Kurtis Wolfe And Tegan Zayne Swallow Each Other’s Cum In Trapped Debut

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91071_14Raging Stallion’s Trapped—in which Colby Keller’s character kidnaps Tegan Zayne, and is later shot to death by Kurtis Wolfe—was teased here last month, and the opening scene is now live. This first duo features Kurtis Wolfe and Tegan Zayne fucking, and it ends with each of them cumming inside of each other’s mouths.

91071_07 91071_09Whatever you think of Tegan Zayne (his dismissive response to fans speaking out against Colby Keller’s vote for Trump was a complete flop), he still does a good job here. And, with hunky Kurtis Wolfe fucking you, how could you not do a good job? Here’s lucky Tegan Zayne enjoying Kurtis Wolfe’s cock in the movie’s strong opening scene:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Raging Stallion: Kurtis Wolfe Fucks Tegan Zayne]

  • skye3245

    Between the horrible drag(like at this point he should learn how to wear a wig and applying makeup there are Youtube Vids of this..come on. Nothing against drag performers, some are hot outside of drag and look good in it, but Tegan is horrible) and the fucking Colby “I voted for trump to Shake Things Up”, i can’t do it with Tegan. Kurtis is cute tho. I’ll search for anything else he’s in

    • c_find

      I think he was doing faux drag

  • Xzamilloh

    What? It’s hot. They’re both hot. I’d beat off to Tegan Zayne and Kurtis Wolfe. I’d beat off to this gif of Ty Burrell. Sue me.


    • Scrapple

      I think it was halfway through the first season of Modern Family when I learned Ty was also that swarmy asshole who was making the sexy times in the Dawn of the Dead remake. It certainly put “Phil” in a new red light.

  • DaveAtom

    I love Tegan so much. He’s basically the most handsome bearded guy out there. He’s perfect, lucky bastard! ?

  • Scrapple

    When it comes to Kurtis, I’m that little pig who made his house out of ass and is just waiting for the Big Bad Wolfe to come knock it down. As for Tegan..

  • gamera87

    “Taste” does not equal “Swallow.”

  • CamCam

    This scene looks hot! Good sucking and fucking galore. My kind of film!!! ?

  • Hereweare

    Kurtis Wolfe……..I never heard of ya, I want to know ya……….

  • John M

    Wait we are giving credit for swallowing cum now? Isn’t that like entry level gay sex? What are we now, a bunch of 40 year old housewives that think giving head is disgusting?

  • sxg

    Totally watching for Kurtis Wolfe! I’ll just tolerate the presence of the nonfat hairy version of Gelatin James.

  • Maximus

    Well, Tegan turned out to be a dud (they always do). Who will your new not-so-secret porn boyfriend be, Zach?