Disgraced Porn Actor Killian James Hurls N-Word At Black Escort In Racist Emails

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nwordBy now, everyone knows that failed porn actor Killian James’ social media presence is a sad series of nonsensical insults and deranged bragging that barely registers as English 90% of the time. While he’s managed to alienate himself from everyone in the gay porn industry (except for maybe Billy Santoro, which says a lot), he at least hadn’t proven himself to be a racist. Until now.

Killian James has allegedly been attempting to sabotage the career of an African-American escort who, apparently, hooks in proximity to James in New York City. That escort, JD Daniels, has shared several threatening and racist emails—sent by Killian James—on escort message board BoyToy.com. In one email sent at 4 a.m., Killian James calls the African-American escort the n-word multiple times, and says that Daniels “deserves” to be called the n-word:

From: Killian James <killianjamesnyc@gmail.com>
To: Pornstar4utonite
Today at 4:09 AM

Hi JD,

I’m on the phone with you right now. And I’m tormenting you, Cause your a liar and you deserve it. And yes, I think you act like a nigger. A nigger is a way of acting. I know more white ones than black ones. So yes, I have no hesitations with calling you a nigger. I even get a little joy out of insulting you. In my heart I believe you deserve this.


In another email, Killian James scoffs at being served with a restraining order—which JD Daniels has said he’s intending to file—and then issues another veiled threat.

From: Killian James <killianjamesnyc@gmail.com>
To: Pornstar4utonite
Aug 30 at 11:53 PM


Im fully prepared to speak with your lawyer tomorrow. I need the time hes calling (please be specific on time zone) so I can make sure I dont have a dick in my mouth. However, before he calls me, you have to make sure that: I can google his number and a law firm office will comes up. […]

So if I cant come within 1,000 feet of you, could someone else drop off that print out? You have like every single black escort hating you now. You have like 5+ people I have helped out this month alone hating you now. I cant control other people JD. Im only responsible for myself.

In the last year, Killian James has publicly made multiple physical and legal threats against other gay porn stars, directors, and bloggers, often repeating the same incoherent bluffs over and over again (many of which don’t appear to be based in any sort of reality) without ever following through, of course. Killian James’ use of the n-word to insult a black man could be seen as him finally hitting rock bottom, and it’s impossible to imagine any nightclub, escort client, or studio—even the bareback ones that pay $150 per scene—hiring someone so sick and so ugly, inside and out.

  • Xzamilloh

    I’ve never been one (a black man) to get offended over the n-word because 1. It’s a word, 2. It’s a word that doesn’t hurt me, and 3. Is an ignorant word that no self-respecting black person would waste their time or energy on, especially uttered from a mouth breathing racist. Who is he? No one… nothing. A sad, pathetic little shrew who intimidates through Gmail because he’s a B-male (beta male) who wouldn’t know success from his father’s love because he’ll never have eitherr.Who would waste their time letting this “person” get to them? Not I..

    With that said, if I ever saw him…



    • Halisign Q

      Hmm defenestration isn’t enough for this one – she doesn’t seem to know when she’s licked. With that said……

      • Xzamilloh

        “Defenestration”…. ooh, I love it when dudes use big words with some sass on it. Hot sass in that bag swag!!!


        • Halisign Q

          I feel ya, boo. Sass served up with a side of scholarly stank.

        • badgamer1967

          I am still trying to translate it back to english..

      • Maximus

        “Defenestrate” was the first new word that I learned in college! Apparently past students had been throwing so much random junk out of their dorm windows that the university ended up incorporating a prohibition against doing so into the standard RA orientation speech for incoming freshmen. Ah, memories.


        • Jer

          Did you go to BU? Because they totally did that during my freshman orientation there too.

          • Maximus

            I did! Go Terriers!

    • Justin Trenton

      I agree, when someone uses that word they are exposing who they are. I take note and move on from whoever the person is. Usually, a person that uses that work is ignorant and drama-filled.

    • Mister Miss


    • Dale Bergman
  • Halisign Q

    Right, it’s high time we cook this heffer up – well-done too, she’s a gristly old sow (mixed animal classification, but IDGAF).

  • sanfv

    This beast again? When will she quit?


    My money is on, given that she’s probably in a drug fueled stupor most of the time, is that she’ll be dead in 8-10 months.

    • Miloš Del Rey

      I don’t know why she gets hired? She ain’t cute and her scenes suck. Her only talent seems to be memorizing everything on the dollar menu at McDonald’s and being a bitter cunt. I can feel her gaining weight from here.

    • 1234

      You should have put Miss Piggy down when you had a chance.

      • sans

        Miss Piggy is nothing compared to that train wreck excuse of a man.

    • Maximus

      Miss James could not be reached for comment, as she was far too preoccupied.


  • Scrapple

    Oh Killian. Anyone who has seen “Monster” knows how your story is going to end. Until that time, keep working that pole.


    • robirob

      That gif has some serious “You’re getting sleepy” hypnotic vibe to it.

      • beariac

        Nutjob Nica videos generally do.

      • Scrapple

        Sleepy or hungry.

  • robirob

    “I’m on the phone with you right now. And I’m tormenting you, Cause your a
    liar and you deserve it. And yes, I think you act like a nigger. A
    nigger is a way of acting. I know more white ones than black ones. So
    yes, I have no hesitations with calling you a nigger. I even get a
    little joy out of insulting you. In my heart I believe you deserve this.”

    This is poetry. And the ending: In my heart I believe you deserve this. It’s like shade and hate having a baby, attempting to abort it, but it survives anyway.

  • Marcus Collack
  • Marcus Collack
    • Marcus Collack

      Storm and Wolverine that is.

  • pangelboy
  • Maximus

    So not only was Killian despicable enough to use the n-word, but he was also myopic enough to leave an electronic paper trail?


    • sanfv

      Girl, Piggian referred to you in a tweet today. I lit a Selena and a Golden Girls prayer candle and said a few prayers.


      • Maximus

        Wait… For real?

        • sanfv

          Yes, he said he needs help from you on how to finance his nursing degree, since as “a white boy” , he doesn’t get any financial aid. I should’ve taken a screenshot before he made his account private.

          I’m sending thoughts a https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ad42ddb286402b6a46e2e48224cab312c4ecdaf3920af4baa9349b1191eeb2a.jpg nd prayers.

          • Maximus

            My goodness! I’m practically famous! This makes me at least, what, Z-list? Gurl, imma have to buy me a new lace-front for my inevitable 1″ x 1″ shoutout in People Magazine Liechtenstein!

            I’m thinking Tawny Kitaen, circa Here I Go Again… http://i.imgur.com/dhZIwtq.gif
            …but dyed Jessica Simpson blonde. https://media.giphy.com/media/pH1QDVeI2seoU/giphy.gif

          • Maximus

            P.S. I don’t have a twitter account, so if you ever get a chance, let Miss Killian know that I say,

            “Financial aid—be it from an educational institution or the government—is based on need, not race. Unfortunately, the threshold for this type of aid is usually set so low that it excludes individuals who may not live in abject poverty but are nonetheless in need of financial assistance in order to afford higher education. It’s a legitimate problem with the American educational system, one which I hope Hillary’s legislative efforts will remedy. There are various merit-based scholarships out there, but most of them require an impressive résumé and/or strong writing skills. Even if you were able to afford nursing school, I would strongly discourage you from attending. American health care has enough racial discrimination as it is. Also, providing quality medical care requires empathy, compassion, and a commitment to professional ethics such as nondisclosure of private information. As an immoral psychopathic racist hooker who throws hissy fits and tweets his clients’ phone numbers, you would be ill-suited for such work.”

          • Jer

            Yeah, as someone who taught undergrad nursing while in grad school (and will soon be teaching undergrads again now that I’ve started my doctorate), I must say that he is completely antithetical to the nursing profession. I’ve kicked students out of programs before for posting crap like this on social media when other students reported it as it violates the school’s code of ethics AND the nursing profession’s code of ethics.

            Though I kinda hope he does become a nurse so that older nurses can eat him alive. His sow body will give them sustenance for years.

  • Zealot

    One goes to bed in a world which for the time-being had been relatively Killian-free….then boom. It just proves that trouble never sleeps. I can only imagine the inner, troubled workings of his feverish little simian mind. I don’t know if this is done clear-headed or if he’s under the influence of some mind-altering substances like Kool-Aid which has gone to vinegar in his refrigerator, or perhaps some cheap ripple out of a crumpled brown paper bag, swigged between his hateful little missives to the universe. Poor Killian James. Those last few brain cells, starved for anything intellectually fulfilling must feel so all alone in that cavern he calls his mind.

    I’m attaching actual scientific proof that Killian is indeed down to his last firing brain cell. What next, I wonder? The Mayo Clinic, or just skid row, Anytown USA?

  • Tristan Baldwin

    I can tell from reading all the comments below this isn’t exactly a ‘pro-Killian’ board. At the risk of having any/all of this negativity directed at me, I’m going to weigh in here.

    While I certainly don’t condone the use of the ‘n-word’, I served with all types, have done scenes with all types…and believe to my core that ‘we are all red on the inside’; you all aren’t being told the full story here.

    This ‘poor, sladered escort’ JD Daniels is NOT the victim. Killian was lashing out in perhaps a drug filled rage at JD Daniels trying to blackmail several friends of his from the escort world, escorts with stellar reputations such as Dane Scott, Steven Kessler, and the owner of DaddysReviews.com. He was banned from even advertising on such places for putting CLIENTS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION at risk of exposure if he during get his own way.
    -he blackmailed these other escorts, and owners of escort review boards / advertising mediums, contact them yourself. #FACT
    -by his own admission JD attempted to contact the prosecutor in the Rentboy fiasco to broaden the investigation to include Daddy’s and Killian #FACT
    -JD attempted to send falsified emails to RentMen.com and was caught , warned, and his ability to communicate restricted. #FACT

    Killian’s language isn’t acceptable in this day and age, but this “victim” JD Daniels is the real monster, and JD is the one being served with restraining orders, and banned on websites. #FACT

    Read between the lines, Killian had nothing to gain here, he was lashing out to protect friends, albeit his methods are going to be detrimental to his career.

    Y’all just needed to hear the backstory.

    • Halisign Q

      Thanks for that!

      One thing – whether this JD character performed the intricate character assassination you’ve outlined above (care to share receipts?), or even if he had Killian’s ample larders raided by a pack of roving raccoons (a deplorable act, to be sure), there is (and pay close attention here), NEVER, EVER, ANY excuse to resort to derogatory racial epithets.

      Never. Ever. Now begone.

      • Tristan Baldwin

        Lol. ‘Begone’ to me, or ‘Begone’ to Killian; clarify where you’re directing that- as I’ve tried my best to be appropriate here and play devil’s advocate. Made it very clear I don’t condone those type of words and you’ll never see that stuff out of me.

        In the meantime, if it makes you feel powerful to sit on your end of a computer screen and ‘begone’ someone like its a comedian doing a ‘mic drop’, I’ll do the same back to you!

        • C A

          Hasn’t Killian posted clients personal info in the past? How is he better then JD? Also, if you don’t condone his actions please don’t defend Killian.

          • Thanksegon

            He’s not. Who said he was? All Tristan said is that JD isn’t as innocent as Zach’s post might seem.

          • JDDaniels

            Doesn’t matter what spiffs we have against one another there is no excuse for racially degrading and harassing someone. It wasn’t just him calling me a “N” that was upsetting – it was him also making racial references of me being the first black EOY that acts like a “N” is why it was stripped, how I’ll never be as “privileged” as him cause I’m nothing but a filthy, dirty, black “N” that isn’t white. How I act like a wanna be white boy wanting to be as “privileged” as he is, but can never be cause I’m a “N”. He expressed such unbelievable horrible statements that black people have been put down in America back in the ancient times. Went as far to say I deserve to be hung and lynched – that when I finally had enough and seek the help of an attorney at this point seeing he said he wasn’t going to stop doing what he was doing to me, and will see to it he’ll run me out of escorting altogether.
            You would think hearing him say these statements, and with such hatred over the phone that he belongs to the KKK or something in that order. What’s even more sad regarding his fate is 7 of his clients that hired me as well in NYC have heard him racially insult and harass me as he wanted them to know how he calls me a “N” and how he’s gonna run me out of NYC, etc. All the clients that he’s offended in my presence decided to part ways with him being he said some pretty nasty and intense stuff that is jaw-dropping til this day to fathom. I think the boy was on drugs or something because his behavior telling clients over the phone in front of me to fuck off is not normal.
            No matter how upset I might be at someone you will never see me conduct such insane behavior nor racially degrade someone. I don’t believe in going out hurting and insulting people for the hell of it as I believe in being a more peaceful and decent human being.

          • YoungAD

            How is the second half of your reign coming along, JD?

          • JDDaniels

            Quite well, thank you for asking. How you liking the article so far? Shocking isn’t it?

          • YoungAD

            Actually, I believe it is rather sad things have turned out this way for you.

          • YoungAD

            And from what I understand, you’re about to have a hell of month.

            Good luck.

          • JDDaniels

            Excuse me?

        • Halisign Q

          You, obviously – that was rather implicit. Defense of the individual amounts to defense of the actions, and when, amongst the supposed impetuses for the racial slur is an act which Killian has performed himself….well, it’s, at best, a tenuous position you’ve selected.

          Oh and, *mic drop,* or whatever.

        • JDDaniels

          Tristian – dude who are you fooling here? What’s wrong with you by playing “devil’s advocate” with someone who racially harassed me? You can’t defend that sort of behavior.
          I think it’s pathetic that your making light of the situation. I guess cause it’s YOU who’s not going through this or know what it’s like to be racially insulted you chose not to deal with it or be compassionate about the situation.
          If you are upset at Killian about this then I hope you’ve straightened him out, and help put a stop to it. Would be great if you did.

      • David Bolton

        You should hire JD. He’d be just perfect for you.


        • beariac

          Best, Killian James.

      • Thanksegon

        How about if we read what Tristan said. He doesn’t condone Killian’s racism. He has a history with both escorts and added his two cents based on that history. My take on what he said is that neither KJ or JD is a model citizen.

        • Halisign Q

          How about if we not white knight for apologists who commence their diatribe with the indelible, “I’m not racist, but…..” Moving beyond that, what he and you just can’t seem to grasp is that, regardless of this JD character or their supposed actions (which let’s say rival Killian’s regular fare on a good day, why not), resorting to such hate-speech (and further, defending such a person) crosses a line deemed abhorrent even to those who take interest in such base industry as gay pornography. Even a cursory glance at the comments on this post would clue you into that. But by all means, continue.

          • Thanksegon

            A cursory glance at what I wrote doesn’t offer any apology for anyone or anything.

          • Halisign Q

            You = White Knight, Tristan = Apologist. A cursory glance at what I wrote makes that quite clear.

        • JohnJacobJingle

          Looking closer at Tristan, it’s clear either the steroids or the tanning beds have fried his ability to make correct judgement.

    • jimboivyo

      AND, if you really want to discover how INSANE and UNSTABLE JD Daniels really is, just scroll thru the “sandbox” at http://www.boytoy.com/forums/forum/147-the-sand-box/ It’s a treasure-trove of JD Daniels insanity and danger to anyone he encounters.

      • JDDaniels

        What sandbox? :).
        Very surprising how you would say such a thing considering of the email saying how sorry you were and how Killian did the same sort of harassment to Benjamin Nicholas. You’re a fucking hypocrite to say such terrible things about me knowing you sent me an email of sympathy.

    • JohnJacobJingle

      How are we supposed to believe anything you say as fact when you don’t present any evidence?

      Killian is a known asshole. He says one thing, he does another. It appears he thinks that he has some kind of ‘power’ in NYC. That in itself is laughable. He’s a simple hooker, living a simple life, wanting to be so much more than he really is.

      • JDDaniels

        He does think that he can rule any escort he may not like out of NYC by going out of his way and see to it that they get ran out of the city or any city he’s visiting. It was unbelievable what horror I had to experience going to one hotel after the other, and how he took pride in stalking me like that. Never seen anything like it.

    • John

      Ok, then they are both horrible people…..and I am one of the few on this board that defends KJ…..not anymore….

    • JDDaniels

      Out of anything I hate then a spitwad or a sharp claw attack in the face are people(who were my friends) who lie of what’s true and what isn’t.

      Tristian – I maybe a lot of things as I have flaws and fuck up as anyone else in this world(even you), but I am certainly not of any of the disturbing characteristics you’ve indicated in your post as they’re all complete lies that you’ve concocted in your own head.
      What your not telling people on this message board on how this mess with Killian being out on the attack got started was because he sent a harassing email to me that was forwarded to me on my rentmen.com account that I forwarded as a post on boytoy.com to show proof of his harassing and belittling behavior that came out of nowhere. He became further irate claiming how the email he sent to me was fabricated, and wanted me to so-call admit to rentmen.com I made the entire email up which is down right lie in order to clear his name from possible bad press. Rentmen further investigated both parties stories(his and mine as he was trying to get me banned from Rentmen as a form of revenge for posting his email on a 3rd party site (that I had later deleted actually). Rentmen asked me to cut all further ties and email correspondences with Killian, and asked Killian to do the same with me so they’ll be no further conflict in both parties disputing the issue for further complications to arise.

      Because I wouldn’t do what Killian demanded in lying to rentmen how I fabricated an email he actually sent – he thought he’s make my life a living hell in any way he can possible. Even if it means going as far as stalking and harassing me to do it. His stalking and harassing further escalated in racial slurs and obscenities that were not only the worse form of abusive, but has emerged to psychotic type of behavior when it came to him phoning me while with clients at my hotel belittling me racially, and was playing stalker type of games while I was with the client. What’s even more fucked up is that on a few occurrences when he stalked me(to a point I has to relocate to another hotel due to him finding out where I was by posing on the phone as client) one of the clients I was having a phone conversation with heard him racially belittling me on my secondary line. This person was a client of Killian’s that decided to hire me, and from hearing Killian ongoing racial slurring rage, he decided to dismiss Killian as one of his “go to” guys he hires as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing this boy saying of how he will continue to run me out of NYC – even if it means phone and stalking you and having you(JD) kicked out of every fucking hotel as I’m(Killian) am doing this to prove a point.

      What’s even more ironic about this whole mess with Killian is that I came to you(Tristian) a month after the fact (when all this drama and chaos was going on) to ask you to talk to Killian in making him stop harassing me, and you didn’t want no part of it and thought I was full of shit. You could have been a positive force in having a stop put to this, but you thought it’ll be good to be shitty to me instead, so dealt with it my own way by making it public so people who are ANTI-JD will see what horror I really do experience behind-the-scenes.

      And no – you’re wrong to say both Steven Kesslar and Dane Scott have stellar reputations as I don’t think me being conned out of $500.00 like I was is viewed as someone with a stellar reputation.
      I told you about that situation between me, Steven and Dane and you claim so cold-heartedly that I’m lying and take they’re side by making me out to be crazy. Just like how I proved you wrong by providing proof that lead to Killian’s unfortunate fate, should I go further in showing others that I have more proof on how I was scammed from one of the gentlemen you claim has a “stellar” reputation?

      If those of you here on the board don’t believe me – just know like in this situation of me providing proof of Kilian’s harassment – I have documentation on the scam as well.
      I’ve about had with you and your bullshit in making me out to be a monster knowing of the hellish monster you are in being shitty to me for no reason just cause you feel you can. What makes you think you can do me wrong like you do and think your gonna get away with it? You don’t think I can be as much of a bulldog as you at times? You are sadly mistaken and fucking with the wrong horse thinking you can intimidate me. I’m not the one as you better get that straight. I maybe a nice guy with a heart of gold, but be damned if I’m gonna allow you or anyone to step all over me and talk about me. Especially on tales that isn’t accurate.

      If I were you Tristian I wouldn’t challenge me on this being you’ve been proven wrong already claiming I was lying when I came to you for help – Would you like me to prove you wrong again? You forgot to also tell members how Killian would send me text messages of how you two would talk shit about me being crazy as he was telling you in the forwarded text messages he would send to me on how he told you himself he was stalking me. I have the proof on that too if you would like to see it. Wink. So yes, you were aware from both sides that this was going on, and didn’t bother to help me knowing I didn’t deserve to endure that kind of insane behavior.
      Yeah, you’re right, there is a backstory and history to this feud with me and Killian that I just explained and they’re is also a past feud between me and you as well that didn’t have to be and could have been prevented, but you chose to turn against me for the wrong reasons – so be it as I’m not kissing your ass to be at peace with me as I asked you to let’s be at peace, and you told me to fuck off, ad blocked me from contacting you.

      You know of the shit I’ve been through with racist assholes – even on the Daddy site, but you chose to turn on me thinking I’m playing the “Oh poor black man” race game, and I wasn’t as you knew all along this was happening to me.
      Now you see I wasn’t crying wolf when I told you about it before it escalated to this point of him being exposed now on two sites.
      Instead of defending what Killian has done, and making me out to be I did wrong to him in order for him to go off the deep end(which isn’t true) why don’t you try and apologize for how shitty you were to me when I came to you for help. Why don’t you be man enough to do that instead of pointing fingers at me like I did something to deserve this and which I didn’t. Killian started this mess by sending me a harassing email out of nowhere he has no business sending that was racist in the first place. I think you owe me an apology, man of how cold-blooded you were as you could have helped put a stop to this.

      Be real and just admit what was done to me was shitty and stop this bullshit and non-sense about me doing so-called crazy shit that raged Killian to call me racial slurs. Total bullshit as no one is buying it being Killian has a history of this sort of behavior and bullying escort or porn star that comes in his way or that is a successful threat to him.

      Just admit he fucked up, and making yourself to look like a saint yourself cause your not either in this by a long shot.

      JD Daniels

  • jacob221

    if you have to start your comment right off with making sure people don’t think you are a bigot or have bias (i.e. I get along with everybody we’re all equal)

    “While I certainly don’t condone the use of the ‘n-word’, I served with all types, have done scenes with all types…and believe to my core that ‘we are all red on the inside”

    It’s going to be a long bullshit session of writing

    • Halisign Q

      “I’m not racist, but….” JFC

      • GrownFury

        There’s always a “but” isn’t there?

  • The Anchor

    ..oh he is definitely mental.

    You warned us Zach.

    Luckily I haven’t supported any of his scenes so no loss for me. I love it when horrible things happens to literal scumbags.

    *sits back smiling while watching this snorlax lose everything*

  • The Anchor

    Lastly, it seems that snorlax is loving the attention so far. How about we not give it any more attention going forward? A cumdumpster with no other life aspiration or skill, thrives and flourishes on attention -even if it means stooping to lower standards than subhuman in order to feel the love and attention that they are deprived from in their everyday life.

    Thank you for warning consumers, Zach. We should really just compile a list on who is worth supporting and who is not. That way the unloved performers who have nothing going on for them instead of controversy and racism in order to stay relevant (snorlax, cannon, rapid, phoenix, diggs, dylan, ducatti, exc.), can stay anchored away from performers who are definitely worthy of support (kyle kash, diesel washington, paddy o’brian, chris harder, alex mecum, xl, aarin asker, exc.) I would much rather see stories of those guys doing literally anything than seeing a snorlax and his unskilled and uneducated friends fighting for some sort of attention. They should just be added to a list of vile morons who should be the first to go if we ever endured a national purge. They are wastes of valuable time that one can not get back. They are subhuman entities that are not worth a quick glance by a passerby. They are uninteresting eye sores by the people who are forced to glide over their HQ pictures to get to better content. They are the wide skidmarks that taint an industry that needs a huge makeover. They are literally not worthy of an article or attention.

    Now let’s go out and enjoy this day!

  • OverKill

    I think it’s hilarious that people use words and don’t even bother to look up what it means. Killian is that word that word that he calls JD. Killian comes off uneducated and ignorant.


  • joeguy45

    I think this guy is having some sort of melt down.
    I approached him via email about a possible hook up and he was incredibly rude and dismissive.
    That’s sad if he’s really behaving like this and being racist.
    I don’t know him so it’s difficult to judge but something ain’t right with him
    Let’s hope he gets the help he needs

    • Zachary Sire

      Why does someone like this deserve help? I’d be fine if he doesn’t get any help at all, tbh.

      • joeguy45

        Yes I understand in one sense how you feel that
        But reflect on your own life and you will realise like I have – we all fall short any need forgiveness and second third fourth … Chances
        I’m not gonna lie – I don’t like this guy but as someone who is created in the image of God and I fellow human being – I wouldn’t wish anything bad on him
        Otherwise that makes me just as nasty and bitter as he is !
        I’m sure you will not like what I’m saying so no need to reply ! But at least consider it !

      • R.A.M.J

        everybody deserves some kind of help

      • Jer

        But Zach, if he gets help, that just gives us more opportunities for more relapses and prolonging his downward spiral, which can definitely help on slow news days.

      • JDDaniels

        Seems like KJ can’t seem to quit harassing me calling me from multiple sources/numbers.

        Looks like I have no choice but to file restraining order through my attorney as he doesn’t seem to get the message when I say, “LEAVE ME ALONE”. He’s really asking for trouble as I’m trying to be as noble as I can to not have one filed against him.

        I’m gonna give him one last warning, and if he breaks it – restraining order it is as I’m not putting up any longer with this crazy behavior in being stalked. The boy is insane and needs help – BIG TIME.

        Just got an email from him that was sent to Zack, and forwarded to me and 6 or 7 other people and his agent and Mr. Pam was one of the recipients of him taking pride in himself getting Zach twitter account suspended. I’ve had enough with this punk trying to further intimidate me – I don’t know about you, Zach but it’s time to take action here aso I do not want to hear from this deranged bully anymore.

        He’ll learn – Trust me as a restraining order is not good to have on your record, and he’s on thin ice of that happening.

        He seriously needs to quit now while he’s ahead. He’s only digging himself deeper and deeper in a hole he won’t be able to climb out of if he keeps this up.

  • czer

    Warning!! While Killian might be a bit whacky, the other escort involved is even more mentally unstable. I would not trust his version of this dispute at all.

  • What an embarrassment to the gay community and just human beings in general.

    Can’t wait until the youtube video of him sitting in his dimly lit living room rambling on for 10+ minutes without ever really taking responsibility for his actions pops up. “This isn’t who I am…” “I don’t judge anyone…” “I have a black friend…” etc.

    What a loser.

    • He’s only an embarrassment to the gay community if you hold him up as being representative of the gay community.

  • lordgabux

    I agree he’s a moron, but why so much focus on a word? Why is it right for black folk to call white folk, white devil cracker and everything else, but if anyone uses de N word the world fucking trembles? It’s ridiculous. Respect should be both ways

    • The Anchor

      the fuck

    • planetwingnuttia

      voting for Trump are we dear?

      • lordgabux

        Nope. It’s just sad that some people feel they have the right to call others names but it cannot be the same the other way around. You can insult others but should not be insulted. It’s pathetic.

    • Maximus

      Your point of view ignores the historical legacy of dehumanization, slavery, murder, oppression, inequality, and prejudice that the n-word embodies. The concept of race does not exist in a vacuum.

      • lordgabux

        I’m certainly not ignoring anything. The difference is I don’t focus on the past and the negative aspects of something that happened. I don’t go around thinking “somebody owned my great grandparents, and I should hate of that other color because of that.”
        Black people use the N word to call each other, and where is all this negative connotations when they do it? A word cannot mean one thing coming from one mouth and a different thing coming for another. WE either use it or not, but it is not fair that it has a meaning coming from one individual and a different one coming from someone else— that is my point.
        And enough with the slavery and the segregation and the BS already. Did you see the Olympiads? Brazil had three times the slaves the USA had, and they are not trying to erase their past, they openly embrace it. Is it perfect? No of course not, nothing human is perfect, but as long as people keep trying to just blame others for their stupid actions, this world is going nowhere.
        You mean to tell me white trash act like white trash because others call them white trash? No, that’s not the reason.
        You’re going to tell me that a black person acts stupid because others call them the n-word? 75% of the time, they’re being calling that because of something they shouldn’t be doing, not because they are sitting somewhere, sipping tea and eating scones. You cannot put labels on everything and then expect those labels to not apply to you.
        My point is, it doesn’t matter what happened before, if, today, I don’t respect you, I should not expect you to respect me.

        • Maximus

          Inequality of the past has shaped the inequality of the present. De jure racial inequality may no longer exist, but de facto racial inequality certainly does. Acknowleding that fact does not mean dwelling upon the past; it means understanding the past.

          Of course words can have different connotations depending upon who utters them. One of my gay friends can get away with calling me a fag because I know that it’s either A) a compliment, or B) meant in a teasing way. I know that they personally understand how hurtful that word can be and that they wouldn’t use it as hate speech. I would be upset if a straight friend called me a fag, even as a compliment or joke, because he/she can’t understand the power of that word.

          Social interactions are nuanced, and the implications of language depend upon context. Your worldview is unreasonably and unrealistically rigid.

          I couldn’t make sense of the rest of your ramblings. Something about…Brazil?

          • lordgabux

            “would be upset if a straight friend called me a fag, even as a compliment or joke, because he/she can’t understand the power of that word.”
            We are the ones that give power to words and actions. It’s all in our heads how they affect us.
            Have a good day.

  • czer

    The other escort in this drama is more mentally unbalanced than KJ. Don’t trust his version of the events. Just saying.

  • JohnJacobJingle

    Anyone else notice that James’s twitter page is gone

    • JDDaniels

      WHAT? What do you mean? GONE???? As in suspended or totally vanished? If so – I wonder what could have happened cause supposedly Zach’s is suspended (supposedly) as well.

      Very curious to know what could have transpired.

      • JohnJacobJingle

        Don’t know, but if I were you, I would post Killian’s emails to you again on a blogspot page. The link that this site linked to is now down and I believe the public needs to continue to be informed of James’s thoughts on race.

  • JDDaniels

    Restraining order in progress.

    Still calling me, pranking me, making weird noises from multiple different google numbers. The guy is insane. Little does he know the guy I’m currently dating would you know happens to be an attorney. When he’s here visiting me he’s monitoring each call KJ is making that are harassing prank calls. Tell ya, KJ is on the way to jail as he’s been warned and won’t stop. It’s quite sad someone has to go out of they’re way attention or to get back at someone.

    Here it is 3:47am, and he’s calling me from a Chicago number posing to be a client in booking an appointment and pranking me. He’s in for a nice surprise when he gets a call from the NYC attorney’s office to forewarn him to cease all contact and harassment or will be hit with a restraining order, and if he disturbs me in NYC or anywhere worldwide he’ll be arrested.

    The boy is psychotic, and seriously needs help – seriously. He’ll get the message when he lands in jail as he’s had enough chances to fuck with me after I’ve told his ass to back off. He thinks I’m playing with him, but he’ll find out soon enough this week.


    Killian ur just a UGLY MOTHERFUCKER inside and out who should just go away !!!

  • Parker Lewis

    Things I would rather watch than a Killian James porn..