Surprise: Here’s Callum Huntsman (Née Kellan Hartmann) Fucking GayHoopla’s Collin Simpson

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gayhoopla-kellan-hartmann-collin-simpson-6GayHoopla isn’t passing up the chance to capitalize on any of the mysterious Kellan Hartmann/Callum Huntsman/Ryan Gordon drama, so the studio has just released a trailer for their own upcoming Kellan Hartmann scene, and it co-stars the studio’s most popular star, Collin Simpson.

gayhoopla-kellan-hartmann-collin-simpson-5Side note: Over the last year, commenters here have been discussing Collin Simpson’s alleged support of the disastrous shit-for-brains sociopath currently occupying the White House, but I never saw any evidence of that—until yesterday. It looks like Collin Simpson is indeed a Trump supporter (and a definite Hillary hater), based on tweets he sent recently to some of his disappointed fans (Simpson’s main tweet that started the back-and-forth with fans, in which he apparently said he had “faith” in Trump, appears to have been deleted):

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In addition to Simpson’s disappointing support of an insane bigot, his new scene looks disappointing, too. While the scene definitely looks better than the first Kellan Hartmann scene released last month, I still didn’t see one fully erect penis at any point at all in the entire trailer below. Who knew that in 2018, gay porn studios would still be struggling to film performers with hard dicks? The parts where we see Kellan’s ass are good though:

gayhoopla-kellan-hartmann-collin-simpson-9 gayhoopla-kellan-hartmann-collin-simpson-10 gayhoopla-kellan-hartmann-collin-simpson-12 gayhoopla-kellan-hartmann-collin-simpson-15Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Kellan Hartmann Fucks Collin Simpson]

  • PhotoWerner

    Landon and Dmitry obviously don’t think they should be encouraging their models to work on improving their performances, even if that means suggesting their models actually *gasp* engage in gay sex off-camera, in their personal lives, in order to develop any sort of skill set. The whole “straight guy tries gay sex for the first time without actually trying” shtick only goes so far, and the disbelief generally ends when the guy has starred in multiple scenes and everyone knows it’s not their “first time.”

    The fact that Kellen was still unable to get hard and the fact that they released another scene where the main model couldn’t even get aroused speaks volumes about how much the owners care about their product.

    Hard pressed to think of any other real job where you can enter the position with absolutely no knowledge or experience. I think MUCH of this (if not all of it) was learned by Landon and Dmitry at Fratmen, whose defunct status should be a huge warning sign that the “straight guy tries gay sex without actually trying” business model is untenable in 2018.

    The only thing that could make this any more ridiculous would be if a gay porn studio that hires “straight” men and grooms them into engaging in gay sex were owned by straight men whom have absolutely no knowledge of or experience in (or even give two shits about) gay sex….oh, wait…Gayhoopla is thy name.

    That’s not even to mention the fact that incoming models learn quickly how, despite encouraging employees to engage in and experiment with gay sex, one of the owners of Gayhoopla has a personal aversion to gay sex and is unwilling to do himself what he is encouraging his employees to do, but has absolutely no problem fucking women on camera at his new creepy ass (and utterly failing) “Sugardaddy” website.

    • ginger05

      What do you mean “with his body”? I’ve been avoiding all GH drama until now, so I haven’t heard him doing something to his body.

  • TB

    You know what I hate more than a Trump supporter? A g4p Trump supporter that’s too much of a pussy to NOT delete his Trump supporting tweets and stand behind them! They’re nothing but a bunch of cult following hypocrites!

    • hatefulmoz

      Agreed. The cowardly act to delete and pretend your comments don’t exist only serve to prove that you are carefully choosing what to promote to keep the coins coming in. Makes you look even worse.

      • TB


  • Sed

    Oh great, another republican who loves dick up his ass but would vote for people who would deny you the right to take dick up your ass. I’m so tired of this shit. I’ve found that the thing that really attracts these kinds of guys to Trump is his racism and misogyny. They’ll say something like, “but I have black friends or I’ve had sex with Black guys” as if that means they can’t be racist. Yeah tell that to Thomas Jefferson. Having sex with someone of another race does not preclude one from being racist.

    • WRT707

      The man who impregnated my mother is white. When she became pregnant he dipped saying he just had to try a black woman and there was no way he’d ever be serious with her. I thought my mom was lying to me until I contacted him as an adult. She was not lying. He said it in so many words, he flat out said he’d never accept me as his kid and not to contact him again. Even joked that black kids don’t have fathers so I’d be ok.

      • John

        Woah. That’s insanely shitty. If you get a woman pregnant (not that I ever will), you’re on the hook for 18 years. If I had been your mother, I would sued his dumbass for child support all through the 18 years.

  • Shawn

    I really hate that spineless approach when you ask a Trump supporter “well what about trans rights” (or anything else) and they just say “Well I never said I support everything he does…”.

    Fuck off with that shit, you know exactly what he is and you still support him.

  • Scrapple

    Like most closet cases who have become accustomed to a certain level of privilege, Collin, his political affiliation wasn’t a surprise when it was first revealed a while back. Who is going to align with the ostracized “others” when they can hide in plain site with the group doing the ostracizing? He can get his gay fix by dipping into gay porn and claiming it’s just for the coins. And when someone in his life finds out about it, he has the “Look, I do straight work too!” pussy smokescreen. Collin is all about the optics. You can see it with his body. You can see it in his comments about preferring to top the Black models over bottoming for them. Dude has issues. His sponsored social media account isn’t going to make people unsee those issues.

    Callum seemed personable enough in those vids he posted. How he carried himself presented with his reticence to go into detail about GH probably speaks to a certain level of maturity. I don’t blame him for having performance issues with the Deplorable Snowman. GH isn’t a studio which is encouraging about people expressing valid same sex attraction without hangups.

    • ginger05

      What do you mean by “with his body”?

      • Scrapple

        That should be obvious if you look at where he started and where he is now.

  • Felipe Pinafi

    Collin is such a piece of shit.
    He uses grindr to recrute guys to gayhoopla.

    • hotdickcum

      how did you know?

  • letsbefriends

    he’ll always be KELLAN to me

  • Estelle

    Spill the tea!

  • Xzamilloh

    I don’t agree with everything Trump says… but I’ll deal with it to get muh deficit-increasing tax cuts and to own the libs. What more could a moderate out of touch Republican ask for?

  • Mokojojo

    Fuck him. Trump isn’t even doing good on the issues that he claims to support him on. You (Collin) support a bigot because he is a bigot. Period. Don’t pretend that he has done any good in those issues that you care about. Hell, the only thing his immigration stunts do is take up resources that can be used to fight the things he’s supposedly against.

  • a b

    Well, brains are important but glutes are importanter

  • TheLisp

    …and since he’s worked with several POC, he’d probably say he’s not a racist either.

  • brock

    It’s also fitting that he’s a Trump supporter at Gay Hoopla, a porn company that tries so pathetically hard (pun intended?) to perpetuate all these stereotypes of traditional masculinity, despite doing so while filming gay sex. I feel like that appeal to toxic masculinity has been a central feature of Trump and the alt-right’s support, and it goes hand in hand with a gay porn studio that might as well end each of its videos with a “no homo” disclaimer.

  • Baradude

    I liked Collin Simpson……..not anymore. Get out of my spank bank !

  • Default_User

    This serves as a good (if NSFW) example of “why you should separate work and personal life”. Colin should have kept his political opinions on his personal twitter and refuse to comment on politics when fans asked. Porn stars (as the characters they play on screen) don’t need political opinions, and he should have been aware enough that announcing yourself as a Trump fan in a field with an overwhelming left-leaning audience is a self-inflicted injury that is completely unnecessary.

    It is not that he does not deserve to have opinions, but sex work is a job, you play a role. That role does not need to be political.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    GayHoopla’s fall from grace has been swift and steady. Callum could have moved anywhere and it would have been an improvement, I’d have been stuffing Collin’s face down in the pillows. The only bright spot in this scene was the unobstructed view of Callum’s ass for a few brief seconds, hopefully not for the last time.

    Collin is a scary representation of a mindset that among voters that could keep Trump in office if the Dems don’t get off their asses and locate his replacement FAST. With just 2 short years to get our message out, it is critical the work starts NOW. Trump has effectively laid claim to a lot of positive changes in the economy that were actually put into play during Obama’s administration. There is a carefully constructed false sense of security among voters that this buffoon has had positive effects when in fact the moves his administration is making won’t even show up on the radar till well after the 2020 election.

    It’s mind blowing to me, the willingness to support this obnoxious excuse for a human seems to have no bottom. As a kid, it always blew my mind that the Germans so easily fell under Hitler’s spell, and the parallels between this little orange man and Hitler should not be lost on American voters, yet the November elections, and voices like Collin’s suggest otherwise. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Most concerning right now is a total lack of Democratic candidate who has the kind of clout it will take to unseat this eyesore. I honestly had high hopes Oprah Winfrey would throw her hat in the ring, it will take a person with her character and charisma not to mention public following and intelligence to win this thing. She could EASILY hand this game show host his ass. Second choice would have been Michelle Obama, but I think there is little chance that will happen.I think anything short we are staring down the business end of another 4 years of this.

  • TruthTeller2020

    Collin Simpson has always been trash.

  • Hari Kalyan

    oh good now my posts here won’t get deleted anymore for mildly implying his political affiliation (i thought it it was common knowledge before because I’m usually the last to know these things)

  • Gino Costa

    Conversely, there are those of us who despise Trump but realize that occasionally his administration is right, and he’s right about the trans issue.

    • TB

      How EXACTLY is he right about the trans issue?

  • Kamikapse

    So he’s a Trumplet? Ewww…
    Well he’s too roided up for my taste anyway

  • jrcpoet

    I am always here for Collin on the bottom. My GayHoopla bae.

  • Helen Damnation™

    A god damn Trump supporter? Bye Felicia. You were fun before you opened your fucking mouth.
    ps Why again did you shave your body? That was your best part, those gorgeous hairy legs and butt. I forgave you for that, but I can’t forgive supporting Trump, I can’t have a Trump supporter in my life. Most if not all of Trump’s team are anti-LGBT. I can’t support someone who wants me dead, that is, without a job, healthcare, food, housing, etc. Now fuck off. You’ve effectively ended your career in gay porn.

    • Helen Damnation™

      My bad, I thought my fave Kellan was the Dump supporter, glad to know he isn’t. Or is he?