WATCH: Powertop Liam Riley Jackhammers Kody Stewart

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You saw the softcore preview clip for Liam Riley topping debut, and now it’s time for hardcore teaser and the full scene, which just went live on CockyBoys.


Liam Riley’s dom debut finds him slam-fucking Kody Stewart in multiple positions before busting a nut all over his face.


Move over Rocco Steele, there’s a new powertop in town!


For those who thought Liam Riley might have trouble performing as a powertop, think again. He gives just as good as he can take:


And, don’t forget to pay close attention to rising star Kody Stewart, who looks great riding Liam’s cock like a champ:

liamkody3Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Liam Riley Fucks Kody Stewart]


  • Mike Julius

    Not really into Kody, but Liam looks competent.

  • Ceecee

    I’m not really into Liam(altho that hair is really A+), but he seems to do a pretty solid job.
    I assume he’ll get a ton of nasty comments from faceless profiles just the same.

    • As opposed to the nice comments he’s getting from faceless profiles like yours?

  • Hereweare

    Pretty, pretty boy…….Nice penis……..I’m voting YES!

  • Josh Strickland

    Power Top LMFAO give me a break. When you pair a bottom with someone it’s just boring. What is Liam all of 6″ how much damage can you do with that LOL. Cockyboys you are REALLY suspending belief now aren’t you. What not enough masculine TOPS working for the studio anymore? Levi Karter as a TOP was hard to take, but this takes the cake!!!

    • Josh Strickland

      I’m sorry no matter how hard you try you can’t make Liam Riley butch LOL

      • Sorry, where is it written that you need to be (what you consider) “butch” or “masculine” to be a top? I think it might have been in that part of the handbook I misunderstood because its grasp of sexual diversity (and punctuation) was as shit as yours.

      • Mark-E-Mark

        Probably not but I do not think he or his company was trying to portray him as “Butch” Unless you thought process is that tops are only “Butch”? Pffffft.

    • Hereweare

      What the world needs more of is narrow-minded size queens. Such a positive force in the gay community!

    • Tim

      What qualifies as an interesting fuck in your fucked up twisted view of gay sexy. A bottom in need of a trip to casualty/the ER once the top is done with him? How much rectal trauma is enough for you to get off?

    • iverge

      Josh if all the other posters want to get topped by lady-boy who are we to judge? They can have her. And to those Liama lovers don’t come for me cause I #DontClapBack!

  • DPS

    It is often said that the best tops are ones who bottom. That should give Liam a pretty good start.

    • Bastian

      I don’t know who says so, but he is wrong. See JD Phoenix as an example.
      Liam looked mid hard most of the fucking part, which confirms what is
      often said that the power bottom can’t be fully hard without something
      in his ass. They say…

  • kana_sai

    Is this Cockyboys or Helix Studios?

  • Bastian

    @DPS: I don’t know who says so, but he is wrong. See JD Phoenix as an example.
    Liam looked mid hard most of the fucking part, which confirms what is often said that the power bottom can’t be fully hard without something in his ass. They say…

  • Mark-E-Mark

    Wait a sec. It only takes 1 scene where you top on film and you get the “Powertop” label. WOW not much work in getting, so called, accolades, in porn. I am making a list of everything I am “Power_____” at.

  • Marsha Lewis

    Do these people eat

    • DAK23

      Healthy human bodies come in all shapes & sizes.

      • Preach! Thin-shaming is just as bad as fat-shaming. You can be outside the average and be perfectly healthy.

  • Stacy

    LOVE the Liam

  • stephen


  • Mark-E-Mark

    Imma just lay this out on the line here. This guys name is not “Liam Riley” it’s a name he was given to play a character in the porn fantasy business. Now if you address him as “Liam Riley” and he responds as “Liam Riley” you are having a conversation with a made up figure. This goes with ANY person be it porn or not EX: Headline says something about “Benjamin Button” You reply about “Benjamin Button” Brad Pitt (Real Name William Bradley Pitt) responds, but uses the name “Benjamin Button” you are conversing with a character. So next time you tweet or respond or comment on any of these headlines, to these porn guys, always keep in mind, that until THEY are addressing you as their “REAL” selves. Nothing you hear is true.Unless you believe what these people are paid to portray. There is no Batman. There is also no Bruce Wayne. Now give me that blow pop and take a time out,

    • Stacy

      I think I see your next stop….

    • This is a fairly weird stance to take, rigidly thinking of people in terms of the names attached to them. Does this extend to people who go by nicknames? Drag names? Trans identities that haven’t legally been changed yet? My point is, who’s to say you’re not talking to his ‘real’ personality just because he uses the internet under his most public, most recognisable name? Just because these guys are getting paid by studios doesn’t mean they’re being anyone other than themselves when they’re online – I mean, look at half the stupid, shitty stuff some of them come out with that gets reported on here. That’s not because they’re playing a character. That’s because those guys are being their stupid, shitty selves, and the studios are still hiring them, because they don’t care who he is when he goes online.

      • Mark-E-Mark

        I am speaking from experience. When I lived in Philadelphia back in the 90’s I was a bouncer at a Gay Bar and I became acquaintance with a guy who did porn. We’d hang out after work, go to after hours. Never had sex, it wasn’t like that. BUT When he wasn’t being the real him and he was hired to be at an event or dance (Strip) at something he was hired for he became that porn persona. I went from calling him his real name to using his stage name around people at these parties because the fantasy had to be held up. I moved to Baltimore and met a couple of guys in the Porn Industry. I was more of a acquaintance with one and more friendlier with the other one. Same thing. If we were just doing things at out apartments or hanging out or hiking whatever he was just “Chris” but when it came to “Gay Pride” events and anything he was hired for as his stage name he became a completely different person. Again, respectful, I followed the rules. They are given a character and a persona. They WERE that character when they were being called that name.

        What they are not given is the ability to have sex with you like what you see on the screen. “Yes I slept with them several times.(No I did not hire them) BUT If you ever get the chance to sleep with a guy who does gay porn, believe me , it is NOT at all what you see on screen. The stories they told me. we would laugh about it and I tried some of the positions.(At least our sex was funny because we just could not take it seriously. I men they did but not when they were being their true selves) Fuck that, I am not a Yogi. Basically you need to go to acrobat school. that 15-20 minute scene you watch is about 8=12 hours of work, Sitting around getting up Sucking for three seconds. Sitting back down to preposition the camera. Those fast edits are NOT the same scene it’s all a mish mosh of stuff taped throughout the day. You got to get hard for a partner you do not like. A lot of times you are treated like shit on set. You are just the $500 meat baiting in the thousands upon thousands of dollars the company is making. All these guys had an actual job outside of the porn business or they would not be living very high on the hog.

        I like to think I know a little about what goes on as I experienced some of it but, unless times have changed, I am sure this kids Mom is not calling him Liam Riley.

        • I get the relevance of your experience, but the bit I’m finding hard to understand is the idea that because you’re not going by the name your mum calls you, that must mean you’re putting on a front or a character. Almost everyone calls me Andi, and has done for years. My real name is John Andrew, and my mum calls me Andrew, never Andi – but I don’t pretend to be someone else with her, or with my friends. I am the same person either way. So what I’m saying is I don’t understand why the name difference means he’s not being true to himself.

          • Mark-E-Mark

            When these guys get hired someone picks out a name for them,(I like to think there are names in a whole bunch of balloons and they each get two darts and whatever names they get, that’s their stage name) they are evaluated on looks and given a persona, It’s not like they use a nickname from when they are from a kid, or a family name they used growing up It’s a fake made up name. I’d love to know why they just use their real names if they aren’t ashamed of what they do (Problem lies in getting a “Legit” job when they have aged out) Then again , Dakota Wolfe…..that sounds like it should be on a birth certificate….if you live in W. Virginia Mountains.

  • Maximus


  • I’m not particularly a fan of twinks, so this scene was never going to be my favourite, but Liam gives a decent top performance. It definitely wasn’t the performance of a ‘power top’ (I can’t tell if we’re just being cute and jokesy using that word or if we’re really using it to describe what he does here), so it’s kind of setting up some unfair hype that the scene can’t pay off and I can’t tell if that’s why I’m underwhelmed. At any rate, he should go back to bottoming. This is alright, but he’s better as a bottom.

  • C3xxx

    Liam is not my cup of tea but christ, do some of you gents get a high leaving such brutal commentary? Be it here or on WayBig it’s somewhat disheartening to read posts attacking his characteristics. Not your thing, great; just wish him luck and move on.

  • iverge

    Not into Girl on Girl… #NEXT!

  • Spencer87

    Wait….I had my reservations,but the way Liam is fucking in the video…I’d let him have it anytime.

  • Liam is great in whatever role he takes.