Justin Owen’s First Helix Scene Is Here, And It’s Actually Great?

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If you were worried about how former Randy Blue star Justin Owen would fit in with all of Helix’s twinks, don’t be! Everything turned out fine. In fact, his first scene as an exclusive is hot as fuck.


Even though we only have this one scene to judge, it looks like Justin Owen will be a good addition to the Helix roster. He’s not a twink, not yet a man, and the twunk thing works perfectly for him.


Justin Owen has always been an extremely loud (some might say too loud) performer, but that works here. It helps that co-star Logan Cross is an eager powerbottom.

justinloganJustin Owen has a great cock for topping, but he’s also got a great ass for bottoming. Hopefully he’ll flip in his next scene.

One complaint: I’ve always loved long hair on Justin Owen, but now it’s too long. He can’t even style it, and it’s messy (but not in a good way). He should take off two or three inches, just to keep things under control.

Straight-Shooter-017Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Justin Owen Fucks Logan Cross]


  • Alan Keddie

    Just watched that preview… and I didn’t even realise it was J-O till I saw the after stats of the preview. But damn! That’s HOT!

  • FooFight

    In that opening scene, they both look like they’ve just eaten cherry popsicles.

  • FrenchBug

    I don’t know. I just wish Helix would stick to discovering great twink performers instead of recycling well-known performers. JMO.

    • sxg

      While true, on a personal level I welcome the introduction of a non-twink model at Helix. It makes it all more watchable for me. Like when they had Connor Kline do some scenes, I quite enjoyed that very much! 😀

  • Alias74

    Love his rosy cheeks.

  • Maximus

    Owen has an amazing body, but…

  • Jim Francis

    idk,,, I think Justin Owens works so much better as a bottom.

  • keldommage

    Now I want Lance Alexander to do a scene with Helix right now…

    • sxg

      I think Lance is donezo, he hasn’t done anything anywhere in over a year I believe. Ever since he came back from a car accident (or bike accident can’t remember) he did only a couple of scenes and that was it.

      • keldommage

        what a huge huge shame!

        • kevin

          he cams on RBlive with Justin pretty regularly.

          • keldommage

            hey man I just saw this. (3 months late). Do you know if Lance has done anything recently with livecam?

  • Kandel

    I prefer him as a bottom in all honesty… and with short hair. Bitch looks a mess.

  • kevin

    Lovin’ JO’s hair! He reminds me so much of the first dirty boy who got me to drop trow and play with each others’ junk after soccer practice.

  • kevin

    Does Justin eat paste in this one? He usually does, which is one of the reasons why he reminds me of me

    • Kevin

      I believe there was some snowballing at the end of the scene. The scene was pretty good, was pleasantly surprised.

  • Odetofear

    I agree about his hair. I actually love how loud he is in porn. Johnny Rapid has also gotten louder in recent vids and they make them a bit better.

  • trex

    Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing hot about Helix using Justin to top their twinks. Justin’ s best asset, by far, is his ass and Helix using him as a top is one of the worst Gay porn casting decisions in recent memory. Whatever Helix paid you to try and put a positive spin on it can’t change that.

  • Ace Sword

    Does someone know these two? If you do please tell me?

    • Pascal

      Looks like a Broke Straight Boys scene featuring Jimmy Johnson and the excellent production values the site is known for.

      That ficus alone…

      • kevin

        I think the bottom is Adam Baer but he sure looks like SC’s Noel

        • Pascal

          Actually it’s Anthony Hunt.

  • Spencer87

    THIS scene looks hot.