18-Year-Old Julian Rodriguez Fucked In The Ass For The First Time By TWO Tops

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Teen muscle hottie Julian Rodriguez is being fucked in the ass for the very first time today on GayHoopla, and honestly I have been waiting for this moment literally all of my life. OK, maybe not my whole life, but I’ve been waiting for at least three months, since Julian’s solo gay porn debut back in August. Reminder of his flawless ass, before it was devirginized:


My god…


And, this isn’t a bottoming debut with just one top, as Julian is actually being tag-teamed by TWO fellow muscle jocks. The two tops who won the gay porn lottery today are GayHoopla’s Adrian Monroe and Zach Douglas, and I pray they realize how lucky they are.

gayhoopla-julian-rodriguez-zach-douglas-adrian-monroe-03 gayhoopla-julian-rodriguez-zach-douglas-adrian-monroe-05 gayhoopla-julian-rodriguez-zach-douglas-adrian-monroe-07 gayhoopla-julian-rodriguez-zach-douglas-adrian-monroe-14This bottoming debut isn’t just great because of Julian’s perfect, round, muscular bubble butt, it’s also great because the 18-year-old is so hot overall, and he’s one of the cutest gay porn newcomers of 2017.

gayhoopla-julian-rodriguez-zach-douglas-adrian-monroe-17 gayhoopla-julian-rodriguez-zach-douglas-adrian-monroe-19jbd1jbd2

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez’s Bottoming Debut, With Adrian Monroe And Zach Douglas]

  • Baradude
  • nick
  • Joshua

    This is my first comment, but I’m a huge fan of Str8Up. For me, it’s really the best gay porn blog. I just want to ask why don’t you have more articles related to Broke Straight Boys or Staxus? I see here every kind of studios, from all over the world, but i’ve never seen anything related to these ones. At least, they are in my Top 10, the bareback sex between the teens is usually very hot and real – unlike Helix, who have been losing it a bit -, although both were already better, especially the European One – the era of Mickey Taylor, Billy Rubens and all those black boys weekly was amazing. Are they so low in your ranking?

    • a b

      It’s really weird how some studios receive no coverage at all. But about Broke Straight Boys we really don’t need to know…

    • Jay

      Staxus is Euro and this blog tends to focus on more American made porn in general with the exception of Bel Ami. Broke Straight Boys very rarely produces super high quality content, but it’s “talent” can sometimes be entertaining with their social media antics so on occasion that studio will receive coverage here but it’s usually not the most flattering coverage. There HAVE been times though when BSB did some stellar productions like when they had Ronin shove that log up a number of people’s bums like that Saxon kid….

      So who knows, it’s Zach’s blog. Maybe the ad revenue for those two sucks! Or like I said maybe it’s the Euro far awayness, or just the quality in general. Maybe Zach will answer you. Maybe he won’t. :)

      • McM.

        “very rarely produces super high quality content”

        * Sketchy Sex
        * Fraternity X
        * Family Dick

    • John

      One company I wish were covered some was the Jason Sparks Live group. The are inconsistent but when they pull it all together, it is some of the hottest stuff out there.

  • Dana Rimons

    Hehe @ first time. On cam yup. But i would bet money he’s had quite a few stiff dicks up there.

  • McM.

    It’s gayhoopla.

    I’ll reserve my excitement for men who like to fuck other men.

    • a b

      Cute guys, boring sex. I just can’t jerkoff to any of their videos. It’s like eating your favorite food in the wrong temperature

      • Hari Kalyan

        Couldnt have said it better. Boring sex and bad production. Sorry he aint cute enough to make me wanna endure the mess that is GH.

    • peter

      A few of them, like Colin Simpson, actually do seem to like it in a naughty way similar to the guys from the Golden (Fayetteville) age of Active Duty. In fact, Jason Keys could be Chaz’ kid brother

    • Dave

      And my excitement for a studio that actually has technical skills. For all the ragging done here towards other sites, I’m amazed GH gets a pass all the time.

  • peter

    Ancient history: Julian reminds me a bit of ‘seminal’ Amerasian Corbin Fisher model Cody, aka Fratmen Brandon. Brandon went on the Getaway to Australia I think. Cody was notorious for getting barebacked by Dawson back in 2006, before that was permissible.

    • G. Lo

      Oh lordy Cody was a favorite of mine as a young gay downloading porn on Limewire/Kazaa. Was sad when he just disappeared. Dante Ferraro from Randy Blue/suite703 was a close successor, now this infatuation since Julian appeared is shivering my timbers again.

      • peter

        He showed up for a solo and maybe an action scene on the short-lived Bye Gone Boys site. Then he covered himself with tattoos in a way that seemed self-destructive.

  • John

    I need to post this as a reply. Sorry.

  • DumDumBonerMaker

    Whenever a pornvid company claims a guy is being fucked ‘for the first time’ – I just can’t deal – It’s a total no-go for me.
    – Because, if true, that’s just poor planning on his part.

    • peter

      Recalling the awkwardness of my own, as well as the stories of friends, I’m always suspect of ‘first times’. I like to think these are ‘first times’ (in front of a camera) and they’ve already been around the block. If they are truly firsts, they’re probably preceded by a cucumber-sized butt-plug, followed by lots of lidocaine creme (or injection), which doesn’t really count, imo.

  • badgamer1967
  • Maximus
  • bx_ny

    Not cute. Boring. Pass.