8 People React To The Insane Hotness Of Kris Evans And Rhys Jagger

Posted August 20, 2014 by with 10 comments


With a new photo session and side-by-side jerk off video out this week, the world is having some fairly extreme reactions to BelAmi’s Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger. Here are eight of those reactions.




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Clip (watch full video here):

[BelAmi: Kris Evans And Rhys Jagger Jerk Off Together]



  • sxg

    lol that last one gets me every time!

    • NG212

      He always posts Jennifer Lewis, and I always love and post about Jennifer Lewis.

  • Jemoen

    Rhys Jagger is not photogenic, but in his videos this changes completely.

    • pje821

      I agree; he’s much more handsome in the video.

      • Jemoen

        Exactly ; )

  • Loki

    Ugh. Belami just looks so plastic, so fake…

  • Where is this hotness of which you speak?

  • Odetofear

    you use that Ben Affleck one a lot.

  • Mihcael Davies

    They have nice bodies yeah, but they’re faces reduce their “hotness” lol. The fact that they have no actual desire for each other beyond a paycheck also is problem for me. Sorry, not sorry

  • pje821

    I’ve seen the video of this photoshoot; it’s amazing. I think they’re incredibly beautiful (they’re more handsome in the video) and work well together. Their bodies are superb, as are their dicks and cumshots. I’d be hard-pressed to find two American porn actors who are their match in any of those categories. And kudos to them for not having any tattoos.