WATCH: Lars Norgaard And Miguel Estevez Stroke Each Other’s Cocks

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013Lars Norgaard and Miguel Estevez are absurdly hot enough on their own, but together? At the same time?

015Lars and Miguel are among the best looking and most perfect couples ever paired up on BelAmi, and they’re in the studio’s latest photo gallery this week.

016 020 The only bad news: Lars and Miguel do not have sex. It’s borderline offensive that these two were on the same shoot together, and they did not fuck? How can this be possible?

029 030 038 040The good news: There is a new video accompanying this shoot. In it, Miguel and Lars suck each other off for a little bit, and they make out while stroking each other’s cocks and cumming together.


Last I heard, Lars had retired, but let’s hope there are still more of his sex scenes (maybe one with Miguel?) in the vault, waiting to be released. Here’s the trailer for today’s video (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Miguel Estevez And Lars Norgaard]

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