Quote Of The Day: “Just Destroy My Ass!”—Jack Bailey While Being Topped By Leo Louis

Posted July 21, 2022 by with 17 comments

Jack Bailey hasn’t been filming porn for too long (about two years), but after his new scene today, he’s ascended to Powerbottom Legend status, as he delivers one of the best performances (and quotes) of the year.

That quote, as noted above, is today’s Quote Of The Day, with Jack Bailey telling top Leo Louis, “Just destroy my ass!”

Here is the moment in which Jack commands Leo to “destroy” his ass:


From shock to pleasure to ecstasy to downright hysterics, the range of emotions Jack displays could qualify him for a Best Lead Actor award, even though this scene has no scripted dialogue and it’s not part of a series or movie?!


Also, it might go without saying, but I do believe Leo Louis has one of the top three cocks in gay porn right now. The fact that he’s so hot and so skilled at using that cock makes him truly invaluable. More from this iconic duo:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

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