10 People React To The Insane Hotness Of Kris Evans And Hoyt Kogan

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This week on BelAmi, literal GODS Kris Evans and Hoyt Kogan are paired in a new photosession jerk off video (which means their bareback fuckfest video will be out soon), and the results are as you might expect: Insane.

Naturally, many people are having some extremely strong reactions to the combined hotness of Kris Evans and Hoyt Kogan, and here are ten of those people.







Trailer for Kris Evans and Hoyt Kogan (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Kris Evans And Hoyt Kogan]


  • David1983

    lol @ the Jurassic Park gif.

  • Kevin

    According to G. Duroy they haven’t yet filmed a scene together, BA plans to film them together in a hardcore scene this summer in Greece. He mentioned this on the BA forum after someone asked if Kris and Hoyt had shot a hardcore scene.

  • C3xxx

    Dear Santa, Kris Evans + Daryus Ferdinand next. Thanx

  • andrew

    Hoyt is hot for sure. Kris Evans is way beyond hot. He is a freakin Magyar god.

  • James Withers

    I’m starting to distrust that church lady.

    • NG212

      Her name is Jennifer Lewis, and she’s amazing.

  • Todd

    People, that poor woman needs some orange juice or something …….

    • Todd

  • Todd

    Since I can’t post it elsewhere …..
    You need to correct your headline for the link — Broke Straight Boy Tyler White: ” I Have LIE Disease”

  • sxg

    Hoyt Kogan??? Must European pornstars use a name of a current celebrity, or a name that sounds like one?

    • zach

      Maybe it’s some kind of Czech anagram for Hulk Hogan?

      • sxg

        Well yea that’s what I mean lol less of that! Let’s keep the shitty porn names in the straight porn industry!

      • OneOfTheManyChris

        Hoyt Carbon turns out to be a maker of composite bows.

    • Ed Woody

      Far from the worst one. I’ve seen both Kevin Kline and Joey Tribbiany in the past.

      • sxg

        Oh eww. and I just realized, Kris Evans lol. Give me Captain America over this guy any day!

  • dave1984
  • These GIFs are hilarious but now I’m thirsty for Anderson Cooper.

    • NG212

      Oh, me too. So thirsty.

      And you know he’s watching this scene too.