Today In Slightly Disinterested Heterosexual Marines Having Gay Sex While Watching Straight Porn On The Other Side Of The Room

Posted September 4, 2019 by with 13 comments

kenton military classifiedI’m not sure who does a better job at filming straight marines having gay sex while they watch straight porn—ActiveDuty or Military Classified? One thing I am sure of is that MilitaryClassified’s Kenton is easily the hottest hetero they’ve had in recent memory. Today, the studio owner is once again being fucked bareback by Kenton, and here’s the preview:

kenton military classified kenton military classified kenton military classified kenton military classified kenton military classifiedWhile the owner does (presumably) have to pay these former marines, it must be nice to own a gay porn studio and get fucked by hot straight guys every day. In fact, Kenton has fucked MC’s owner so many times, they may as well be boyfriends? Trailer (watch full scene here):

[MilitaryClassified: Kenton Fucks The Studio Owner Bareback]

  • Scrapple

    Support our troops. Otherwise…this happens.

  • hotdickcum

    For a straight guy, it is pretty impressive that he remains hard – especially we all know SOME other studios struggle. I think he does get turned on with the guy sucking him… usually heteros don’t look at their cocksucker and just watch the straight porn all throughout. To be honest, he is not THAT hot… he is white, and that’s it.

    • magenta5

      Have you heard of Trimix?

      • hotdickcum

        Does Trimix make the dude look and watch at his cocksucker?

        Why does well-known studios have soft dicks if Trimix is a ‘SOP’ in porn?

  • Irene’s Foot

    Why is he kinda look like low rated version of CF’s Max??

  • EhWhatever

    Aside from the haircut he looks fairly standard issue

    • trumn10

      “Unremarkable in a crowd” yes, but he would be a standout star at ChaosMen in 2019.

  • Kevin Jones

    Watching a gay man have sex with a straight guy? No Thank You!

  • Dkingz33

    People still subscribe to that site? I heard it was pretty terrible by the looks of it not really impressive. Rob the guy who runs the site should stay behind the scenes nobody wants to see his old out of shape ass sucking a dudes dick for cash. This reminds me of Jake Cruise when he did it that turned me off, sure the models are hot but there’s no need for you to be doing that! If the model can’t get hard on their own then what’s the point to even subscribing?

    • Jay

      Yeah, what you want is NOT what the site is about at all.

  • Paul J

    Why on earth would anyone pay to watch this?

  • txgeek2000

    These straight men really are desperate for money. As a gay man, I would never fuck this queen.

    • Sebastien Napoleon

      why do u have to be so toxic to our kind, sure he seems old but that doesn’t mean he has to get shit on