Justin Bieber Naked Dick Pic Drama: Which Of These Three Dicks Is Actually Justin Bieber’s Dick?

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jb1This morning, the New York Daily News published censored photos of Justin Bieber naked in Hawaii with his girlfriend. The most popular photo (below) had a black bar over Justin Bieber’s penis, causing everyone to ask: Where the hell is the uncensored photo of Justin Bieber that actually shows Justin Bieber’s dick?

jb4Within hours of the NYDN photos going online, an uncensored version of the above photo started circulating. It’s blurry and it’s out of focus—almost as if someone took a photo of a photo of a photo off someone’s computer screen—but it does appear to show us Justin Bieber’s penis:

jb6666A few hours later, another version of the naked Justin Bieber photo started making the rounds on Twitter, Tumblr, etc., and this one (below) provides an extremely clear, full frontal view of Justin Bieber’s cock:

IMG_2659Based on this photo, Justin Bieber has a thick, well-proportioned, virtually perfect penis. I shouldn’t need to point out that he is completely limp and standing in water, and therefore the actual size of his penis when fully erect is considerably larger than it appears here. Long story short: Justin Bieber has a big dick.

But, is Justin Bieber’s dick even bigger than it appears to be above?

There is now a third photo of Justin Bieber’s penis being shared online, and in this one (below), Justin Bieber’s cock appears even larger:

IMG_2660Based on how similar the first two pics are, I don’t believe that this last photo directly above is authentic, and it appears that someone got a little enthusiastic while Photoshopping Justin Bieber’s penis.

Compare, contrast, and decide for yourself. Here are all three versions of Justin Bieber’s naked dick pics, side-by-side for your inspection. Are the first two fake with the third one being real? Is the third one a forgery, with the first two being real? Or, are all three of them fake?

justin bieber dick pics

For even further comparison, remember that we did see Justin Bieber’s penis several months ago when he was in Bora Bora, and even Bieber himself acknowledged that those photos were real.


Which one of Justin Bieber’s Hawaii penis pics matches Justin Bieber’s Bora Bora penis pic best?

justin bieber dick 3Would you suck Justin Bieber’s penis?
How big is Justin Bieber’s penis when fully erect?
Have you ever been to Bora Bora?
Why does Justin Bieber like showing us his penis so much?

  • Todd

    Bieber – TransMan
    Penis – Detachable Prosthetic

  • Atticus

    #3 looks the most similar to the photos from the Bora Bora leak, but I’m inclined to believe that #2 is the real one.

  • Halisign Q

    The studio audience says……

  • John

    Yes, 8.5, no, because its huge…..hopefully we get the butt pics tomorrow…..

  • Theo Demnitz

    Number three you can see the photoshop on his leg . Almost missed it tho .

  • WebSlinger
  • snoopyfo

    honestly i think he looks like he has an above average dick, but i don’t find him attractive so whatever, he does have a massive bush thou 😉

  • CSUmba2001

    Suckable? Yes.
    Size? He is a small guy, so I am giving him a 7×5
    Bora Bora? Yes
    Why? Because showing a dick, offsets his douche behavior. Or maybe it is to prove he is a dick with a dick.

  • Zealot

    Link McPhee begs to differ….”I am the perfect wiener. My owner, Trinket McPhee told me so”!

    • C3xxx

      Think i just found the image picturing me on Monday mornings. Thanks, Zealot!

      • Zealot

        Then you must be totes adorbes when you wake up!

        • C3xxx

          Fleeting “adorbiness” when reality slams me with, “Yep that whoosh you just heard was your weekend; back to work, chump” 😀

  • Maximus

    I don’t give a shit. He’s an obnoxious, entitled little twat who can’t sing, write, compose, or play an instrument. He doesn’t deserve so much as a tiny fraction of the fame and success that he enjoys, and his petulant, impertinent behavior is a constant reminder of that fact.


  • Xzamilloh
  • Andrew Simpson

    Justin Bieber is hot some guys will say oh they wouldn’t have sex with him BUT I would! I will not deny it if Justin showed up at a hotel and he wanted to get fucked I would fuck him. Justin might be a jerk but there is no denying his sex appeal. He has a nice cock as well!

    • I absolutely would. He looks like a junkie right now, and I doubt I could stand his personality for more than five seconds.

    • AussieB

      I bet you he’s more attractive than most of the people posting on here criticizing him

      • lordgabux


    • Yes, he’s a little hottie, the only thing I hate on him are his tattoos.
      I don’t like tattoos in general.

  • Scrapple

    I’m still trying to figure out how you go from complaining about the media and your celebrity status one minute, to whipping your dick out on vacation with cameras everywhere. That “Look at me, but don’t look at me stuff no longer gets a pass once you reach adulthood.

    I remember when the Daily News used to be a reputable paper. Now they’re publishing censored dick pics. How far we’ve come.

    • V1

      Maybe his next step is to publish an S&M sex book like Madonna.

      • Scrapple

        I’m sure Rodman would be down for another go ’round.

    • moondoggy

      I can’t claim to remember when they were reputable, but I’m thrown by their transformation into Playgirl 2.0.


      • Scrapple

        Blecch. Levi graduated from the same d-bag school as Kevin Federline.

      • AussieB

        One of many reality star/d listers who featured in the magazine but never went full frontal

  • Futanari-Kisaragi Yagami


  • Dale Bergman

    I hope that these men get on the penis publicity bandwagon…

  • Pertinax

    If he’s Bieber where is the hemp ? …PS: Bieber doesn’t have a schlong even the bigger of all is a “standard model” …Shit! This lil’dick stinks hemp!

    • Two Cents

      Not that I care about big dicks like that. This dick is not big but…..if you just like something nice then hes alright. Im not into him like that so I could care less.

  • V1

    I presumed that he is uncut, so all of them fail.
    Also, in the earlier, much blurrier pix, it looks like he keeps his bush trimmed back.

  • Pertinax

    Answers : No; 5″; No. I don’t like beaches; Because he’s an idiot.

    If you, guys want to see a schlong, take a look :

  • kevin

    As much as I wanted him to have a micro peepee, he has a nice package and I’m jealous of the bitches who get to ride it!

    • Oracle

      why are they ‘bitches’?

  • R.A.M.J

    the bora bora pic and the third new pic look alike. Maybe in the third one he was getting semi. Id suck it.

  • john

    some people have a lot of free time…

  • Sed

    I’m starting to think that Justin Bieber is a closet nudist. I get the sense that he would be naked all the time if he was allowed to. I knew it would only be a short time after the Orlando pics came out that he would release his own.

  • robirob

    I am pleasantly surprised that he’s an untrimmed bush of pubic hair. That’s probably the nicest thing I’ll ever say about Justin Bieber.

    • AussieB

      And there you spotted the difference between the previous leaked nudes

      • lordgabux

        I was gonna say the same. Most younger guys nowadays shave the fuck our of their pubes, so girls don’t fuzz when they go down on them. #ridiculous

    • Nate


  • Candymantrr

    Who cares about his dick! You know that boys a big ole bottom. Show his ass

    • lordgabux


  • kkdd1

    Everything about this kid gets on my FUCKING nerves !!!

    • C3xxx

      Can we Canucks do the same for the Kardashian, Grande, Lovatos, and Gomez? :)

      • lordgabux


  • Marcus Collack

    the bush is also photoshopped, why is that?

  • C3xxx

    4th pic has his dick tad slimmer than the first three..blurriness aside.

  • AussieB

    Well all we can tell is he stopped trimming. Hate to tell people that the same dick can vary in size…Mine can look tiny sometimes when super soft, is porn star style extra long and thick when erect, and can be anywhere in between when flaccid. People have way too much time on their hands. #penisequality Its the way celebrities can get attention these days

  • The Anchor

    why is he always naked with photoshop?

  • John

    He went through a rough patch but his wild antics seem to be a thing of the past. DElayed adolescence. I know someone who knows him and says he is very nice with his friends. I think his body and charm would be heaven in bed.

  • The Pink Unicorn

    I’m gonna say it’s the thumbelina shot. Probably explains why he is such a d*ckbag and a half full of crap lol.

  • RocknRollerBlues

    Actually, he can sing, write, compose and plays four instruments, so I am not sure who you’re talking about Maximus. Bieber has been working since he was 14-year-old in the industry and has endured ridiculous amounts of hate from people like yourself who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    He has EARNED very ounce of the fame, success and prosperity he has, and his growing pains in out super-scrutiny world full of obnoxious trolls like yourself who love pointing the finger but don’t own your own shortcomings, is only to be expected. Good on him, I say. His behavior has matured and there’s nothing wrong with skinny dipping. What’s disgusting is people judging him.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Actually we are his judges without; “us” consuming his output he would be just some kid, with above average music talent, on you tube.

      BTW positive judgements are still judgements.

      • RocknRollerBlues

        “BTW positive judgements are still judgements.”

        Indeed they are. But I don’t think music consumption can strictly be called judging. Is that really the space we enter when we listen to music we choose? Isn’t it more immersion, enjoyment, or experiencing?

        • Pinko of the Grange

          Interesting point, but don’t we need to first judge what we wish to experience the joy of immersion?

          It is a rare person that enjoys every type of music.

          • RocknRollerBlues

            yes, you’re right. Maybe those judgements vary in degree – “soft, hard, let’s see what this sounds like etc?” but yes, they are judgements.

    • Maximus

      I’ve heard Bieber attempt to sing; he can’t sing. Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Nick Jonas—that’s what correct vocal technique sounds like.

      Anybody can “write,” but few people can write well. Bieber may contribute a line or two to some of his songs, but his music is mostly written for him.

      Bitch please. Bieber hasn’t had to endure shit. He is richer than God, has tens of millions of adoring fans, has more pussy getting thrown at him than he knows what to do with, gets pampered and enabled by his entourage of sycophants, and doesn’t have to do anything other than show up and perform the pre-made product developed for him by the real musicians. He is the human equivalent of wrapping paper, and there’s nothing about him that makes him especially qualified to do that job. I don’t deny that he works hard, but he got the gig because he looked the part, not because he possessed superior musical abilities.

      And you, what do you have to say for yourself? You are an adult who is extolling the supposed musical and professional virtues of goddamn Justin Bieber. Have some self-respect, Mary.


      • CW

        He can sing and there’s no point trying to deny it. No matter what you say critics and most people knows he can sing. He was after all signed because of his youtube videos that was based on his singing and musical talent.

        • Maximus

          He was signed because he was nonthreatening and had pretty hair. That made him the perfect marketing tool for selling music to preteen and teen girls.

          Also, you have low standards: http://www.metacritic.com/music/purpose/justin-bieber/critic-reviews

          • RocknRollerBlues

            He was signed because he was, and is talented.

            Yes, looks played a part. They do with most artists signings. That, in itself, does NOT preclude Bieber’s talent and artistry. Your standards about yourself, let alone others, leave a lot to be desired. Take note.

          • Rob36

            Let’s wait until he releases music with all words and music by him alone. Has he written anything without his ”helpers”?

          • RocknRollerBlues

            There’s no need to wait. Bieber has written the majority percentage of his last two albums and co-produced some songs in them. He doesn’t have to write 100% of a song to prove anything when no other artist is asked to.

            Most artists, especially in today’s producer-dominated scene, collaborate because writing is 1) more fun that way and 2) if you can get the best producers in the world to vision your album, why on earth wouldn’t you?

            Whether it’s Taylor S, Dixie Chicks, Justin Bieber, Timberlake, Jhené Aiko, Jazmine Sullivan, and countless more, collaboration isn’t looked down as needing “helpers” as you put it, but about making something greater than the sum of its parts out of choice.

            I linked two tracks further up this board. Check them out. You may like them, even love them.

          • Rob36

            Go listen to Court and Spark, or something by Thom Yorke, John Grant, Tim Smith, or Gainsbourg, to see what a true artist can achieve. If you’re expecting the hackneyed, simepring drivel you’ve been listening to on the pop puppets overproduced nursery rhymes, you’ll be surprised.

          • Greg Pu

            I am the biggest Joni Mitchell and Radiohead fan. They’re amazing. But, they’re not the only artists to create music. Bieber is a proper artist Rob and you would benefit from opening your ears, stepping away from your prejudices, and listening to his later work and some of his acoustic too?

            You’ll be the one who is surprised.

          • Rob36

            Please, please, please, don’t ever mention Justin ”and I was like baby baby baby oh, like baby baby baby” Bieber in the same breath as Mitchell and Yorke, ever again. NO, that did NOT happen.

          • RocknRollerBlues

            I am already familiar with, and love, the output of the artists you mention. And it is possible to have and enjoy a wide musical pallette. I love Bieber’s music and many other artists. And there is nothing hackneyed (or drivel-like) about the music Bieber is making now. And, a lot of his past material was great too.

            Oh, and I love Laura Nyro, Crosby, Steels, and Nash as well. Stop thinking you can put people in boxes because of their music tastes and expand YOUR thinking.

          • Rob36

            ”expand” my thinking to let Bieber in. Computer says NO.

          • RocknRollerBlues

            Both myself and Pu suggested that some of you should listen to Bieber’s later work but you just want to troll. Initially, you gave the impression that you were seriously interested in musical exploration and cared about music, not labels or appearing “cool.” But the very opposite is true.

            Why else would you bring up “Baby,” which was one of Bieber’s first singles, as a child? Go further along and find the gems. And Bieber can be mentioned in the same sentence as Yorke and Mitchell – with no irony.

            As for you Sed, you don’t know anything about Bieber’s musical history and act like a kid in a playground with your “OMG! Maxiumus, come see what they said!” BS.

            If, you, Rob36, and Sed, don’t want to appreciate the Biebs’ music, that’s YOUR loss. I’ll be over here listening to Yorke, Mitchell… and Bieber, like millions more.

            Bless ya.

          • Rob36

            the Biebs

          • RocknRollerBlues

            Obviously you have free will Rob. I am just suggesting you explore some of his work.

          • Rob36

            But it’s NOT his., this is my point.

          • RocknRollerBlues

            And your point would be wrong. The original music and top line was co-written by Bieber and Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and titled “The Most.” [See below].


            A year later it was sent to Diplo & Skrillex by Bieber’ manager with a view to them producing it and appearing on Jack U’s debut album. The rest is Grammy winning history. It won in the collaboration category because THAT is what it is. And Bieber’s vocal performance is tremendous.

            Know of what you speak Rob.

          • Rob36

            So how many songs are solely attributed to him?

          • RocknRollerBlues

            A few 100%. But like most artists, Timberlake, Beyonce, JoJo, et al, he collaborates. It’s just the way most artists work now. It doesn’t mean they are not talented, it means they get a greater “result” from collabing.

          • Rob36

            Just stop now., You’re comparing a silly little talent vacuum to some off the greatest singer/songwriters ever. Stop it, you are being ridiculous. He’s awful, and anyone over 15 with any taste knows this. We’re done – I’m right, you’re wrong, end of.

          • Eric D

            So true, zero talent excellent marketability.

        • Sed

          OMG! You really Believe he was signed because of his talent. Maximus he really believes it. No like really.

          • RocknRollerBlues

            That’s because he was. “Like, really.”

      • Sed

        You’re absolutely right Maximus. I have nothing against Beiber, I’d certainly fuck if I had the chance but let’s be honest 100% of his success is based on his pretty pretty face. He has one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen on a man in my life.

        An an ugly or even average-looking man with his minimal level of talent would have absolutely no chance in the entertainment industry. None! And since God is the one that made him pretty. I really don’t give him too much credit.

        • Sean

          SO WHAT. You are on a GAY PORN SITE BLOG. How do you think nearly all these guys got in that industry?I would also say that Mick Jagger is pretty fucking ugly and is not an accomplished singer of any sort, yet still has managed a pretty successful career of over 50 years.

          • Sed

            I have nothing against making it in the Pop industry based on your looks. I would expect nothing else. It’s very similar to the gay porn industry in that way. But it someone said that Johnny Rapid was a gay porn star because of his brilliant mind you would look at them like they were crazy.

      • Andrew Simpson

        I disagree Justin Bieber can definitely sing. Singing is NOT about screaming at the top of your lungs like certain singers. Being a singer means to evoke emotion through your voice. Bieber is good looking but so what. Bruno Mars and Sam Smith are not exactly attractive but they are very successful. Many male singers or rappers are ugly yet successful. Jay Z is gross to look at BUT he is very successful and super rich.

        • Maximus

          I hear what you’re saying. I agree that singing and performing aren’t always the same thing, and singers need to be able to do both. My problem with Bieber is that his voice doesn’t hold up when he sings live. Returning to the Bruno Mars example: Mars is able to perform and sing well simultaneously, and his voice is just as good live as it is on recorded/edited studio tracks.

          • RocknRollerBlues

            Some singers vocal performances differ from live to studio. But Bieber can definitely cut it live and there are so many examples of that online if you google for them.

    • RocknRollerBlues

      FYI Maximus: Bieber absolutely CAN sing, and most certainly better than Jonas. Wonder and muse on these:

      Addressing the rest of your rant. Apart from the fact that a stranger shouldn’t be able to bend you out of shape as much as you allow a 22-year-old superstar to, you clearly know absolutely nothing about the multi-layered abuse Bieber has endured in this music industry since he was a child (and continues to), or the poverty and deprivation he came from. Sure, he has made missteps. We all have, and do.

      So, some unsolicited advice: Instead of spending your time fixating on him, and work on that rage and abyss at your OWN center. You are not perfect Maximus. You have your shortcomings to work on, and from where I’m sitting – they are legion.

      • Maximus

        ABUSE?! Okay bitch, NOW I am bent out of motherfucking shape. How dare you assert that the experiences of one of the most privileged, pampered, powerful, and wealthy celebrities in the world constitute abuse? This is what abuse looks like. Go get some goddamn perspective.


        • Brad K

          You don’t know much about Bieber’s story do you? You should read up on it sometime.

          • Maximus


          • Brad K

            You don’t comprehend very well do you? Since you don’t know much about Bieber’s story and the abuse – yes, abuse – he suffered, go read about it.

            Dearth of knowledge meets finding of knowledge.

          • Maximus

            Yeah, I made the dean’s list in college because I have comprehension issues.

            It is absolutely repugnant for you to throw around the term “abuse” when you have no idea what it truly means. Tell me, have you ever read clinical case studies of young children who were victims of sexual violence and neglect? Have you ever seen the photos accompanying human rights investigations into the torture and summary executions of suspected political dissidents in Burundi? Justin Bieber has never been abused. Take your first world, middle class, white butt to the nearest chair, and have a seat.

          • Brad K

            How odd you are. You think only physical or sexual abuse is abuse? What about mental, emotional, both in real life and online? Bieber was, and is, abused mentally and emotionally from a variety of sources and that fact is recognized by people with far more comprehension than you.

            Have a nice seat yourself and stop ranting. And don’t presume to know my race or background.

          • Maximus

            It is now clear to me that you are a troll. Your work is done here—you succeeded in getting me riled up. Run along now.

  • Atticus

    The more I see Justin Bieber’s penis, the more that I wish that he’d accepted Men.com’s offer to fuck Johnny Rapid on camera.

  • Eric D

    This would be funny if it were not so self loathing. Justin Bieber, has such disdain for the gay community he refuse to play gay in movie however, he is still view as sex symbol in gay media? Why is Justin Bieber, Antonio Sabado, Mark Walhberg, all of whom have expressed contempt for the gay community yet are still idolized. This is one of the reasons gay men get zero respect from society. A change of narrative is long overdue.

    • Brad K

      Bieber was never offered a gay movie role. It was tabloid dross. His rep came out within hours of the story and stated categorically that Bieber’s team never had any talks or meetings about any so-called film treatment, which conveniently didn’t even have a IMDb entry or any other cast members.

      Justin Bieber Did NOT Refuse To Do Sex Scene With Man In Movie 'Uber Girl,' Despite Report https://t.co/sMN5PAzURq— Gossip Cop (@GossipCop) July 26, 2016

      Tons of BS gets written about Bieber for traffic clicks by tabloids. You got ask yourself two things. 1) Why would Bieber go up for a gay part in the first place if he didn’t want one? And 2) If there was any truth to the reality of a massive superstar having meetings or call records – aoll of which which would need setting up and planning between parties – an easy rebut when Bieber’s team denied any meetings or talks took place, would have been to reveal those emails or call records. That didn’t happen. Ergo, the story was clickbait rubbish.

      Literally acres of fabricated stuff gets written about Bieber in the press. Daily. In an interview with Complex magazine last year, when asked about religion in Complex magazine, Bieber replied ““I think that everybody should get their chance to share what they’re doing or where their journey is headed, whether they’re straight or gay or what they believe in. We’re in a place now in 2015 where people have gotta be open-minded.”

      You can read that interview here: http://uk.complex.com/music/justin-bieber-interview-2015-cover-story

      He also tributed the Pulse shooting victims in his show in Orlando a few months ago.

  • Paul J

    Its clear that the second two pictures are not Justin’s real penis, unless he got circumcised recently without the world noticing.

  • Caesarimp

    The first two are the same. One in low res, one in hi-res. The third has obviously been altered. It’s not that difficult.

  • B.O. Mary

    Maybe NONE of those three cocks belong to him….I had Beliebed all this time that J-Beebs was an uncut Canadian. But those pics don’t look like intact penises to my experienced eye (and I have seen MANY penises in my life).

    But more significantly — who cares? He’s a spoiled twat-faced brat, and he’s just doing this to get even more media attention.

    Everyone move along…nothing to see here…move along.

  • ivan

    Some here are haters of Justin Bieber; let me point out several facts; he did not ask for those pics to be posted all over; a pap or someone with him betrayed his trust. Second, he is not small-can you not tell the difference between soft and erect? Third the size soft does not predict the size hard. These are basics you should know. Woman prefer a sausage over a noodle i.e. Bloom. They want to feel what’s inside; Justin meets that criteria [where would you be without me to inform you hateful ignoramouses? Some.} Lastly, Justin has been a good person after making mistakes [ lots exaggerated by media] but he has apologized many times and turned his life around; you want him executed for things others have done too and gotten a pass? Want names? Quit the bullying and grow the fuck up!

  • ivan

    As for his talent; there are hundreds of videos showing how he can sing very well live; I have seen him. Plus, he is multi-talented. Where as some only sing and play and instrument or so, he plays 4 instruments, sings, dances, is great in sports like basketball, hockey, boxing, and a few other things-how many talents do you haters have aside from doing things in bed?

  • ivan

    Last point is in cold water affects the size of the protuberance-it becomes the smallest it can get; try a cold water shower. Still it was satisfaction guaranteed from Justin’s ex girlfriend. she still has not really dated anyone else.

  • Parker Lewis

    Why are the spy shots that the DN got are so clear. This attention whore more than likely tell the photographers where to be so they could take the picture or more than likely, he had someone take the photos so he could give it to the press. Fuck bieber, overrated bitch.

  • Sed

    A really hot looking guy wants me to look at him while he’s naked. I don’t see the problem.

    Who cares if he’s talented or not. Umm.. sex object duh!

  • Sed

    Justin Beiber can sing! Better than Mike Tyson, I mean have you heard that guy? He terrible.

    Justin Bieber can rap! Better than Jiggy Fly but at but at least he knows someone who saved a lot of money by shopping at Geico.

    Justin Bieber Can Dance! Better than Loinel Richie.

    Justin Beiber has a recording contract because of his pretty face and pretty hair. Not because of his average at best talent. I can think of some local musicians who are better than him at everything.

    There are no ugly popstars. Ugly rock stars Maybe ugly, classical musicians Maybe but not ugly pop stars. The music industry has a history of giving writting credit 2 stars who don’t write their own songs. Just ask Ray Parker Jr. Beiber is not a song writer people. At least not yet.

    If the Beibs where average-looking he be would be doing what all the other average-looking musicians are doing. Working a day job and struggling to get a deal.

    • RocknRollerBlues

      You act like every artist has to be poor to be authentic. Apart from the fact that simply isn’t true, you do realize Bieber grew up in poverty and sheltered housing, right?

  • Greg Pu

    Dear Sed, what you appear to be implying over and over again, like a broken record, is that artists cannot and should not be good looking.

    Surely even your limited mentality can see how ridiculous that argument is? If you watch archive footage of Bieber, you can clearly see he was talented as a child. He and his mom put videos on YouTube and they sparked interest because of his talent. That led to a chance meet with his manager and the rest is widely available knowledge.

    Perhaps you find it useful to spend your time trying to knock a Grammy winning, Diamond award winning, record breaking artist with six No. 1 debut albums on his belt, multiple hits, and how has been grinding in the game since teenhood. But, here’s the tip: it’s you who looks like the jealous loser.

    And since this site has also said Bieber has a big dick, which should be obvious, since he was standing in cold water, I’d say this guy is doing damn good in life.

  • Sed

    Dear Greg poo. Go fuck yourself. Clearly someone as stupid as you can read fucking English. I in no way said that artists shouldn’t be good looking.

    Try again. This time read or don’t read I really don’t give a fuck!

    • Greg Pu

      “… I really don’t give a fuck!”

      You sure about that, screamy?

  • Maxine Mesmer