Juan Lucas Makes GayHoopla Hardcore Debut Playing A Dancing Masseur Who Gets Butt Fucked Bareback By Maximus Kelly

Posted June 23, 2022 by with 4 comments

Juan Lucas had his solo debut earlier this month on GayHoopla, and now it’s time for his first hardcore sex scene, in which he’s topped by tattooed beefcake Maximus Kelly.

Cringe alert: GayHoopla has a bit of a “plot” in this scene, with the models pretending to be in a Colombian massage parlor as they fuck. After Maximus arrives with a suitcase and says, “What a beautiful country!” (while looking around the massage parlor?), Juan enters the room dancing the merengue to some Latin music (get it, because they’re in Colombia, and because he’s Latino):

cringeTo be fair, this could’ve been worse. At least GayHoopla didn’t have Juan shaking some maracas branded with Too Hard® logos. Thankfully, the fucking starts up quickly, and they’re a great looking duo. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Maximus Kelly Fucks Juan Lucas Bareback]