly will not be blamed. If you’re going to reply to a post I make, please at least make an effort to apply logic and reason to whatever you write. Otherwise it’s a waste of my time weeding through salty garbage.

  • Hemingway

    I think we all need to take a step back and look at this logically, if that is even possible. Let’s think with our big heads for a moment.

    First the facts… Joey Mills was one of the highest paid per scene models at Helix. Then someone came up with the idea of making one of the first Rise Up books about him and his life. Ask yourself why Helix would do that? They wanted to capitalize on his popularity (nothing wrong with that) and promote him in yet another way (nothing wrong with that either).

    As any employer does when they value their employees, they invested in Joey and while the book was in production they started the process of developing the book tour. As it turns out, getting into The Strand was a stroke of good luck. Kudos to Cameron Parks for that!

    Then the book and tour started to get promoted and more money was invested to ensure the tour was a success. Again, typical business behavior.

    However, during this time, something went wrong. We will never know the true story but let’s speculate anyway since that’s so much fun… Joey and Angel, after the Ashton and Ben episodes that played themselves out online, went to Hawaii with a former Helix employee, one whose reputation preceded him. Just ask yourself why, after 12 years with Helix and in some very high positions, Deniz was terminated.

    Hawaii happens, then, with Deniz in tow, the three of them head to LA to hang out with former model Blake and his boyfriend Chad.

    All the while, plans for Electric Soul are moving ahead as planned.

    Then out of the blue (for those of us who follow Helix), Joey tweets out his now being a “free agent” and “poor management” as one of the reasons. There are no further explanations from him nor from Helix but the book tour moves ahead.

    I’ll stop here for a minute. Imagine you’re an employee whose employer is putting all this time and money into this project that is solely focused on you, and you turn around and quit, BUT you still want to go ahead with the project. Seriously?

    If this were any other company, they would have immediately stopped the project and regrouped. Obviously they couldn’t stop production of the book (too much had been put into it at this point) but they could have delayed the release or at the very least cancelled the tour before it even started. But for whatever reason, they decided to move ahead.

    From what I’ve seen and heard, the NYC stop was quite the success. Lineups out the door, sales even higher than the first two books… all good news for Helix. More sales = increased revenue. Sounds like a win-win to me.

    During or possibly right after the NYC stop, Joey and Kyle get into it. Not sure who started it nor who said what, but I don’t buy for a minute that Kyle was jealous in any way that Joey’s book sales were higher than Kyle’s or Blake’s for that matter. And if you think different, I’ll remind you that stupid is as stupid does.

    But I digress. Whatever happened between them, a former employee and current employee, the company decided they had had enough and cancelled the remaining book stops, taking a financial hit at the same time. Though as a side note, this drama will do nothing to hurt the book sales.

    Helix Studios is a professional company who do not air their dirty laundry online. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the models who, for better or worse, use social media as a marketing tool to promote themselves and sometimes, with the good comes the bad. Unfortunately for the past little while, what would normally be things taking place in private have spilled out into the public domain, with models sniping at each other, sending out cryptic tweets, while Helix remains silent (as it should being a professional company).

    Those of you who view these models as Gods or something akin to perfection need to understand something – this is all fake. Joey Mills is a persona. As is Kyle Ross. The majority of us do not know these guys outside of Twitter or their online scenes. We have no idea who these guys are in real life, so please stop pretending that you do. You are following something that is not real. These guys are made to do two things to us guys – get us hard and get us off. In Helix’s view, they hope this results in sales. That’s it. There is nothing more. Joey is not going to hang out with you. Kyle is not going to invite you to dinner. Just because you worship them (got to ask yourself why!) and buy them gifts and shower them with adoration does not mean you know them.

    Bottom line… Joey Mills decides to quit Helix Studios after the book is about the be published and the book tour is about to start. They go ahead and the NYC event is a success. Then Joey and Kyle get into a fight and Helix decides to cancel the remaining events. Why in the world would a company cancel a project focused on a former employee who has shown them nothing but disrespect via his social media network, after spending a lot of time and money on this project?

    One thing is for certain – Keith Miller did not cancel the tour due to Kyle Ross. Don’t believe everything you read online.

  • B.C.

    This is turning out to be far less interesting than last year’s Helix theatre featuring Masters and Rivera.

  • Dave Netherton

    As they say “no publicity is bad publicity”. All this drama, it’s departing models, twitter arguments, model relationships & break-ups keeps the company in the spotlight. It’s a well orchestrated publicity campaign nothing more. Keeps the internet traffic flowing.

  • olfwob

    Oh how i miss the good old times, in wich porn stars were only famous for fucking and only while you watched them doing it.

    • Dave Netherton

      LOL yes the era of actual true porn stars…not internet “personalities”

  • pronounproblems

    Poor Joey. Does he have an Amazon wishlist or something? I want to buy him a jockstrap and make him feel better.

  • Devin

    Where are the receipts, Kyle??? Show us the receipts or shut the hell up. All you’re doing is being messy and unprofessional. No one knew anything about Joey so called trashing 13 Red Media, until YOU said something about it. I really hate when bitches make me defend people who I don’t even like.

  • JT

    Um, what? These guys write books? Or have books written about them? And who wants to buy/read/care ???? They fuck on camera for money, end of story.

  • Hush-ins

    Is it finally the time for Helix to start hiring professionals for their management? Everything could have been avoided had there been something in their contract explaining about what should and should not have been brought in employees’ social media accounts.

    • Van

      You really think that these young guys would care if they had something in their contract forbidding them to discuss things that upset them? They think they are big stars and that they are are holding all the cards. Bedsides being fired, what’s the leverage? Suing them? Most of these guys don’t have a pot to piss in and are living check to check. You can’t get blood from a stone.

      • Hush-ins

        The models may not care, but there have to be incentives to include NDA over business information. By the way how this incident happened, that idea was not in the employers’ mind much if not at all.
        Punishment was not initially made for the giver’s benefit. It was to prove that you might face consequences when disobeying rules. Whether the models are capable of going through with the legal process is irrelevant.

  • holgerson

    I am not dissatisfied. There campaigns entertain me. It transforms the performers from jerk-off-object to humans. They argue, love each other, are vengeful, happy, sad. They fight for the best place in the company. Whatever we do, but we don’t do it in public.
    When I think about CF. Boring. .. and then always the same actress.

  • Chad

    Maybe Helix should concentrate more on things like the poor direction of their scenes over the last year or so. Bad lighting in nearly all of them…bottoms cumming with sometimes highly questionable penetration and tops cumshots looking like they could have taken place on a different day than the bottom’s.

  • SaintMike
  • kumagiri
  • Default_User

    I gotta give Joey credit for trying to promote himself through these future signing events. The author might not be around but he is the face of the book and people will still line up for him to sign it after getting it from stores (or Amazon). That’s some savvy self-promoting.

  • Josh in OR

    So, it’s come to this…two twinks, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean…

    No, but seriously, it’s down to he said/he said, huh?

    So, who do we believe? Do we beleive the still young, still popular-ish twink with a book tour to promote, who has said and done nothing that anyone can show to deserve his book tour blowing up…

    Or do we take the side of the aging twink with ties to management who says, without proof, that the younger fella has been talking smack?

    Me, I would look at the book sales. How was Kyle Ross’ book selling? How was it received, compared to the Joey Mills one? Because this all seems like a case of an aging ‘actor’ getting jealous of a younger ‘star’ and using management to get some pretty vengeance.

    Until I see otherwise, that’s my take, anyhow.

  • Johnny

    This is why you fuck twinks but never date them.

  • Cosmic

    Twinks must be truly tedious creatures.

  • Seth Sexton

    LMAO I never thought I’d witness the day when porn performers are issuing ”official statements”…. These little twink queens need to tone it down.

  • Do you think there can be ethics and professionalism in the adult entertainment industry?