Julian Bell And Greyson Lane Make Their NextDoorStudios Debuts In Lackluster “Virgin Pride”

Posted September 2, 2019 by with 8 comments

julian-bell-fucks-greyson-lane-1Former GuysInSweatpants exclusive Greyson Lane and former 8teenBoy/Helix exclusive Julian Bell are making their NextDoorStudios debuts together today, and while they’re both good performers who’ve been in plenty of good scenes before, there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between the two stars in this duo (or, maybe it’s just poor direction?), and fans might want to skip this scene.

julian bell greyson lanejulian bell greyson laneNote that this scene is being presented as a “NextDoorTwink” scene, so I guess NextDoor is trying to revitalize that brand? I don’t see how they’ll be able to compete with 8teenBoy, but maybe this is a one-off NextDoorTwink scene, just for fun. Although, as you’ll see in the trailer below, this scene is not very fun, and it feels like none of the people involved—the stars, the director, the crew (if there even was a crew?)—wanted to be there.

julian bell greyson laneHere’s hoping we see Greyson and Julian in some good gay porn again soon. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[NextDoorTwink Julian Bell Fucks Greyson Lane Bareback]

  • hotsweetspot

    Zach is right about skipping this scene. I’m sorry I didn’t. Julian has everything going for him. He’s good looking and has a great c*ck. But he wastes it all. He only mumble whispers throughout the scene. Barely a sound. Then kind of pants a little at orgasm. He’s as exciting as watching paint dry. Yep, no chemistry. No energy.

    • Aaron Boone

      Just out of curiosity, on a site where actual, real-life dicks are depicted, why did you censor the word cock?

      • hotsweetspot

        I have no idea, Aaron. Spur of the moment. I’ve been censored and deleted several times for stupid things like that so I generally don’t even bother to comment anymore on most things.

        • Aaron Boone

          Ah, fair play mate. Curiosity satisfied. Cheers 🙂

  • Burkeman

    Wow, this review is harsh!

    • Adam

      Agreed, on the other hand though, considering the two guys in question, the bar was set high. I would have expected a scene on par with any of the scenes Phoenix Fellington or Ashton Summers have put out this year, maybe a close second to Phoenix and Ashton’s scene with each other, or on par with Phoenix’s scene with Greyson himself.

  • Ninja0980

    I’ve seen clips of this and suffice to say,Zach is being nice with his review.

  • DanielA

    They’re just having a bad day that’s all,probably be back to normal in a week!!!!