WATCH: Kirk Gauguin, Kieran Benning, And Peter Annaud’s Big-Dicked Felching Party

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BelAmi’s new monster-cocked bareback three-way has a little something (actually a BIG something) for everyone, with versatility, felching, snowballing, and more. Kirk Gauguin and Peter Annaud take turns getting fucked raw while Kieran Benning is top only, and you’ll love the end when Kirk and Kieran eat their cum out of Peter’s ass, then snowball the loads with Peter during a three-way make-out session. Perfection at BelAmi, as usual:

pkk2pkk3 More pictures and the trailer:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Kieran Benning, Kirk Gauguin, And Peter Annaud Fuck Bareback]

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