Exclusive: Newcomer Leo Grand Opens Up About His CockyBoys Debut, What It’s Like Dating Blake Mitchell, And More

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blake mitchel-leo-6228While many will recognize him from social media and his self-produced content with real-life boyfriend Blake Mitchell, gay porn newcomer Leo Grand is making his studio porn debut today at CockyBoys, and Str8UpGayPorn had a chance to chat with him about the new scene, his life with Blake in Los Angeles, what’s surprised him most about the porn industry over the last year, and a lot more. Here’s Leo Grand’s first exclusive interview, with the preview for his first CockyBoys scene—co-starring his real-life love—below.

blake mitchel-leo-6848Str8UpGayPorn: Hello, Leo! You’ve been appearing with Blake in self-produced videos for a year now, so what made you decide to take the leap into studio porn? Or, given that you’ve already been performing, was it not really that much of a “leap” after all?
Leo Grand: It was something that Blake and I had discussed once we moved out to L.A., doing a scene together. So, no, it wasn’t that much of a leap. It was like any other time in the bedroom, we just had a cameraman this time giving direction.

And how was that, having someone else in the room with you?
Filming was so easy, but that’s mainly because we had an amazing studio making this. We really wanted it to be special and different from what we’ve ever recorded together.

blake mitchel-leo-6275Any other big differences between filming your own content and having someone else do it?
The only real difference was that we had a studio behind us. They wanted to facilitate a really beautiful scene and tell you more about us and our relationship.

You share a lot of your relationship online, but I know you obviously don’t share everything. Where do you draw the line in terms of things you won’t post or things you won’t say about your personal life and Blake?
Finding the balance between what we will and won’t post has been pretty easy. We really kind of just let our social media live naturally, as a sort of addition to our relationship. We have moments where we’re being funny in the kitchen or doing something that we realize the fans might love to see, and so we post those things. More times than not, if we don’t have our phones on, we always end up saying to one another after something funny or sweet happens, “Why didn’t we have our phones out for that?!” We don’t really limit each other on what we post.

But has there ever been something you’ve posted that you regretted and wish you could go back and delete?
Oh my god, yes! Embarrassing pictures taken of me, or pictures that I’ve taken of myself, where I was thinking at the time they were so amazing. Looking back, I really disagree with some of my style choices! I used to make really funny posts where I’d intentionally be making faces that were pretty ugly. Let’s just say that those went in the archive.

blake mitchel-leo-6357 blake mitchel-leo-6401Going back to before your self-produced porn videos with Blake, did you have any hesitations about becoming an adult performer and sharing so much of yourself online?
I don’t think I really had any hesitation in doing it. It had been something I had thought of in the past, and it’s something that I’ve really enjoyed doing thus far.

What’s been the best part for you, so far?
The interaction with the fans is really awesome. Some of them even draw fan art of us, and it’s so cool to see how these really talented people interpret us in their art. We need more art!

Managing social media and interacting with fans is a job in and of itself, as I’m sure you’ve seen with Blake. While most fans are respectful, some “fans” say awful things. How do you react when you see people saying inappropriate things?
With how busy we are these days, it’s hard to find the time to interact or even post sometimes. But, we manage, it’s just the remembering to post that’s the hardest! Whenever we encounter a not-so-savory tweet or comment, we just ignore it. There’s no use getting involved with someone who doesn’t know you or your life, and it seems that no matter how you respond, they’ll never be satisfied with the answer. But, we rarely encounter that. Our fans are so supportive, and we love them all.

blake mitchel-leo-6455 blake mitchel-leo-7353What’s surprised you most about the porn industry over this past year?
I was really surprised by the amount of love people have for one another, and the acceptance I find in the industry. It’s been amazing to be a part of it, and I’ve met so many other great people. I’m so happy to have dabbled within it as far as I have.

Do your friends and family outside of porn know that you’ve started performing?
Yes, my family is aware and all my friends know, too. It’s something that’s such a big part of my life, so they all needed to know about it. Also, I just knew it was only a matter of time before my friends started scrolling across my content on tube sites.

Did they find anything?
Sure enough, yes, they did! One of my friends even sent me a screenshot of my name that auto-populated in a tube site search box before he even typed it out, so that was pretty funny! But, I have had nothing but support for what I do from my family and friends.

blake mitchel-leo-6613Have you adjusted to living in L.A.? Anything you particularly like or dislike?
I love L.A. The first selling point was the weather, and of course the beach. We’ve settled in pretty well, hanging out with our neighbors and friends, and a few models live out here, so we run into them whenever we go out. It’s been great. What has not been great has been the traffic. I can’t stand sitting in traffic—it drives me nuts!

Putting aside your romantic relationship, what’s it like living with Blake Mitchell, day-to-day? Is he a good roommate? Does he take out the trash and clean up after himself?
Ha ha, yes, Blake has been great to live with. We pretty much do things and chores as they come, and he’s a great help in the kitchen. He keeps me entertained and laughing, so needless to say, he’s been a really good roommate so far. And yes, he cleans up after himself. What more could you ask for in a roommate?

blake mitchel-leo-6593What do you do in your free time when you’re not working or creating content? Is being a hairstylist still your full time job?
When we’re not filming content or when we’re not at a the gym, yep, I’m in the salon working to build clientele. That keeps me pretty busy.

I have got to go watch your scene now, but before I let you go, do you cut Blake’s hair?
Yes! I cut his hair today. He came to visit me in the salon, and I gave him a sharp little cut. He loves my head massages, I’ve got strong little hands!

Nice! Thank you so much, Leo, it’s been great chatting!

leo -7392

Preview for Blake Mitchell and Leo Grand’s CockyBoys debut:

blake mitchel-leo-6738 blake mitchel-leo-6626 blake mitchel-leo-6481 blake mitchel-leo-6547blake mitchel-leo-6602Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Blake Mitchell Fucks Leo Grand Bareback]

  • Alison Smith

    Ooh deja vu striking me now – next they’ll be getting another dog together and starting their own YouTube channel. I thought Blake was trying to move away from porn and into more legitimate acting now? Leo seems like a nice guy – good luck to him in his new endeavour

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      Hollywood will never let him in.

    • Alexz

      He was or is. He’s enrolled in an acting class & posting his headshots/non porn publicity shots on his insta. The thing is while talk of porn as gotten more mainstream, it’s still got the stigma attached. Especially considering he’s a gay porn performer. I think he’d have a slight chance a la, James Deen, if it been straight stuff.
      More than likely I could see him doing some LGBTQ friendly or produced indies & web series. Similar to Brent Corrigan, when he tried going legitimate.

      • Kanaka

        I dunno. Times are changing. For how much the religious right zealots fuck things up, the pendulum will swing further left, i.e. a gay porn star may be accepted into mainstream acting.

        • Galaxy_Scribe


        • Adam

          One can only hope for his sake, we shall see, but the cynic in me still isn’t holding his breath. I expect Blake / Lane and Leo / Chad have the same cautious optimism; hence the reason they’re freelancing to keep one foot loosely planted in the world where they know they can have quite a few more successful years if their mainstream dreams don’t pan out.

    • stephen

      and it’s called once in a lifetime of all things lol

      • Alison Smith

        Hahaha – oh the irony! I didn’t even notice that

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    More times than not, if we don’t have our phones on, we always end up saying to one another after something funny or sweet happens, “Why didn’t we have our phones out for that?!


  • Davey

    his super twink bf is ugly

  • Devin

    The sex looks really boring for these two to be in a relationship together. Maybe, it’s because they’re filming for a big studio. I saw no passion or chemistry

    • Willie Starr

      Couldn’t disagree harder. I thought the scene was amazing, chemistry off the charts, they both know how the other one wants to be fucked.

      • Devin

        I respect your opinion.

    • GayhawkAZ

      What scene were you watching? It was sexy and romantic and most of all, they were very much in tune with each other because, big surprise, they’ve been fucking each other for a while.

      • Devin

        The same scene you were watching. It’s called a difference of opinion.

  • AJ

    Situations like this don’t really end well.

    I know they already do this sort of thing on their OnlyFans, but bringing it to a major company? Yikes.

    Also, does this mean Chad — sorry, Leo — will start appearing with other men on screen?

    • tim870

      Is this the first time we’ve known someone’s real name before we knew their porn name? It feels awkward.

  • Kanaka

    He shore is purty!

  • B.C.

    Contrary to most commenters here, I find them super sexy and arousing. I’m a sucker for scenes featuring real-life couples, and nobody delivers romantic, making love fucking better than CockyBoys.
    Leo is delightful with nice, tight body and beautiful cock. Hope he’ll have a long run at CB.

  • I thought he abandoned the Blake nom de plum and went by his real (as far as we know) Lane now? I’m sure the studios insisted on the continued use of Blake Mitchell for marketing reasons – one or more of them might actually control it under the terms of his contract (wouldn’t put it past the control freaks at Mindgeek but frankly Cockyboys doesn’t have the desire or resources to develop new talent).

    • Zachary Sire

      Nope. As already explained when he announced the name change on his social media accounts, he’s still going by Blake in his porn scenes.

    • gamera87

      Leo refers to him as Lane in the scene.

  • This is a great interview Zach and a beautiful scene. Leo and Blake look very cute together and they seem really happy too. The photography at CockyBoys is stunning, the photos are very artistic and creative.

  • TJaa7

    There’s something so cringe and awkward about this.

    He seems like an adorable guy but I don’t know if I want to see this 😬

    • Willie Starr

      Uh. Maybe it’s just their chemistry. But their fucking was fantastic, chemistry off the charts, and Leo knows at least how to take this ONE dick like a champ. You can tell they fuck all the time, and Blake does NOT hold back. Also, Leo’s cock looks so much bigger in the scene than in the pics.

      Im not a Blake Stan, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Austin

    Another public couple who, when they break up, will suddenly ask everyone to respect their privacy.

    • CamCam


  • boyzzboy

    I bet his mom’s really proud

  • CamCam

    Leo seems like a cool guy and it was a nice interview. While i wonder about real life couples putting their personal life out like this, I hope Blake & Leo make it work.

    But if it ever ends, they better not ask for privacy after we’ve seen their dicks, assholes and penetration lol

  • Lanu Pongen

    Hope he isn’t only known as ‘Blake’s bf’ by people..happens a lot

  • Ninja0980

    I give them another few months at most.
    Would love to be wrong but I can count on one hand porn couples that have made it long term.

  • lukaeber

    Meh. I’d rather have the amateur stuff shot at home. More real.

  • txgeek2000

    Hope this isn’t Leo’s only scene. Kinda hope Leo does scenes with other models because he is too cute not to!

  • P17182

    Lord help us all if Blake enters into acting. Hollywood already has enough bad acting. https://media3.giphy.com/media/wHe1YGV3RpBXsBbUXM/giphy-downsized-medium.gif