Police Called To Colorado Restaurant After Lauren Boebert Accused Of Punching Ex-Husband In Face

Posted January 7, 2024 by with 12 comments

The MAGA lifestyle—having sex in public and beating your spouse—reared its ugly head in Colorado this weekend. Beetlejuice jerk off queen Lauren Boebert has once again been involved in a lewd public encounter, this time involving her ex-husband in a restaurant, as opposed to a trick in a public theater. Via Denver Gazette:

Silt police were called to an incident involving U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, on Saturday night, authorities confirmed.

“This is a sad situation for all that keeps escalating and another reason I’m moving,” Boebert said in a text message, via a spokesman. “I didn’t punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested. I will be consulting with my lawyer about the false claims he made against me and evaluate all of my legal options.”

The incident occurred at the Miner’s Claim restaurant at 740 Main St. in Silt, police said.

[Denver Gazette]

The police confirmed to the Gazette that the Boeberts were involved in an incident, a report was filed, and there’s surveillance video from the restaurant as well as a 911 call, but nothing’s being released at this time due to the ongoing investigation.

As you’ll recall, “model” turned congresswoman Lauren Boebert was kicked out of a theater last year for jerking a man off in front of children, while both she and her then husband were kicked out of a bowling alley in 2004 after Jayson Boebert flashed his cock to two young women. Jayson Boebert was subsequently arrested, and both Boeberts have of course been arrested multiple times for instances of violence and violent threats. Last year, Boebert told 911 operators to ignore a call from her son, who had alleged that he was being assaulted by his father.

Stay tuned for the restaurant surveillance video, and fingers crossed that Jayson and Lauren Boebert finish each other off once and for all in 2024!