Did William Seed Really Fuck Johnny Rapid This Hard, Or Has This Video Been Sped Up?

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A new episode of my favorite Johnny Rapid series of all time, “Cum To Life,” is about to be released here on Men.com, and in this scene, Johnny is plowed by a fellow action figure played by William Seed. After the horny doll collector (played by Justin Matthews) goes to sleep, William and Johnny come to life so they can have sex.


Given all the special effects used in this series, I have to wonder, was the video altered to make the frenetic fucking in this scene look even more insane than it actually was? William Seed is well known for his wild jackhammer fucking, but…come on, this can’t be real!


If you think the gif—which I have not sped up—looks crazy, wait till you see the video below.


There are other unbelievable moments in this scene, like when William Seed spins Johnny Rapid around in circles while Johnny is sucking William’s cock. Watch out for rug burns on the knees, Johnny:


The only thing that could’ve made this scene hotter is if Justin would’ve woken up and joined in (such a huge missed opportunity here), but at least we get to see a few glimpses of him while Johnny and William fuck.


Let’s hope Justin comes back to fuck Johnny and/or William in the next episode.


Here’s the video, where you can decide for yourself if William’s jackhammering has been sped up or not. Given all he’s endured before, Johnny could certainly handle this kind of fucking, so maybe this actually is real? The out-of-control jackhammering starts at around 1:09 in this trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: William Seed Fucks Johnny Rapid]

  • Joel

    If he did fuck him that fast, then that’s insane to me.

  • Ceecee

    William has been wanting to fuck Johnny on Twitter for forever, so maybe he was real excited for it?

  • pje821

    Of course the video has been sped up; Stevie Wonder could see that.

  • B.C.

    I would, just like Matthews, turn my head and go back to sleep if Seed and Rapid started fucking in my bedroom.

  • Edward James

    It’s real. I shot this scene and William really did JackHammer Johnny.

    • McM.

      Do you also help create the scenes where women are humiliated and/or otherwise used to break the momentum of men fucking thereby rendering the act shameful? How about the trope of predatory gays so desperate to turn straight men they place themselves in situations that would far likelier end with them arrested, beaten, or killed? Do you shoot those as well?

      • Tim

        ok. this guy is claiming to be a cameraman. I mean I suppose he could be a lot more, but that is all he is claiming to be. if you’re mad about that (and you should be) take it out on the guys who make the decisions. at this point, this doesn’t seem to be that guy.

        • doodlebug

          Edward James is more then a cameraman, he’s head of production and director of the Atlanta branch of Mindgeek. He probably produces more content for them than any other director.

        • McM.

          Big budget movies and television shows have production structured where camera persons and others are separated from “decision makers”. But no matter how big we think porn studios are, they’ve always been on the end of small-scale production. Everyone involved wear multiple hats. So directors are likely part of the decision making process as they are in camera work, set design, and editing. The entirely of Titan Media and Kristofer Weston at Colt Studios are examples; those guys, often owners, did everything from conception to end product. Hell, you’d be hard pressed to find models who haven’t been camera persons (like Leo Forte, Tony Buff, Sebastian Keys), grips, or production assistants.

          While my questions to @disqus_kgBjU5d6UH:disqus were direct they were not rhetorical. I’d honestly like to read the answers.

          • doodlebug

            Marc MacNamara once claimed, when people were complaining about some plot device or performer, that he had no say over casting or script. With a conglomerate like MK it seems like it’s very top down. They just parcel out these scenes to production companies they’ve sub-contracted with around North America and Europe.

          • I used to think that adult film studios had significant staff working the films until I began seeing Armond Rizzo appearing with some of what might be called the major studios. That’s when I realized that the chain of command in making these videos must be very short. I don’t say this to be unkind, but I just can’t fathom why a director or anyone with creative input, would give Rizzo speaking lines. It just seems that the whole idea behind porn is to increase horniness, yet there he is opening his mouth to talk over and over. Don’t the producers hear this, or simply don’t care as long as he’s exposing himself. Hmm

        • disqus_kpSnIiVtLb 5+

      • Julio Grandeur

        its porn, gurl. Its not that serious

      • Donald Horn

        Edward James is a producer, right? Didn’t he used to shoot ovet at Bukkake boys and it’s gonna hurt? He talks alot in the vids but you never see his face. I believe he has shot most of Johnny’s scenes.

  • McM.
  • wdeee

    I believe it’s real. William always fucks like that. Boy has stamina.

    • Eric from Sweden

      Stamina? That looks more like spasms to me.

  • wdeee

    If Justin broke those action figures, didn’t he basically murder William and Johnny?

  • sxg

    Where the fuck have you all been? William Seed has always been a jackhammering top. It’s one of my favorite qualities from him, as well as other tops!

    Also, cowboy style is the easiest way to jackhammer a bottom at top speed. It makes even some of the most boring tops, such as SC Brandon and Jimmy Durano, look like a pro.

  • Eric from Sweden

    Porn is not suppose to make me laugh. It’s suppose to get me hard.

    • Julio Grandeur

      it obviously can do both. It is entertainment, after all

  • occupyfannypack

    well, this scene definitely makes it up for that lackluster and underwhelming mess of Johnny with Arad! surprised there was no separate article/review about that waste of footage!

  • Pinko of the Grange

    hard and fast are two different things with the right skills.

  • adamb

    Im looking forward to this! Anything with Johnny getting fucked is pure gold!

  • e jerry powell

    I wonder if there’s a straight porn scene somewhere where some little five-foot-two, ninety pounds retaining water got slung around in circles like that. I’d think that, while a bit of a novelty here, it would have come from some director who’s used to working with smaller performers, and MEN just adapted it.

  • pilot101

    that gif made me SCREAM.

    • groovy.

      like what the FUCK did I just watch LOL

  • Victor

    The ad for this is literally the most idiotic thing ever, why are they doing that stupid ass shit? Who the fuck came up with this bullshit and thought it was a good idea??