Tristan Hunter Fucked Bareback By Logan Cross—But Who’s The Hot Step Dad?

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logan cross tristan hunter barebackBig-dicked gay porn star Tristan Hunter is on today being butt fucked bareback by Logan Cross, and this is a rare topping performance from Logan, which is a nice change of pace for the experienced powerbottom.

logan cross tristan hunter bareback logan cross tristan hunter bareback

As hot as Tristan and Logan are, who the hell is the hunky step dad making a brief cameo in this scene!?


He’s probably just a crew member or someone from production, and we’ll probably never get to see him fucking, but if the powers that be at are reading this, please God, put this big daddy in a gay porn scene ASAP.


Here’s a clip:

Back to Logan and Tristan! They’re really cute together:

logan cross tristan hunter bareback logan cross tristan hunter barebackOne complaint: Tristan’s fat cock is really nice, and it would’ve looked so good stuffed inside Logan’s bubble butt. Too bad this wasn’t a flip-fuck scene. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Logan Cross Fucks Tristan Hunter Bareback]

  • FrenchBug

    That Abe Lincoln beard though…

    • B.C.

      Yep, slightly better looking than Pierce Paris’ chin strap. He should keep wearing glasses, though.

    • Scrapple

      I thought he stole that look for Luke Hudson.

  • Nase23

    He’s on JFF and goes by Roland. GayforPay looking type that has received BJs and has a huge dick

    • FrenchBug

      He also is Rolf at ClubAmateurUSA

      • Kanaka

        Dang y’all are informed!

    • EhWhatever

      Is that just a bad angle?

      • Adam

        I was going to ask the same question when Zach called him “hot” lol.

    • mark

      His face is OK. But how is that a big dick? Zach obviously loves him

  • Badbike

    I really hope the discussion table wasn’t for Logan to grow facial hair in order to top in a scene. Did this same talk happen when Johnny Rapid was a top in scenes too?

    • Alexz

      Seems to be a requirement for power bottom twinks who want to top at MEN or Next-door, grow a scraggly beard.

  • hotsweetspot

    I was hoping this was a set-up for a future scene when daddy tops his step-son. If it was, perfectly done.

    • Adam

      I was hoping this was a set-up for a future scene when daddy tops his step-son *and his friend*.

      There I fixed that for you, you’re welcome lol.

  • sxg

    Tristan looks like a hot, regular-shaped head version of Sean Ford. These two are for sure cute together.

    And yes that daddy is everything! Would love to see him have his duo debut with either of these two! I just hope he at least makes a better effort than most g4p models making their gay sex debut.

    • Ty Huber

      Please clarify — Sean Ford’s head isn’t regular-shaped? Maybe I’m misinterpreting.

      • Adam

        I second that feeling, but also are we talking about the head over Sean’s shoulders?

  • Alexz

    As much as I’m not into incest porn, I think I’d have preferred if the step dad hammered them both.

  • Zachary Sire

    thank you

  • Ant

    ATTN Zachary Sire: Ben Bateman’s cumshot in his latest scene with Stas London is fake (again). The fake cum squirted at the lower portion of his left fist if you slow down the clip. BTW he also did a switcheroo because seconds before “cumming,” he was right-handed. At least he knows his camera angles. 🤡

  • Scrapple

    Logan is trying to reinvent himself as a bearded top(?). Good for him.

    When I first saw the trailer I thought the dad was played by Jake Andrews of old time Falcon fame. But the ages didn’t match up.

  • I sure hope Men has a sequal where the step dad gives that message he offered to Tristan. Tristan is hot, hung and a good versatile younger dude and the step dad is really hot so I can see a hot fucking scene with those two studs.

  • Tempest

    I don’t know them, but I do want to know who’s the dad because reasons.

  • hotsweetspot

    It looks to me like Logan Cross is starting to develop a different on-screen persona. With this scene — topping, glasses, beard. I also just watched the trailer for a soon-to-be-released Falcon video called The Foreman’s Son. Of course they didn’t show much, but he plays a worker at a construction site and fucks Dakota Payne. I wish him well and will support him through this change. Hugs, bby.