Kris Evans Fucks Helmut Huxley Bareback—Is THIS The Final Gay Porn Scene For Kris?

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kris evans fucks helmut huxley bel amiOK, I think I’ve said this approximately 4374592378 times over the last three years, but this time, I really mean it (maybe!): This might be the final gay porn scene from gay porn star Kris Evans, who retired from BelAmi over three years ago. His bottom today is Helmut Huxley, making this one of BelAmi’s best looking and most high-profile duos of the year.

kris evans fucks helmut huxley bel amikris evans fucks helmut huxley bel amiAs you know, BelAmi wisely filmed multiple scenes with Kris long before he retired in 2016, and the studio has been slowly releasing them one by one to keep Kris fiends satiated over the last three years. Will this tide you over till the next one (if there is a next one?) in a few months?

kris evans fucks helmut huxley bel ami kris evans fucks helmut huxley bel ami kris evans fucks helmut huxley bel amiFor me, Kris’ body in this scene is looking its very best (I know some prefer him less beefy), and seeing that body in action as he plows Helmut is…well…the gifs speak for themselves:




How is he real.


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Kris Evans Fucks Helmut Huxley Bareback]

  • Iain Gardener

    MrEvans has had more farewell performances then Cher

  • Rafael Simões

    I don’t understand this website’s obsession over this man when, in the same Belami roster, there’s Jack Harrer.

    • B.C.

      Very much agree with you. Also I don’t get the obsession over Randy and Jack from Sean Cody, and most of Tim Tales’ performers.

    • Ty Huber

      It’s the muscles. If you’re way into muscles, Jack Harrer may not be your guy. I, OTOH, strongly prefer the lean type and would always take Jack over Kris (speaking of, Kris has topped Jack several times, but has Jack ever been on top? — maybe that’s in the vault).

      • Adam

        Same tho I can make do with an 8teen boy twink or a Kris Evans type hunk but twunks are where it’s at for me.

    • Adam

      And Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Gino Mosca, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Sven Basquiat, and those are just the other guys I could think of off hand from this generation, nevermind if you go back 10 years to the Josh Elliott era, or even 25 years to the Johan Paulik era, who was one of my first Bel Ami crushes.

  • The last hurrah for horseface

    • Duncan Mudge

      Yup, he’s got muscles but that horse face. Yuck. But Helmut is adorable.

  • PaulieP

    i’m guessing for years they will have new releases from him…..and I do not mind…!

  • Eclipse

    I only have eyes for Helmut. 😍

  • CamCam

    This reminds me of Prince. Even though he’s not here, there’s still all this stuff in “The Vault” that’s coming out and has loads more stuff waiting to be heard/seen. I’m sure there’s another several scenes left to release. If they are as hot as this one, then i say Bring em on!!!

    • Adam

      It does make me wonder if they filmed an extra 3 years worth of scenes before he retired, how did he manage to film all of those scenes while avoiding Pierce Paris-ish performance issues?

  • Ty Huber

    Did Kris ever partner with Nino Valens? I’ve really enjoyed watching Kris with the younger guys and I found it interesting that both Kris and Nino showed up this month on BA. I’d love to watch those two go at it, and a flip would likely give me a stroke.

  • JayceReed