Which Bareback Duo Would You Rather Join: Derek Caravaggio And Jon Kael Or Ethan Metz And Patrick Dei?

Posted September 3, 2019 by with 6 comments

tim tales bel amiTwo new European bareback duos were released today, and if you had the chance to join one of them and turn it into a bareback three-way, which duo would you join?

On Freshmen, it’s muscle hunk Jon Kael fucking Derek Caravaggio. Given that both stars are versatile, you’d likely be able to top and/or bottom with each of them:

jon-kael-fucks-derek-caravaggio-freshmen-1 jon-kael-fucks-derek-caravaggio-freshmen-2

On TimTales, it’s horse-hung top Ethan Metz fucking Patrick Dei. Keep in mind, if you joined this one, you’d probably have to bottom for Ethan, which I think would be a challenge. Or, you could both tag-team Patrick:


Based on the look on his face, I think this was a worthwhile and enjoyable challenge for Patrick.


Prefer one duo over the other?

Trailer for Jon and Derek (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Jon Kael Fucks Derek Caravaggio Bareback]

Trailer for Ethan and Patrick (watch full scene here):

[TimTales: Ethan Metz Fucks Patrick Dei Bareback]


  • Jay

    Ethan and Patrick because that type of fucking is more in line with a good time, instead of… looking good while possibly having a time.

  • B.C.

    I’m not a fan of jackhammering action and flaccid bottoms, so it’s Freshmen for the win.

    • Casey Scott

      Fan of jackhammering action, definitely don’t want to see flaccid bottoms.

  • CamCam

    Man it’s no contest, Freshmen by a LOOOOOOOONG Country Mile. Passion, chemistry, & reciprocation will always beat thrashing for thrashing sake.

  • pokok789 .

    Does anyone know if Jon Kael has left Bel-Ami because it seems like he is no longer active on social media and his instagram account is no longer there.

    • Yellaboy

      He retired from porn some time ago, but Bel Ami likes to hold on to content and release it very slowly