Gay Porn Before And After: Andy Taylor 2013 Vs. 2018

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Johnny-Hands-and-Andy-Taylor-021Andy Taylor is having the best gay porn comeback of 2018. In his first two comeback scenes, he was topped by Blake Mitchell and Luke Wilder. Today, he completes a trifecta of powerbottoming, as he’s slammed bareback by yet another powertop, Helix newcomer Johnny Hands. Before we get to that scene, a quick Gay Porn Before And After, with Andy in 2013 (on the left) vs. Andy in 2018 (on the right):

andy3111 andy432222Andy being fucked by former boyfriend Evan Parker in 2013 vs. Andy being fucked today by Johnny:

andy000After five years, his performances are better than ever, as you can see today. Andy bounces up and down on Johnny’s cock in two positions, then gets fucked sideways, then cums while being fucked upside down, and then he even gets creampied upside down by Johnny.

andyjonJohnny-Hands-and-Andy-Taylor-025 Johnny-Hands-and-Andy-Taylor-035It’s almost impossible to rank them (they’re all great), but out of all three of Andy’s comeback scenes, I think this one is my personal fave, given the natural chemistry between him and Johnny, and how strong the fucking is throughout. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Johnny Hands Fucks Andy Taylor Bareback]



  • B.C.

    Hot scene, although I find upside down position ridiculous. And one more thing: Taylor’s hairdo is not flattering.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Yeah, I’m getting so tired of these asymmetrical haircuts and all the attempts to look edgy. You can have a creative haircut and not look like some homeless twink.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    I find it a little odd that he would return to Helix, at 28 he is hardly a twink. He is still gorgeous, but I think it’s time he manned up for the next stage of his porn career. He has had many looks since his start in 2013 at 22. His gorgeous mug, and athletic body – perfection. It isn’t hard to see why Helix would have snatched him up, they needed a recognizable face and none were more sought after than his at the time. I don’t think Helix did him any favors though, Andy almost from the rip got waif skinny to fit the “Helix Mold”. That was followed by a seemingly unending parade of trendy bad hair choices – also some weird Helix coolaid. This was the Andy that made me look:

    I pretty much stopped watching his scenes at that point, I know that crowd exists but I never identified. To be honest I hadn’t even noticed he left. I am a little concerned his once perfect complexion seems to have taken a hit, it makes me wonder what he’s been up to. The floppy hair, terrible ear gauges, and a totally random HUGE tat on his once pristine torso make me sad. He is a walking example of the stereotypical “Hollywood Twink”, and at 28, it isn’t a good look.

    I get that some guys cover a lot of ground on the way to “manhood”, I hope Andy will eventually find he had it right to start with. Johnny Hands – this guy is perfection, and does not fit the “Helix” crowd at all. I hope he moves off to another studio before these ass clowns ruin him. He’d have been PERFECT at CF, but the rate they turn out scenes he’d starve to death. That leaves NDS, maybe Falcon, actually CockyBoys would be perfect. It would just pain me to see him fall into the Helix machine.

    • Shawn

      Dude you’re way too hung up on age. He’s prime Helix material.

      • No_No_No_Yes

        Umm – prime Helix material is 18 going on 12.

        • Shawn

          So you admit you’re not objective then, cool.

          • No_No_No_Yes

            LOL, Helix is not my wheelhouse, I’d love to see Andy make a return to man porn. THAT is as close as you will get to any admission.

          • Shawn

            So yeah, you’re not objective. So we can disregard the wall of text you wrote that basically boiled down to “i care far too much about age”.

            If Andy is actually 28, he looks far from it. He is a perfect fit for Helix.

            You don’t like Helix, don’t watch Helix. Sorted.

          • No_No_No_Yes

            I don’t like asshats either – but yeah, here you are. Don’t like my opinion, there is a block feature on your control panel – do knock yourself out. We are done here.

          • Shawn

            “I write big blocks of uninformed text and want no one to dispute them or I’ll start insulting them”

          • No_No_No_Yes

            Who is insulting anyone? I merely stated facts, you disagreed, made blanket statements with no foothold in reality, I stated the obvious, then handed you your ass. The end.

            This was fun, we should do it again soon.

          • Shawn

            Last I checked, people don’t call other people asshats as part of polite discourse. But you do you hun.

          • No_No_No_Yes

            Keep checking. It’s there somewhere.

      • adamb

        I like u. Yeah Andy’s barely aged a day & i love is old/new scenes. Fuck he’ll still look young at 40 if he stays clean.

  • Ty Huber

    I’ve commented on other Andy Taylor threads about his mechanical acting and vocalizing routine, but this clip looks refreshingly different. Less of the frightened whimpering and more of the slutty joy I like to see in a power bottom. I’m neutral on the haircut and can overlook the tats; he’s just as sweet and cuddly as always and I just want to lick him all over.

  • alec

    Taylor is a solid performer and looks good for his age. However, what’s up with the really bad hair? It’s, oddly, such a distraction.

  • FrenchBug

    Looks like they decided to shoot this one in the dark instead. Just awful.

    • Drew Kingston

      They need a new movie studio as the one they had in San Diego

      • FrenchBug

        This: so much.
        90% of the Helix content filmed in the house has been crap AND the better-filmed scenes for 8TeenBoy’s are SO obviously cramped in that smaller bedroom.

        Again, yes, we know, Jake Jaxson films in his house. Stop trying to be CockyBoys Jr!!!!

  • Spongey

    That scene with Austin Wilde looks hot. Andy’s hair look is similar to Alam Wernik, which I’m not a big fan of either. With that hair, I pick 2013 Andy.

  • Xzamilloh

    Unrelated, where can I find that photo of Corbin Colby in the ad banner above each of your posts?

  • Stacy

    I prefer the girl without the dragon tattoo