Josh Brady Fucks Newcomer Marcell Tykes In Mid-Air And Cums In His Mouth

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Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-003Marcell Tykes made his gay porn debut Monday, and thankfully Helix isn’t making us wait to see him having sex for the first time. Today, Marcell has hit the gay porn jackpot, as his first scene partner is none other than Josh Brady.

Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-012 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-013 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-015 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-020 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-021Being fucked in your very first scene by big-dicked Josh Brady makes Marcell Tykes one of the luckiest newcomers of 2017, but being the one to tap Marcell’s ass for the first time makes Josh Brady equally lucky.

Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-023 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-024 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-027 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-028 They fuck in a few positions, but I think the best part is when Josh picks up Marcell and barebacks him in mid-air:

marjoIntroducing-Marcell-Tykes-032 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-033 Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-034In his interview with Josh Brady at the start of the scene (see trailer below), we learn a lot about Marcell Tykes, and he’s as sweet and smart as he is sexy. He’ll be back for more (including at least one scene with his real-life boyfriend) in the coming weeks. Introducing-Marcell-Tykes-036Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Josh Brady Fucks Marcell Tykes Bareback]

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