This Is What The New NextDoor Guy’s Butt Looks Like

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wait whatToday, NextDoor introduces newcomer Jordan James, who proudly shows off his small, flat, and wrinkled butt in a new solo scene (trailer below).

Now, it’s one thing to hire a model with a butt that looks like this (not everyone is perfect, even gay porn stars), but it’s another thing to actually show that butt in the model’s scene. And it’s a completely other thing entirely to show that butt in the scene’s trailer, which is intended to quickly draw viewers’ attention to a scene so they will want to watch the whole thing.

Wanna watch the whole thing?


Oh, but don’t worry, they Photoshopped it in the promotional image:


And the front looks OK:

nextdoor1 51107_13But then when you watch the trailer, uhhhh…

butt4 butt5Trailer for Jordan James (watch full scene here):

[NextDoorMale: Jordan James]


  • Spongey

    Oh dear, bless his heart, but that grandpa ass is not meant for porn.

  • sxg

    Yea that’s sad. He’s a handsome guy and a nice body, but that ass though is something that porn studios should do everything they can to hide, like when Spencer Reed had terrible bacne Titan, Raging Stallion, and Hot House did a good job of avoiding angles that directly showed that nasty back of his.

  • C3xxx

    Looks like a combinations of welts and fungal infection. Ain’t kissing that ass…..

  • Colorful Kent

    Did they photoshop the dick also. Is anything real in the porn industry anymore?

  • yeah yeah