Penultimate One Erection Episode Features Levi Karter And Allen King Fuckfest

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IMG_6378The drama over Allen King’s exit and return to the boy band being spoofed in CockyBoys’ One Erection reaches a climax today with his first sex scene in the series—and he’s paired with none other than Levi Karter.


There are a few plot lines explored in today’s episode—the funniest of which has to be the Trenton Ducati/Liam Riley relationship, which you’ll see in the trailer below.

IMG_6486Episode description via CockyBoys:

It’s the second to last episode of One Erection: The Un-Making of a Boy Band and the rumors, gossip, and sexual tension within the group just keep stacking up! With Allen crashing the party at the set of New Direction’s upcoming music video, A Porn Love Story, he’s quick to cozy up to Levi and form an alliance. But Liam Riley, who swears he’s not jealous, has a few tricks up his sleeve… well, actually ONE prominent trick by the name of Trenton Ducati.

IMG_6505The only person yet to have a sex scene in this series is Liam Riley—so will he be paired with Trenton Ducati? The finale should be out before the end of the year.


For now, it’s Levi Karter and Allen King. Physically, they’re the best matched pairing of the series so far, and this is probably the most solid sex scene of the series, given Allen and Levi’s chemistry.

IMG_6721 IMG_6859Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Allen King Fucks Levi Karter]

  • sxg

    Either Levi Karter got new tattoos, or I’m sick and tired of the looking at the ones he’s been having. Or both!

    Still, he’s a good performer and I adore Allen King. Will have to check out this scene.

  • sam my

    Didn’t they just release a scene of him ? Talk about overkill. This is the problem when you only have 5-6 exclusives, it gets tedious.

  • snoopyfo

    im here for allen king, :) hot AF!!!!! and yeah i guess levy is not bad looking either but didnt he just had a scene released?

  • Elitist

    On an unrelated note, what ever happened to that Will Wikle scene? Was it released and I just missed it?

  • emercycrite

    Allen’s cock looks so luscious.

  • Maximus


    I can’t find him! All I see is ink!

  • Stacy

    I was really into the gay porn world in the days of Lukas and Mike Branson and Rod Barry and then forgot about until last year. At that time I really fell for CockyBoys – the guys, styles, the attitude, but now I just wanna make it stop! All the tats on these millennials are just getting to be too much, as is the sameness and I love Levi as much as anyone but let’s switch it up. I swear I have seen this scene 100 times already. I guess we just get used to the porn we used to love and crave new, which has me on PornHub where you can find some cool cross-generational stuff. I know I am about to get trolled, but at least with MEN you truly never know what will be next, or at least what they’ll make Johnny and Paddy do! With Falcon I know you’ll see bad sneakers and boxes, with GISP you’ll get that bed, with Sean Cody you’ll get Ken Dolls, with BSB you get “straight” guys tweeting pics of them making out in gay bars (and often a level of fem – which I dig – that makes Liam look like Jeff Stryker) and then whatever the other studios are doing, who knows. In the early days of the internet there was some fun, edgy stuff, like early CF and SC and some of those “College” sites where they would drop straight guys drunk into a hot tub. Now the quality is amazing but the substance is lacking. I guess I’m just old and bitching, but I’m ready for something new, and seeing Levi fuck another Ken doll with jacked up tats ain’t it. Peace.

    • Badger

      And here I thought I was the only one. I agree….same stuff different day.

  • jon

    I’m not a big cockyboys fan, but you had me at Allen King.

  • C3xxx

    That marshmallow/packing peanut pillow looks intriguing.
    Can King get any friggin’ sexier??? Jesus….

  • Levi is the hottest CockyBoy to me. Especially as a bottom. Tbh i think the tattoos/ink on him is sexy as hell. He’s not too ink’d up. I don’t get how people in the comments are saying he has too many… And about him being in too many scenes, uh he was in one exactly a week ago. But Besides that we’re lucky if we get a Levi Karter scene every 1-3 month(s). He is a quality ass performer! I Wouldn’t mind if he had new scenes every other day! Look at & SeanCody spamming new scenes with the same performers. Anyways, I digress. Back to Levi; His ass & thighs give me life, lmao levi come sit on my face pls. God I can’t stop looking at dat ass.

  • DaveAtom

    <3 Allen is so yummy! Levi is hot too, his armpits are his best feature.

  • Marc Michales

    OK – seriously. . . a piece of driftwood with a pom-pom rug casually thrown over it – yeah