WATCH: Karter/Harder Deep-Throat Delta/Rossi In Prayers Preview

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ap3-49I knew Chris Harder had many talents, but I didn’t know he was such an accomplished (and apparently starving!) deep-throater. In this extended preview of CockyBoys’ extremely satisfying (in more ways than one) episode of Answered Prayers, Sebastian (Chris Harder) the bully and hypocrite is back in a no-holds-barred, revenge/retribution 4-way fuckfest fantasy.

ap3-31Picking up where the last episode left off, Diesel Washington hands Harder over to the hottest and most twisted FILF (Family I’d Like to Fuck) I’ve ever seen: brothers Bravo Delta, Levi Karter, and the severely handsome, severely underused (hint hint, CockyBoys 😉 ) Dillon Rossi.

ap3-08It seems he’s being held against his will, but after about two seconds of feigned protest, Harder can’t help but open his mouth and go balls-deep on both Dillon Rossi and Bravo Delta’s engorged cocks. Levi Karter (filling out a pair of tightie whities like no one else) straddles Harder and joins in, of course.

ap3-35And then there’s also this part where they put him in saran wrap and Bravo Delta fucks the living hell out of him.

ap3-52It all happens in this extended trailer of Answered Prayers: The Bully (watch in full):


[CockyBoys: Answered Prayers]

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