Johnny Rapid Gets Fucked By Justin Matthews While Fucking Beaux Banks In Epic “Men Bang” Episode

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4This could’ve just been a corny collection of stunts and special effects, but “Men Bang” has actually ended up being one of’s best series ever?

5Whether or not you play the “Men Bang” video game (which is available to on Nutaku), the Men Bang gay porn series—led by gaymer Justin Matthews—stays focused on great fucking, with just enough gaming plot and special effects mixed in for fun. Justin reaches another level of the game today, and his reward is a three-way fuckfest with Johnny Rapid and Beaux Banks.

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Johnny takes center stage during the three-way, as he shows off his bottoming and topping skills:


They move into a few different positions, and Johnny’s big dick is rock hard while riding Justin and being sucked off by Beaux:


Justin ends up fucking the cum out of Johnny, and Beaux swallows the load:


After fucking the cum out of Johnny, Justin gives Beaux a cum facial, and then Beaux blasts his own load to close the scene. This is one of the best three-ways of 2019 so far, with strong performances from all three guys. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Justin Matthews, Johnny Rapid, And Beaux Banks]

  • Schnitzel
    • McM.

      Nowhere to go but up.

    • B.C.

      GISP set the bar with Mateo Vice, Theo Brady and newbie Vinny. This is inferior.

  • hotdickcum

    There are characters forgotten in any series. William Seed is one of them here lol.

  • doodlebug

    In his last scene he let William cum a little on his check and in this one he lets Beaux give him a couple of little kisses. After all these years is Johnny letting go of his straight(identified)boy limitations? And is MEN using the same post production as Sean Cody? The video looks washed out compared to the stills.

    • Vizual Bastard

      And I thought I was the only one who noticed this; brief, but it’s there.

    • Doug Kalin

      That William scene, is that the Cum to Life: Part 2 scene?

    • Caesarimp

      Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by this. Not as shocked as I was when Johnny basically lunged at Jake Bass and made out with him, but still surprised. Johnny seems to be loosening up a bit in terms of his sexuality and stuff? Maybe there’s more kissing and stuff in the future, as it’s really one of the few things lacking in his performances

  • McM.

    “Finale”. Yeah, right.
    MindGeek will run this theme into the ground.

  • adamb

    Ah Johnny i missed u! I love it when he gets fucked just as much i love his sexy patch of chest hair so happy he hasnt shaved it yet?

  • John

    He is still one of the sexiest porn stars to me, but the only scenes that every really did anything for me were his bareback ones and he went right back to almost exclusive condom work. My other disappointment is I am only aware of one scene where anyone ate his Cum. Can imagine not doing so if you had the chance?

  • Donald Horn

    There was fake fucking when Johnny was riding the dick.

    • GayhawkAZ

      He’s been fucked by several hundred guys, and now you’re claiming this is fake fucking?

  • Sam Wheat

    Is Johnny Rapids still gay for pay?