Levi Karter Fucked By Two Cocks Simultaneously In DP Debut

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Levi Karter has been a top in an epic double penetration scene before, and now it’s time for him to make DP history again—as a bottom!


For the first time ever, Levi Karter gets fucked by two cocks simultaneously. His tops are real-life boyfriends Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, and while I’m unable to tell them apart, they’re cute! (If you can identify which one is Mickey and which one is Colby, let me know in the comments.) Most importantly, they do a great job double-fucking Levi:


In addition to the DP, this insane fuckfest features deep-throating, spit-roasting, a train fuck, cum-guzzling, and is overall a great showcase for all the boys’ talents.

img_0808 img_0936 img_1401 img_1460

Just when you think they’re done fucking, they keep fucking!

img_1576 img_1619

The 58-minute long scene features six cum shots (three in the oral portion, then three more during the fucking). Everyone fucks and gets fucked, and no hole goes unstuffed:


Is it too soon to give Levi Karter the award for Performer Of The Year?

levidpTrailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Colby Chambers And Mickey Knox Double-Penetrate Levi Karter]

  • stephen

    I’m glad you brought it up already – I cannot for the life of me tell those two apart
    coulda called it “Twins DP Levi Karter” and really cashed in

  • AJ2

    They have their own site colbyknoxdotcom

  • Todd
  • sxg

    This looks like it’s definitely worth a watch!

    One day I’d like to see a DP scene where the bottom is taking 2 dicks that would literally split them in half. Let’s have someone get DP’d by dicks like the one that Rocco steele and Antonio Biaggi have.

    • Audran

      Have you seen Ian Torres DP-ed by TIm Kruger and Caio Veyron ?

      • Ed Woody

        Exactly who i was going to suggest.

      • Scrapple

        Lol. Wasn’t that a holiday update?

    • ToxicBrew

      Robby Mendez was violently fucked and DP’d by CutlerX and Deep Dicc over at RawStrokes. Great video!

  • sam my

    Yeah I’ll pass. The sex is stiff and smh worthy. You get off the bed, to have sex in the shower, only to get back on the bed to have sex, only to get off the bed to have sex by the window, only to end up back on the bed.

  • EJ

    Mickey is the (in my opinion) cuter one who tends to bottom more frequently. Colby is the one who usually tops but whose face, unfortunately, can in certain angles or expressions appear uncannily similar to that of Ted Cruz.

    • WhimsyCotton

      A million curses upon you! How am I ever going to get that image out of my head?

    • Stacy

      I always thought he looked like a younger version of Ken Marino

  • Zealot

    Well Bob, it looks like we’re in for a classic threesome this afternoon, and it appears that the weather is favorable, maybe slightly hazy– but overall, good conditions for a real major league fuck. Three titans….MICKEY!….COLBY!, and last but not least…LEVI!! Three porn titans poised for their moment of destiny. The crowd is hushed in anticipation of this event, but there’s a tangible undercurrent of crackling electricity…oh, wait, someone left a vibrator running. Levi positions himself for his innagural double penetration….yes, Bob the ol’ D.P. as it were. And Levi seems lubed and ready. He’s positioned his anal orifice over their penises– or is that penii Bob? And Levi’s hole has literally swallowed Colby and Mickey’s cocks up to their short curlies! Wow…incredible! Levi has got to be one of the best catchers in the business, and I think his stats will prove that out. As of this meeting, he’s making a run at the league leader with today’s shoot. Bob, it looks like the boys have moved into the “London Bridge” position with our boy Levi as the drawbridge. Epic Bob, just so impressive! And here is the new move we were promised the 3-Man Window “Pain”, followed by a DP suck and finishing up with two really classic moves: the “Short Stack” with Levi as the butter and a real crowd-pleaser, the Choo-choo! And is that Mickey or Colby as the conductor? Hard to tell Bob, hard to tell.

  • C3xxx

    Who’s who

    • S .

      You know you’ve been dating someone when you start to resemble them…

  • Xzamilloh
  • Trepakprince

    I thouroughly enjoyed this borderline twincestry.

  • Myko

    February is “month of the average performers”

  • WhimsyCotton

    I love Colby and Mickey! They’re the true Porn Power Couple at the moment. Everything from their three-way with Tyler Sky, to their adorable Chile’s (or was it Applebees?) love story, to their other three-way with Tyler Sky where he tries to get DP’d by them is just fantastic. They’re great performers and are usually a lot of fun to watch.

    • kevin

      I think they share that title with the Cakedate boys, actually. And I like that Casey and Blake vlog outside of porn.

      Colby and Mickey should consider vlogging, too. Mickey’s kind of a gay Bob Villa. He’s turning their NC love-nest into a real showplace!

  • Maximus

    CockyBoys without tattoos?! Fuck yes! I LIVE!


    Also, the faux twincest is hot.

  • bo69

    OK, it’s Mickey who is the narrator but you might not recognize him since he is not wearing his glasses, which he always wears. This is a surprise because these lovers do look alike. Anyway, his interview is wonderfully touching and loving, It has puzzled me how few porn fans realize that Colby and Mickey have had a site for two years or so, and their vids and webcams are terrific. Wonder when they will get married. BTW, this scene is super.

  • kevin

    Does anyone know Mickey’s age? Colby was listed as 26 three years ago in his Falcon profile, which would make him 29 — almost a daddy in porn-years

  • Okosan

    This must have been a pain to edit.

  • clarklane

    Hmmm…how to tell which one is Mickey? My first clue upon watching the trailer was when the narrator said, “I’m Mickey Knox, and I’ve been with Colby for 3 1/2 years now….” Then it proceeded to show him talking. Complicated? Perhaps, but maybe I’m just good like that.

    I’ve been a fan of these guys since they started there little am shows. Mickey just stole my little heart – it’s great to see them branching out and even greater too see them on Cockyboys, proving that you don’t have to be a tattooed skank-looking anorexic to be in porn. The masculinity of both Colby and Mickey tones down the flames in Levi which makes for a pretty darn good scene.

    • clarklane

      *cam shows …. Damn auto correct.