Dillon Rossi’s Cock Is Bigger Than Liam Riley’s Head

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img_0510First, how great is it to see Dillon Rossi back on CockyBoys? It’s really great.

And, it’s always good to see Liam Riley.

img_0951It takes a lot to get me to stop and do a double take, but that’s exactly what I did when I saw Liam Riley lowering himself down onto Dillon Rossi’s fat, rock hard, 9-inch cock.

Is this even real?!


img_1425After watching the video (trailer below), I can confirm that this did in fact happen, and this does in fact re-confirm for me that Liam Riley is capable of accomplishing virtually anything.

img_1414Some perspective on just how big Dillon Rossi’s battering ram of a cock is: Dillon Rossi’s cock is longer than the entire length of Liam Riley’s head.


Here is Dillon Rossi’s cock next to Liam Riley’s head. These un-Photoshopped side-by-side images show that Dillon Rossi’s cock is literally longer than Liam Riley’s head.

liam dillonGrab hold of something tight while watching Liam Riley ride Dillon Rossi’s cock on CockyBoys (full video here):

[CockyBoys: Dillon Rossi Fucks Liam Riley]


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