Johnny V. Says The Word “Fuck” 323 Times In 15 Minutes

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fuckyeahIf you watched the trailer for Joey D. and Johnny V.’s scene in Raging Stallion’s “Fuck Hole,” you might have noticed Johnny V. saying the word “fuck” several times.

But if you watch the entire scene, you’ll hear Johnny V. say the word “fuck” 323 times.

That’s not a typo. That’s truly 323, as in three hundred and twenty-three fucks. The last time someone counted up Johnny V.’s fucks was when Fleshbot tallied 108 fucks in his Hot House scene with Jimmy Durano, so 323 fucks has to be a new record—not just for Johnny V. but likely for any gay porn star in a single scene ever. Fuck.

This scene is 21 minutes long, but during six of those minutes, Johnny V. has Joey D.’s fat cock stuffed in his mouth, so Johnny V. only has the opportunity to speak for 15 minutes. And in those 15 minutes, Johnny V. says the word “fuck” 323 times.

johnnyv2Gay porn scenes always have dialogue like “suck that fuckin’ dick” and “fuck that fuckin’ ass,” but never has one word been repeated so many times in 15 minutes. Johnny V.’s 323 fucks go beyond being a distraction and become more of a running joke. Just when you think he won’t say “fuck” again, he says it seven more times in a row.


—Of Johnny V.’s 323 fucks, 173 of them were followed by the word “yeah,” to make the phrase “fuck yeah.”

—The remainder of Johnny V.’s fucks were shouted repeatedly in the phrases “gimme me that big fuckin’ dick,” “oh it’s so fuckin’ big,” “you fucker!” “it feels so fuckin’ good,” “fuck that fuckin’ hole,” and the exclamation, “fuck.”

—In the 15 minutes he appears on camera without a dick in his mouth, Johnny V. says the word “fuck” once every 2.78 seconds.

—In just the two minute and nine second clip below, Johnny V. says the word “fuck” 62 times. That’s one fuck every two seconds.


While it’s clear that this scene’s director had zero interest in getting a remotely lifelike performance out of Johnny V., was there no one in editing who thought, “Hey, let’s remove some of this audio so we don’t have so many fucking fucks”? Is there anyone on Earth who would watch this scene without either a) laughing, b) turning it off after two minutes, or c) deleting it from their computer? Should Johnny V. start a GoFundMe to buy himself a thesaurus?

Johnny V.’s 323 fucks transform this scene into what can only be described as an absurd satire of gay porn. If only that were Raging Stallion’s intention.


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