Lauren Boebert’s Drunken Ex-Husband Arrested For Assaulting Teen Son

Posted January 10, 2024 by with 9 comments

As the report below explains, there were two different arrest warrants stemming from two different Jayson Boebert incidents, the first of which was at a restaurant involving Beetlejuice jerk off queen Lauren Boebert, and the second followed a violent altercation at Jayson Boebert’s home, where he beat up his 18-year-old son. The six charges he’s now facing are disorderly conduct, trespassing, obstructing a peace officer, assault, harassment, and prohibitive use of a weapon. As you’ll recall, the last time the son called 911 on his abusive dad, Lauren Boebert told authorities to ignore it and not respond.

This is a long report from a local NBC affiliate, but it does have footage of a drunken Jayson Boebert at that Colorado restaurant. The Boebert news begins at around 4:30: