If You Want To See Johnny Rapid’s Snapchat, You’ll Need To Give Him $25

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He hasn’t appeared in any gay porn for nearly six months, but as Str8UpGayPorn confirmed last month, Johnny Rapid hasn’t retired. And today, we’ve learned that Johnny Rapid is still offering plenty of interaction with fans via social media. But, it’ll cost you:

jrsnapSnapCentro (not affiliated with Snapchat) is operated by ModelCentro, a platform where models and performers run their own sites, webcams, and social media accounts. Fans/consumers obviously need to have their own Snapchat ID, and then after they’ve given Johnny Rapid $25, they’ll get access to his photos, videos, and “snaps”(?) (tbh, I do not understand Snapchat, because I am old). Johnny appears to be the first gay porn performer to use SnapCentro (which is predominately used by female adult stars).

Given declining scene rates at some studios and the way so many fans are willing to show personalized, one-on-one support for their faves, models monetizing their social media accounts is, I think, ultimately a good thing. On the other hand, with so many models making revenue outside the studio system and on their own, some cheap studios might see that as an excuse to offer even lower scene rates, and produce even worse content.

Thoughts on Johnny’s $25 Snapchat?


  • AussieB

    Many models charge for access to their Snaps. There are also other platforms that models are using to sell their own social media content on a subscription basis

    • Lovemyboys25

      Hey thats a good point id rather support my favorite model directly then going threw the middle man studios anyway i love social media i will be spending my 25 $ happily to watch him thanks johnny

      • Donald Horn

        Judging you…

        • Pinko of the Grange

          as we are you.

  • skye3245


  • Dana Rimons

    I wouldn’t follow him if he payed me the 25 bucks.

  • C A

    Is this the same Snapchat where he beats his Wife???? Where he puts up underage girls ??? If so…..

    • David Lundquist

      he beats his wife and turns out kids because people and animals are his props and handmaidens to his reflection. Johnny is likes getting fucked on camera not because he loves the sex but because his oxygen is imagining how he looked during sex, how he was being admired by all the dudes that actually think he is sexy.

  • Zealot

    Johnny Rapid offering causes melee at Snap Chat, Wall Street Shocker! News at 11…

    UPDATE: As of this posting Johnny Rapid has made $50 from STR8UPGAYPORN readers!!


  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Beats Bryan Hawn’s $100 to watch me twerk for 4 minutes

  • stephen
  • Xzamilloh

    Can’t spell “Snapchat” without “Snatch”… and I can that boy snatch for a lot cheaper than $25


  • Scrapple

    How many frames will $25 buy you for an underage bowler? I’m assuming that informed the price point.

  • People need cash ? Brent Everett was once allegedly offering Michael Hoffman $10,000 for a video and now he does Skype shows for cash ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Stacy

    I can understand for someone who is more fan centric, but I follow Johnny on Twitter and it seems as if a publicist writes his tweets, but stars like Tegyn, Tom Faulk, Roman Todd, Ryan Rose, Colt Rivers, Gabriel Cross and others seem to be real people posting real tweets and interacting with the fans…..but I would lower the monthly to $9.99 until you know what’s being offered…

    • Donald Horn

      The johnnyrapidatl account is run by mindgeek. There’s another one johnnyrealrapid which seems to be the one he himself operates from. But who can ever tell, really? I know at one time he was being “managed” by some dude who is no longer his manager.

  • Ceecee

    It makes sense, he’s insanely popular for whatever reason.

    • Dreadmau5

      with those 18 votes, YOU BET

  • groovy.


  • Dot Beech

    He should just stick an OhMiBod up his butt and open an account at Chaturbate.

    • Caesarimp

      He really should, lol

    • sexnando

      yes please

  • Dreadmau5
  • S .

    Starts at $24.95.

    How much does it cost for it to end?

  • Alesx

    Long walk ‘ONE’ the beach?
    and no fried chicken and big dick?

  • badgamer1967
  • Hudsonman

    Wait a second… Pay anything for THE most overexposed model of the 21st Century? Hells NO!

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Any monetizing of the internet is a good thing. All free all the time is the road to crap content.

    Now is Johnny worth $25? nope.

    • Lovemyboys25

      Now people spend more then that on pornstars all the time exept for the cheap people that flood this free site and comment section. He should start lower in the price till the content picks up and is a hit

      • Pinko of the Grange

        I have always been better at Marco Econ but this is excellent marketing advice.

  • John McKee

    Not just $25 but $25 a month.

  • Donald Horn

    Unless he’s getting fucked every which way ’til Tuesday, I say, “No thanks, Ms. Rapid!

  • David Lundquist

    Wow, that was fast, after clocking the engine for all kinds miles with nary a vaginal rejuve Johnny is almost out of warranty. Good news, you can put yourself in the drivers seat of something that’s had more than a few owners and share personal deets.

    Hurry, he won’t be this pretty again!

  • Chrissy

    A few of these fitness instagram models are doing similar. I bought access to Austin Norman’s private snapchat for 19 bucks and he didn’t show shit, just shirtless which he thinks is sexy. However, bodybuilder Dave Romano’s patreon funded subscription thingy is the real deal. Mostly ass pics and some work out videos, but every once in awhile he’ll surprise you with a dick pic. It’s only 3 bucks per month and 10 for private snap pics. Not unaffordable.

  • GN
  • cluelesswitness

    She was right. It was the year of realizing stuff in 2016.