Lucas Entertainment Self-Plagiarizes In Fake Manhunt Interview

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qqqYou’ve heard of fake cum shots in gay porn, but what about fake gay porn interviews? Above on the left, it’s Michael Lucas telling Queerty earlier this year that “porn is a fantasy” and “no one fantasizes about condoms.” On the right, it’s (someone pretending to be) Lucas Entertainment model Dato Foland telling Manhunt Daily the same thing using the same words in the same order: “Porn is a fantasy” and “no one fantasizes about condoms.” What a coincidence.

So, the Lucas marketing person has a script from which he pulls answers for commonly asked questions, but didn’t anyone think to at least change some of the wording around for different interviews? Given that today’s Manhunt interview was clearly done via email and not in person (or even over the phone), there’s no way to know for sure who came up with the answers, typed them out (using perfect grammar and English), and sent them back. But I can guarantee it wasn’t Dato Foland.

This exchange was particularly LOL-worthy:

[Manhunt] Speaking of which, congratulations on your new exclusive contract! Why did you decide to go with Lucas Entertainment?

[“Foland”] Because they believed in me more than anyone else, and I love their product. I actually get off to their scenes more than any other studio. They are, in my opinion, the fastest growing company [in the industry], which I respect, since I know the business from the inside. So many companies lose their businesses or independence because of bad business decisions.

Plus, the team at Lucas Entertainment is dedicated, focused and hard working. They are a team I am proud to be a part of.

It’s too bad Manhunt had to publish something so embarrassing, but hey, Dato’s hot and he’s taking raw loads. And even fake interviews get page views.

Oh, and a quick reminder: Dato Foland can barely speak English.

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