Wait—Killian James Is A Powertop?

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He’s touted himself as being a great bottom, but get ready, because now Killian James wants you to take him seriously as a top.


Yes. Really.


Killian’s big dom top moment comes in this, his final scene with NakedSword, and it’s with British bombshell JP Dubois.


Can you get into Killian James as a top?


Are you willing to give “Killian The Top” a try, or are you like, uhhh…no.


Maybe this scene would have worked better as a flip-fuck?


Or, maybe Killian James really is just a great top?


Whatever you think of Killian James, isn’t he at his best when there’s a dick (or a dildo) in his ass?


Killian James: Powertop!


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[NakedSword: Killian James Fucks JP Dubois]


  • Badbike

    Why are ALL these bottoms being tops…I really don’t get it.

  • Todd
  • Andre
  • sxg


    We’ve already seen Killian James top, he topped Justin Owen at Randy Blue. And it was sad as hell to look at. But so is Killian bottoming, it’s odd for such a bitchy animated queen she sure doesn’t look very alive during the sex part of her scenes.

    And I believe the reason Killian is making this switch from bottom to a top is because some site released info that most escorts that top make more money than if they were only bottoming.

  • Lol you’re so funny Zach!
    Killian James is an eXXXcellent top!
    He loves ass more than drama on Twitter.


    • Porn Star

      She is totally into ASS. Always lookin’ at my lumps!

  • Trepakprince

    I’m dripping with anticipation.

  • GeorgeSpelvin

    I happen to like Killian James.. he’s bottomed more than top (his scene with Adam Ramzi was hot), but I’ll take him either way. I just care what happens on screen, don’t care about any of the off screen drama. (although I will draw the line on those who commit serious crimes). Just wanna watch porn, not As the Porn World Turns.

  • Maximus

    Response #1 (Not taking Killian’s mental state into account): I understand that being a vers performer is likely to present porn models with more opportunities. However, when models wait this long to display their versatility, it usually just comes across as gimmicky… Stunt queen!



    Response #2 (Taking Killian’s mental state into account): How did it take NakedSword so long to ditch this crazy ho?!


  • Caleb Exhem

    There is not enough drugs in the world for me to believe this travesty

  • Norminah

    Hey he could be really good now, that little extra somethin’ somethin’ he got around his frame could be just what he needs to…thrust…harder.

  • Zealot

    Porn Times Headline: James Wanes, Top Schmop! News at 11!

    • sxg

      Damn if that man existed in real life, I’d be all over that ginger!

  • prestes_antony
  • sxg

    I love how she thinks that because there’s a sex toy being used, this scene is not boring vanilla sex!
    If there is no fisting, pissing, flogging, bondage, sounding, barebacking, creampies, or various other sex acts, then it’s still “boring vanilla sex.”

  • The gay green lartern

    As Elaine Stritch: “Whoooooooooooooooooooooo caaares!!”

  • OverKill
  • andrew

    I’m totally into JP Dubois, not so much Killian.

    • Luca

      definitely between the two there’s no comparison!

      I could have seen the scene as a flipflop, though

    • Maximus

      Even with all of that ass acne and/or razor burn?


      • andrew

        JP’s ass looks mighty fine to me.

        • Maximus

          …Did you watch the preview clip for this scene? You don’t see all of those red bumbs and blotches?

          • andrew

            No, but I have watched many of his scenes and his ass looks fine to me. Did he have a break out day at the time of this shoot? I don’t know. What I do know is that the scenes that I have watched were awesome.

          • Maximus

            Hmm. It’s probably not acne if he doesn’t have blemishes in any of his other videos. Perhaps someone at the last minute decided that his ass should be shaved, so he quickly took a razor to it, thus irritating the skin. Or maybe he usually waxes but tried shaving this time, and his skin turned out to be too sensitive for a razor.

  • McM.

    Sometimes bottoms make great tops.

    • Porn Star

      Um most 100% Tops are not in tune with what feels good for a bottom. Bottom make the BEST tops.

  • a b

    Why some guys think bottoming makes you incapable of topping? And if it was the opposite, why the same guys would give the versatile actor a medal?

  • czer

    Won’t be long before Killian doing bareback scenes for TIM. Give it time, it will happen.

  • mtxb2010

    Poor, poor JP… Slummin’ it these days with that hot mess

  • Killian also fucked the hell outta Kyle Kash’s perfect ass in NakedSword’s FAME GAME

  • John

    Killian is an awesome bottom, loved his scene with Sebastian Kross, I can’t get to the fucking because the foreplay is so hot in that one, I can see him being a great top, he fucked the hell out of Gabriel Ross and posted a 30 sec clip of it on twitter…he maybe a little nutty but.the guy is a very good performer hope he stays in the business for a long time…..i get hard thinking about the way he attacked Seb with his mouth, amazing ass eater….get that scene if you haven’t already, it should win awards instead of 90% of sean cody and men scenes……..

    • Cameron

      “posted a 30 sec clip of it on twitter”

      Shame it’s gone. :(