Logan Cross Aces Davey Wavey’s “What’s Up My Butt Challenge,” Correctly Identifying Almost All The Items Being Put Inside His Ass

Posted October 2, 2018 by with 15 comments


Being one of the best powerbottoms performing in gay porn right now, it’s probably no surprise that Logan Cross is able to sail through Davey Wavey’s “What’s Up My Butt Challenge” without any missteps, answering correctly on all but one of the items inserted into his ass during the anal guessing game. As you’ll see below, Logan’s a pro, so he knows exactly what’s going on (and what’s going in) back there as Davey tests out a variety of toys and household objects.

And ICYMI, Logan’s most recent Helix scene was with Josh Brady, in case you needed a reminder of just how great he performs with real-life cocks in his ass. Clip (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady Fucks Logan Cross Bareback]

  • Xzamilloh

    You wanna really be impressive? Do this again with ring pops and correctly guess the flavors

  • peter

    Logan I love you but please lose the man-bun!

    • Man in the Midst

      Yeah, but the bowtie is kinda cute.

      • peter


        I hope he shows up in a tux for this year’s SUGP awards . . . and then hooks up for a four or moreway with the dapper dudes from Belami!

  • Irene’s Foot

    it’s great that he can Identifying anything in his ass. I can’t even identifying gay men in real life

  • Badbike

    I LOOOVE Logan but I’m afraid to press play cuz I really don’t want Davey Wavey to even appear as a recommended video when I go on Youtube.

    • von schlomo

      He must get some special kind of heavy duty camera that can withstand recording his fucking face and his fucking voice without breaking.

      Davey Wavey….the launcher of ships of gay men running for heterosexual sex with women to escape him.

      • Hari Kalyan

        i’m still unsure why he’s a thing

  • Rajamani

    Is this what Davey does for a living, making you tube videos with porn stars all the time? I don’t think his porn studio is impressive either!
    What will these guys do later in life after their looks fade? such a pity!

  • stimmerpdx

    And this is the reason I don’t watch porn stars other than in porn.

  • Donald Horn

    What’s the use of having Logan on video if you don’t see his ass?

  • peter

    I wonder if Dolph Dietrich’s frozen cum dildo made it in?

  • peter
    • peter

      Logan if you’re reading this there are at least two people, one of whom has some influence in the industry, who think that you should spend at least couple of weeks in Central Europe taking in all the beautiful and historic sites while intermittently riding the biggest cocks in Christendom. I hope George Duroy is reading this, too.

  • silvarga

    For just the briefest moment, I mistook Davey for Elon Musk, and thought he had moved from fronting Tesla to sticking foreign objects up guys butts. And for that brief, shining 500 milliseconds, Davey Wavey finally became marginally interesting.