Gay Porn Before And After: Josh Brady And Logan Cross 2016 Vs. Josh Brady And Logan Cross 2018

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Josh-Brady-and-Logan-Cross-007Has Josh Brady become the king of summer gay porn rematches? His first rematch was with Landon Vega (whom Josh fucked in two scenes—one in June of 2017, and one in June of 2018), and today it’s Logan Cross (whom Josh previously fucked in a condom scene, back in June of 2016). Apparently, guys who Josh Brady fucks can’t help but want to be fucked by him over and over again! (Can you blame them?) Here’s lucky Logan taking Josh’s big cock bareback for the first time today:


Josh and Logan two years ago, in 2016’s “Soccer Hotties“:

Soccer-Hotties-006 Soccer-Hotties-023

Josh and Logan today:

Josh-Brady-and-Logan-Cross-018When were they hotter? 2016 vs. 2018:

joshgLogan Cross was already good at powerbottoming in 2016, but he’s even better today, and it’s great to finally see him taking Josh raw:


Today’s scene, “Rise And Shine,” also features some of Josh’s best and most aggressive topping (he even chokes Logan a little bit near the end), so there’s a lot to enjoy here. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady Fucks Logan Cross Bareback]


  • FieldMedic

    If they were going to bring these two back to fuck then they should have done something more original and had them flip or Brady just bottom. As it is this is just a waste of time since it’s a scene that we’ve seen exactly done before.

    • peter

      Two A-list models hook up for a second time two years later. I’m fine with that myself. I wonder how many time’s Josh had hid his big hard salami in Logan’s perfect butt in the intervening years?

      • Paul J

        We should be told! We demand they film an intro telling us. (As long as it’s not 0, cos that would be disappointing)

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    No such thing as too much Josh Brady

  • sxg

    For sure Logan Cross was hotter back then, only because back then he didn’t have to murder a fluffy dog for a hideous hairstyle.

  • Man in the Midst

    Josh needs to bottom for Blake.
    Some nice bareback doggie style please 😉

  • B.C.

    Ah, the veterans. All new Helix performers should look at Josh/Logan’s scenes as educational material for perfect topping and perfect bottoming. BTW, I like Logan’s wavy hairdo.

  • Svenne

    Logan: you need Deva Curl products or something from the natural/curly hair section. Apply leave-in conditioner and some cream styler, then either air dry, diffuse, or lightly pat your hair with a microfiber towel. You can thank me later.

    Anyway, Logan is one of the best bottoms out there and he gets better as he gets older.

    Josh Brady is sexy.

  • peter

    Looks like Josh has forgiven Logan ‘butterfingers’ Cross for breaking all those plates!

  • pilot101

    Logan Cross is cute as hell. He should let his beard grow a little bit. He looks hotter with that

    • peter

      To me, a key part of Logan’s allure are those naughty boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar looks at which he’s so adept. A beard might get in the way.

      I love him to pieces but am also insanely jealous because, let’s face it, he’s livin’ the dream!

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    Ok sure Logan has/producers have no idea on what to do with his hair.

    With that said. He looks easy to work with. In my mind the only hard part would be not cumming and the supposed long breaks in between. And why I can’t rim him again .

  • Badbike

    I love Logan’s natural curl he is rocking, but I still hardly notice cuz I’m drawn to his sexy ass and full lips.

  • John

    I’m joyous because in this scene Josh breeds Logan so I can finally get off to their scene. Helix will occasionally treat me to the elusive natural breeding scenario….. the way couples do it in real life.

  • In this case the sequel is as good as the original.