Johnny Hands Makes Brief Bottoming Debut During Bareback Flip-Fuck With Josh Brady

Posted December 11, 2018 by with 25 comments

Johnny-Hands-and-Josh-Brady-007This has to be the most anticipated Helix scene in recent memory, and it’s something everyone has been waiting for since gorgeous newcomer Johnny Hands made his debut three months ago. Today, it’s time for another kind of debut for Johnny: His bottoming debut! He only gets fucked for a couple minutes, but it’s a great couple of minutes, because Johnny’s top is none other than Josh Brady, proving that Johnny is not afraid to take a big cock for his first Helix bottoming scene.

Johnny-Hands-and-Josh-Brady-025Not to be outdone, Josh is getting fucked in this scene, too.

Johnny-Hands-and-Josh-Brady-018 Johnny-Hands-and-Josh-Brady-021I thought Josh might go easy on Johnny, given that this is his first time (for Helix, at least), but he definitely does not, and Johnny looks to have had a great time bouncing up and down on Josh’s cock.

Johnny-Hands-and-Josh-Brady-026Both stars are good in both positions, but Johnny’s bottoming was fairly brief, and it’s just in the one position that you see in these photos.

Johnny-Hands-and-Josh-Brady-027 The highlights in this scene are actually Johnny and Josh’s ass-eating, Johnny’s strong topping, and the rare bottoming performance from Josh. Johnny’s bottoming, while great to see, is a brief bonus near the end of the scene. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Johnny Hands And Josh Brady Flip-Fuck Bareback]