Levi Michaels Is Dating/Fucking Hot Model Matthew Ludwinski

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At CockyBoys, Levi Michaels has had sex with a lot of hot guys on camera (Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi), but get ready to be even more jealous of him, because now he’s hooking up off camera with stupidly hot and insanely fuckable model/actor Matthew Ludwinski.

Matthew played the lead in the gay indie movie Going Down In La-La Land, which, despite being a gay indie movie, was mostly well-received by critics and fans:


Levi introduced Matt to his fans for the first time this week, in one of his daily YouTube vlogs, of course:

It’s unclear what will happen to the relationship since Levi left WeHo and moved to New York literally yesterday, but maybe they can have a long distance relationship? In the meantime, Levi can jerk off to Matt’s nudes like everyone else…

Here’s Matthew Ludwinski naked a few years ago (without the bleached hair, thankfully):

matthew l matthew l2

A more recent pic from his Instagram:



CockyBoys just released a brand new Levi Michaels scene today, with newcomer David Corey:

[CockyBoys: Levi Michaels]

  • Hi Presley

    No bleach blonde jokes now!

  • Going down in La La Land is on Netflix it’s not too bad and Matthew is easy on the eyes throughout the movie.

  • Askars_lvr

    Matthew is so cute! He also starred in a webseries earlier this year: Montreal Boy. Very good too!

  • Sashenka Sasha

    A lot of this porn stars are like “oh i’m so in love of my boyfriend” and then the next month is over…give love a bad name.

    • JJ24

      They are/were keeping it casual, so no boyfriend title or I love you.

    • B S

      well, they’re porn stars and a lot of them are kinda queeny attention whores, so they’re not really “settle down and make a family” material to begin with. most straight porn actors/actresses are the same way. nice arm-candy, fun to test drive but do you want to bring them to thanksgiving and have to reply to “what do they do for work?” with, “well i’m sure they’ll tell you, but i’ll give you a hint; you’ll never guess what lance here can do with three dildos a butt plug and your jell-o salad!”?

  • Jace

    Well, at least he’s mastered the Blue Steel look.

  • Odetofear

    HA! I use to love going to Amoeba when i was in high school even though it was a 40 minute metro ride. Great place for old books and nic nacs, music and movies are pretty standard.

    • Iain Gardener

      I used to hit the Amoeba in Berkeley pretty much every day a real home from home, I got some real bargains, ah memories

  • Eric from Sweden

    Just a little quick side note and completely off topic: Casper Andreas, the director of “Going down in La-La Land” grew up in the same small community in Sweden as I. And I still live there, about 300 meters from where he grew up.

    Anyway, Matthew Ludwinski is a true beauty, but I didn’t think he was gay.

    • JJ24

      I had no idea who he was until this article, but ya he is gay.

  • robirob

    Wow, the bleached hair. Some guys really do embrace tacky, gay stereotypes.

  • Colorful Kent

    Casper is a true gay filmmaker. He uses mostly gay actors to play the gay characters. About time.

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  • JJ24

    Anyone else find him hotter with dark hair?