Logan Cross Aces Davey Wavey’s “What’s Up My Butt Challenge,” Correctly Identifying Almost All The Items Being Put Inside His Ass

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Being one of the best powerbottoms performing in gay porn right now, it’s probably no surprise that Logan Cross is able to sail through Davey Wavey’s “What’s Up My Butt Challenge” without any missteps, answering correctly on all but one of the items inserted into his ass during the anal guessing game. As you’ll see below, Logan’s a pro, so he knows exactly what’s going on (and what’s going in) back there as Davey tests out a variety of toys and household objects.

And ICYMI, Logan’s most recent Helix scene was with Josh Brady, in case you needed a reminder of just how great he performs with real-life cocks in his ass. Clip (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Josh Brady Fucks Logan Cross Bareback]

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