This Is What The New NextDoor Guy’s Butt Looks Like

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wait whatToday, NextDoor introduces newcomer Jordan James, who proudly shows off his small, flat, and wrinkled butt in a new solo scene (trailer below).

Now, it’s one thing to hire a model with a butt that looks like this (not everyone is perfect, even gay porn stars), but it’s another thing to actually show that butt in the model’s scene. And it’s a completely other thing entirely to show that butt in the scene’s trailer, which is intended to quickly draw viewers’ attention to a scene so they will want to watch the whole thing.

Wanna watch the whole thing?


Oh, but don’t worry, they Photoshopped it in the promotional image:


And the front looks OK:

nextdoor1 51107_13But then when you watch the trailer, uhhhh…

butt4 butt5Trailer for Jordan James (watch full scene here):


[NextDoorMale: Jordan James]


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