WATCH: Allen King Ties Up Josh Moore And Rides His Giant Cock

Posted December 15, 2017 by with 14 comments

w_dg1a0131CockyBoys performers Josh Moore and Allen King each get to enjoy their own sexual fantasies in a two-part fuckfest today, with one half of the scene outside in the woods, and the other half inside in their bedroom.

w_dg1a9912w_dg1a9970Josh’s fantasy is to tie Allen up to two trees and pound the fuck out of him, so that’s what happens first. Then, it’s Allen’s fantasy to tie Josh up and ride his cock, so they go inside for that.

w_dg1a0167 w_dg1a0153With Josh Moore’s strong topping and Allen King’s expert powerbottoming (he really excels at taking giant cocks), they’re two of the most fun performers to watch right now, as you’ll see here. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Josh Moore Fucks Allen King]

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    I don’t get the hype for Josh, he looks like he’s made of plastic.

    • Devin

      He has zero sex appeal

    • sxg

      He is made of plastic, at least his lips and nose are.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Ahh! That’s it! i couldnt quite put my finger on why he looked so weird to me. But yeah, he doesnt look kinda plastic

  • Xzamilloh

    I’ve always thought Allen King was a sexy big-dicked stud who could mount some of the biggest in porn with a smile on his face (Didn’t he take Tim Kruger?). So it’s kinda tragic that he has virtually NO ass.

    • Hari Kalyan

      Yep, he did take Tim Kruger. It was a great scene.

  • Ceecee

    I find Josh Moore a bit of a weird creature.

    There are better looking guys, there are better bodies, bigger dicks and nicer ink out there, but as a package I think he comes together really well.

    That being said, I will concede that he has a bit of Ken doll realness to him.

    • Scrapple

      You just had to remind me of my former crush on René Dif. And also the sloppiness of “Sliding Doors.”

  • Sebastian S

    I don’t know…there’s something about Josh that just does it for me. Allan goes without saying (despite his lack of booty which is usually a dealvreaker for me). I intend to enjoy this

  • Scrapple

    I figured Josh’s fantasy would involve false proclamations of love, abandonment and an absconded surname, all set to the trap-inspired classic, Black Widow.

    • McM.

      He’s already explored that. Josh Moore moved on to other kinks.

      • Scrapple

        You always return to your first love-scam.

  • Hot Twink

    Well, it’s good they didn’t do it at night. The woods during daylight can be majestic. At night? Well, let’s just say I watch just as many horror films as porn…

  • elyp

    That loose rope during the first half is kind of distracting.