JustForFans’ Dominic Ford Denies Sexual Assault Claim, Says He’s “Exploring Legal Response” To Accuser Tannor Reed

Posted June 18, 2020 by with 9 comments

Four days ago, JustForFans owner Dominic Ford was publicly accused of sexual assault in a lengthy and detailed statement made by former JustForFans model Tannor Reed. Today, after being silent all week, Ford—who is often seen in his own JustForFans videos having sex with models who use the platform that Ford owns—has denied the accusation that he sexually assaulted Reed, and has issued the below statement via his attorney:

Dominic Ford categorically denies all allegations of sexual assault. My office is currently exploring a legal response to the false assertions. Accordingly, I have advised Mr. Ford not to make any further statement at this time.

A “legal response” to Reed’s claim that Ford raped him in 2019 could mean that Ford is considering suing Reed for libel or defamation, both of which would be difficult to prove in court, given that Ford is a public figure and he’d have to show that Reed was knowingly lying in order to deliberately harm Ford’s reputation. Further complicating matters, Ford has previously shared videos of himself having sex with Reed, as seen in the screenshots below, taken from two tweets in March of 2019. (Prior to the alleged assault in May of 2019, Reed did state that he had consensual sex with Ford once.)

Here’s the letter sent out today by Ford’s attorney. This is a developing story…

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