WATCH: Beaux Banks Powerbottoms For Both Johnny Rapid And Pheonix Fellington

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jrbvIt’s a great week for Beaux Banks fans, as he’s in two new scenes showing off his skills as one of gay porn’s best new performers. First, today’s Beaux Banks scene co-stars Johnny Rapid, and in a change of pace, Johnny is not bottoming. This time he’s strictly a top, and it’s Beaux who gets to do all of the powerbottoming:

0007 0011 0014 0018Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Johnny Rapid Fucks Beaux Banks]

Next, it’s another episode from’s “Masterclass” series, and like the first episode, this is another good one. Beaux’s world class ass is on full display again, and the lucky top this time is big-dicked Pheonix Fellington. Actually, I’m not sure who is luckier in this scene, as this is one of the best duos of the year.


This scene will be released on Thusday, and here’s the sneak peek trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Pheonix Fellington Fucks Beaux Banks]

  • Ceecee

    I really like Johnny as a top sometimes and this was a really good one IMO.

    • Hari Kalyan

      As a top he does put in good work. i will give Johnny that
      But I’m gonna say that Beaux and Pheonix scene looks hot!

    • adamb

      Johnny’s really good in any scene, loving his more mature look, thinking of buying his dildo? Cant decide between Johnny’s or Brent Corrigans dildo’s i want both?!

      • Zachary Sire

        get both and have a DP!

        • adamb

          Love it Zach! And im a virgin never had anything up my ass other than my fingers so 2 dildos of quite a considerable length could split my ass open? that would be quite the experience?

      • peter casella


  • Marcus Collack

    The 6th image gives me another meaning for laying it low and spreading it wide

  • Marcus Collack

    The 6th image gives me another meaning for laying it low and spreading it wide.

  • hi ZILLA

    Both Johnny and Justin Timberlake need to retire with their tired, problematic asses.

    • adamb

      Never espec Mr Johnny Rapid!

      • hi ZILLA

        Honey, that ugly, lil dick wifebeater needs to retire.

        • peter casella

          the wifebeater thing was so long a go —- you need to let it go —- everyone deserves a 2nd chance

          • hi ZILLA

            I wouldn’t call 3 years “So long ago..” Most of the world hasn’t forgiven Chris Brown yet. So what makes you think Johnny is forgiven? He’s mediocre, and annoying. The gay porn industry will be fine with one less straight guy.

    • peter casella

      NO NO NO !!!!! luv johnny — never disappoints me —- justin not so much

      • hi ZILLA

        Johnny Rapid is shit

  • C3xxx
  • B.C.

    Phoenix and Beaux are fantastic, showing off their porn magic. Perfect ass and perfect cock.

  • David Thomas

    Beaux is one of the best bottoms in the business. He always gives enthusiastic and energetic performances. His ass is incredible, and his body is perfect. He’s a solid 10 for me!

  • Scrapple

    It’s difficult to tell who was enjoying that scene more, Beaux or Johnny. The scene with Phoenix looks good, but Phoenix’s topping (and his dick) can be iffy.

    Wish Beaux would top every so often. He’s got the goods in the front and the back. And a brain to go with it all.

    • Ceecee

      I was actually thinking at the end of the scene with Johnny “why wasn’t this a flip scene?”

      I must’ve forgotten how nice Beaux’s dick was somehow.

    • c_find

      long dicks tend to have wood issues look at Osiris and when you’re more bottom it doesn’t help

  • SemajBeyPhilly

    I don’t understand why they haven’t paired Beaux & Jacen together yet. That’s something to see.

    • Jon

      It’d be like pairing two bottoms (Beaux is definitely a bottom and Jacen is a much better bottom than a top).

      • SemajBeyPhilly

        But jacen has topped before & wasn’t that bad.

  • Jon

    *Wipes brow*

    The header made it sound like it’s a threesome. Thankfully it’s not. I can just ignore that other vid and watch Phoenix Fellington instead.

  • Mr. X

    Maybe Pheonix will be a little more into his scenes in this video; it seems he never wants to be there. When his pics first came out, thought he would be the perfect top; however, thus far he appears to be better at bottoming and seems to enjoy it more. He can just hold on to his BBC.

  • c_find

    I don’t like Rapid so not gonna watch the scene but I get Beaux gotta makes his paper. The phoenix one definitely gonna checkout

  • CamCam

    The best part of both of these films is that Beaux is getting his big DICK sucked. He has a gorgeous body bar none and his ass is a revelation but his dick is as exceptional as his butt and if he’s never going to top, he gotta get that dick sucked more than he has in his films and it looks like it’s finally happening and I’m so happy to see this. I’m becoming a fan now!?

  • Devin

    Johnny should actually be a top. The scene with Beau proves it. Phoenix Fellington should go away. His performances are boring. He’s boring

  • T2TheB

    Just saw the Phoenix-Beaux scene. Around 18:30, PF is soft and fake fucking. You can easily see it. Lame.