Justin Bieber’s Naked Pics: Are They Even Real?

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justin-bieber-bora-bora2Earlier today, the New York Daily News published several censored photos of Justin Bieber naked in Bora Bora, which were purchased from tabloid agency FameFlyNet. Was this an invasion of privacy, or does this kind of exposure come with the territory when you’re a young, attractive, and fully naked celebrity?

justin-bieber-bora-bora3 justin-bieber-bora-bora4Given Justin Bieber’s long history dealing with paparazzi and the fact that he was walking around completely naked in an outdoor setting, these photos can’t come as too much of a surprise for him. Also, its clear that Justin Bieber is not ashamed of his naked body, having self-published his own nude photos in the past (not that that necessarily gives anyone else the right to photograph him naked).

Shortly after the censored photos were published, the so-called “uncensored” photos magically started popping up on Twitter. From what I can tell, this was one of the very first Twitter accounts to post pictures of Justin Bieber where you can actually see what appears to be his dick:

justin uncensoredWhile it would be very easy to remove the black bar and paste in the dick using Photoshop, I’ve gone over (and over, and over…) these photos for the past couple hours, and they appear to be legit. There’s no noticeable distortion, lighting inconsistencies, or blurring that would indicate they’ve been edited. I also ran them through Photoshop-tracking websites ImageEdited and FotoForensics, both of which did not detect any Photoshop (although, those sites aren’t 100% accurate). Long story short (and Justin Bieber appears to be on the longer size), it appears that the uncensored photos of Justin Bieber are real, and this really is Justin Bieber’s cock:

CQvwCUDUcAEO4M5Then again, it’s entirely possible that a highly-skilled photo editor has doctored these photos, and we’re all being taken for a ride.

At the end of the day, if you’re someone who passionately wants to believe that you’ve seen Justin Bieber’s dick, you’re going to choose to believe that these are photos of Justin Bieber’s dick.

CQvgM87UAAAX9JzNow that we’ve seen what might be Justin Bieber’s ample endowment, the only question left to answer is whether he is cut or uncut. Given that he’s Canadian, I would presume it’s the latter, but it’s too hard for me to tell.

And, just for posterity’s sake, here is Justin Bieber from behind:


Was Justin Bieber’s privacy violated?
Are the uncensored photos of Justin Bieber’s penis and butt real?
Is Justin Bieber cut or uncut?

  • justandra

    If it is him, they are older pictures. He has a tattoo in the middle of his chest and I don’t see one here.

    • R.A.M.J

      It’s very hard to see, but it’s there.

  • john

    No Thanks..

  • Cubankid

    Nobody asked for this.

  • CK

    Privacy issues aside, the throngs of fanatics that are going to be praising the size of his penis are going to be unbearable to me as a watcher of porn. The real question is, will it be as bad as the hype over seeing bulges in magic mike was?

  • McM.
    • FrenchBug

      Please tell me this is indeed a Models Inc. gif.

      • Maximus

        No way! It has to be from Angel!

      • Scrapple

        Pretty sure that’s a Lila gif. But it’s funny you bring up Models Inc. I was just thinking about that show earlier this week. I still want to know what happened to Carrie!

        • Mike Julius

          Okay, just Googled Models Inc. Now wondering why I never got into it. I mean, I loved the campy, bitchy shit as a teen. That Popular show was my jam.

          • Scrapple

            It was canceled much too soon. It was poised to be the perfect companion show to Melrose Place.

            Popular was great. A lot of familiar faces were involved with that. Several of those familiar faces turned out to be gay.

          • Odetofear

            I can’t believe how excited I am about people talking about models Inc. I tjimmi was in the 5th grade when it aired. Loved it and was anticipating the 2nd season. So sad it was cancelled

          • Scrapple

            Those Spelling/Star productions always had the craziest storylines, and the hottest guys.

        • FrenchBug

          She got sucked in the Matrix.

          • Scrapple

            I think I’d take the Matrix over forced prostitution…unless I got to set my own hours and pick my johns.

      • McM.

        Others got it right.

        Lilah Morgan from Angel. Played by Stephanie Romanov, who was also in Models Inc.

        • FrenchBug

          I did not know she had done anything but Models Inc. I figured a comment with a Models Inc gif on a porn blog would be the gayest thing ever and it briefly made me happy.

  • FrenchBug

    Every time pics like that leak, someone needs to be reminded: the size of a limp cock has no bearing on the endowment in erection. We saw him naked. We have no idea how “hung” he is.

    • R.A.M.J

      Well that theory applies to growers not showers. If he’s hanging 7 inches flaccid (just a number, i don’t know how hung he is), it safe to assume he’s at least 7 erect. Dicks don’t shrink as the get harder. From the pics he looks about 6 flaccid or semi, so its safe to assume he’s at least 6.5 to 7+

      • Johnny

        That’s only 6″ flaccid if he’s like 6’4″ tall.

        Since he’s 5’9″, it’s more like 4.5-5″ flaccid. But otherwise, point taken.

        • R.A.M.J

          I’ve been working for 18 hours, so Im a little slow right now, but are you suggesting that height and dick size are proportional?

          • Johnny

            Nope. I’m suggesting that perceived length of a dick is influenced by presumed height of the person it’s dangling off of.

            A 4 inch flaccid dick is gonna look larger on a 5 foot tall guy and smaller on a 7 foot tall guy, especially when you’re looking at them in a picture with no point of reference for height.

            A lot of porn stars are short and their dicks, while big, look even bigger on camera because dicks look bigger on a smaller guy.

          • CA

            I think he’s a 6″er…if not more. He is not short and although I get your theory on proportions, there is going to be a negligible difference in that perception in the case of appendages like a dick. His femur bone is not 3-5 inches shorter than someone who is 6’2–which is what you can really only measure the proportion to in a picture like this. He could have longer legs or shorter legs than someone taller than him. It is impossible to tell.

            He is about the same build as Brad Pitt was when his similar pics leaked and well….Brad was certainly smaller down there and about 4″

          • R.A.M.J

            Oh I gottach now. thanks for clarifying.

  • R.A.M.J

    fake or real, still pretty cool to think about. LOL

  • Bradster

    Why would you assume Canadians are uncut? Circumcision is standard in all of North America.

    • Anonymous

      Actually that is not true in the slightest. In Mexico the estimated rates are, on average, 10% and in Canada around 30%. It is only America where circumcision is popular, but even there it depends on the state and the overall rates are declining. In some states leaving the penis intact is the majority especially in recent years. It could then be said that in North America being intact is far more standard than circumcision.

  • Maximus

    Justin is such a sexy dyke.

  • jimboivyo

    Manhunt Daily is reporting that the photos are real due to the poor lighting.

    • Zachary Sire


      • jimboivyo

        **sarcastic license taken in recognization of the new tumblr format**

    • DPS

      Mancunt daily should not be reporting anything! Good gawd!

  • DPS

    Since I want nothing to do with him and would not let him in my home, I don’t care. A big dick or not he is a repulsive human being and proves it by the hour.

    • CA

      What happened this hour or the past year even that proves “he is a repulsive human being”? I think he gets a bum wrap…imo.

      • DPS

        Oh bloody hell, anyone who retains lawyers to negotiate the aftermath of his presence is NOT a good human being. That said, I think less of a law firm who would defend him.

        • R.A.M.J

          Lots of people keep lawyers on retainers. Lets stop pretending he’s the worlds worst human being. When you donate and give to kids dying from cancer the way he does, then you can say something. Im not the biggest Justin fan here, but damn, on the scheme of things and in comparison to other people, He hasn’t done ANYTHING for him to get the kind of hate he does.

        • CA

          LOL, that is ridiculous. I had my daddy’s lawyers help me out of several sticky situations from college through my early 20’s….luckily, I wasn’t being followed by the paparazzi to document it all.

          The worst Justin has done is act like a fool and a douchebag. You find yourself raised, in a broken home of two poor teenage parents on welfare, be thrusted into superstardom and become a multimillionaire before your 18th birthday and not make some shitty questionable decisions. He has grown up significantly these last few years fir the better and constantly admits to his faults and shitty past.

          I say this all the time, but he’s like the Marky Mark of this era who grew up to get nominated for Oscars as Mark Wahlberg 20 years later–and everyone is kissing his ass in Hollywood.

          • R.A.M.J

            Lets not forget he was probably influenced by his father (a true douche bag regardless of how hot he is).

          • Marcus Collack

            You can not be thrust into superstardom, when you actively sought it out. He’s not Alex from Target, or the pretty prison guy mugshot, he wanted it.

          • CA

            You can play semantics with my choice of words if you’d like, but the reality is Justin Bieber is a guy from an unstable poorly guided childhood who was handed power and money as an adolescent teenager of 14…he isn’t taylor Swift who’s grew up in a privileged supportive family environment–her father is a senior executive at Merrill Lynch and she comes from OLD school Philadelphia mainline money going back three or four generations and carries with her all of the benefits of that privileged lifestyle at 25 in addition to her own success.

            Justin is now only 21…what did many of us at 18 and 19 years old do that was untoward? What would you do if you had poor childhood rearing and were handed 25 million dollar contracts to sing songs and dance.

            I just think people in this country are so quick to judge with little to no regard for the experience that others have or had. It would be one thing if he were 25 years old running amok, but he is 21 and seemingly has not been in any relevant trouble since he was 18 or 19…give the kid a break.

      • Russell47

        A bum rap? Pun intended?

        • CA

          Yes, totally intended.

  • Scrapple

    “What Do You Peen?”

    I remember when the Daily News was a reputable paper. The New York Times, they are a-changin’. I’m actually more intrigued by what appears to be a person in a bathrobe sitting on a sofa. What’s her deal?

  • *Star*Bryte*

    wow that’s small!

  • Mike Julius
  • FooFight

    I’m not a Belieber, but his cock looks pretty good to me. Pretty girthy, pretty long. I could enjoy it…

    • Sed

      I’m more interested in his ass. I could to to work on that behind.

  • Zealot

    OMG!!! Miley Cyrus has a penis!!

  • Sed

    Nice ass. It was only a matter of time before we saw him naked. He was determined.

  • Justin needs to ditch the bitch and make the switch.

    • GN

      By the looks of the person sitting in the background, he has…

  • erexshawn

    Privacy violated? If you do shit in public it isn’t private.

  • Spongey

    That person in the white bath robe freaks me out. They’re just staring into space, high as fuck.

    • In-Charge.net

      Looks like an old dude sitting there

    • They were probably staring st Justin’s ass thinking that bitch better hurry up and get back in here so I can pound that ass some more.

  • GN

    Looks like i came back from Mexico just in time. Meh, I’ve seen better I’ve seen worse. That dick looks fun to slap around, tho.

  • Kandel

    While I was admittedly curious, cause who doesn’t want to see celebrity nudes, that pancake ass of his still does nothing for me.

    At least the guy who sold these can afford a better camera now… I guess.

  • Yawn. This fool again. There is absolutely no way he didn’t do this on purpose.

  • Yawn. This fool again. There is absolutely no way he didn’t do this on purpose. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    • GN

      He probably waked and baked (and just got done fucking whoever that person is sitting in the background) and he went outside and forgot he didn’t have a robe on. It’s happened to me, it’s not all that unusual.

  • hotdickcum

    Time for him to debut in MEN and be paired with Johnny Rapid. Make him the 100th cock to enter Rapid. lol.

  • Markybaby08

    he’s probably orchestrated all this himself – he’s so fame hungry!! I couldn’t care less if he had a dick down to his knees – he’s vile and hopefully his moment of fame will fizzle out soon – he’s a wannabe thug who thins he’s something special. when he’s really not

    • Toots Ballard

      He’s been in a hot tub. Hot water makes cock and balls appear bigger.

  • Sed

    He seems to have a nice sized penis but it’s not huge like some are saying.

    I’m more interested in his very fuckable ass.

  • kevin

    Given the hefty hose, I wouldn’t put it past Biebs to release doctored photos, especially after that business with the enhanced package in the Calvin Klein ads. Being a known tripod (albeit inadvertently so) hasn’t hurt Jon Hamm’s career.

  • JackNasty

    Hate his music. Love the dick.

  • John

    Wow. Who knew that Justin Bieber had so many gay fans.

    • Sed

      Justin Bieber is a very very pretty man. We don’t have to like him or his music in order to want to fuck him.

  • Bastian

    Larger photo looks photoshoped. It is clear that dick is smaller on the photo without closeup.

  • Jim Francis

    So… how big are we saying his penis actually is? Looking at the photo, I’d say about 5″ flaccid, which… as anyone knows, could be as short as 5″ erect, which is a little under the average. 5″ flaccid could be 10″ hard, but pretty much any flaccid measurement can be 10″ erect.

    So, how did we get from this photo to “big”?

  • Sed

    My goodness his ass crack is huge!!