Here Are The Insane Gifs Of Lucas Knight Cumming All Over Kyle Ross

Posted December 4, 2014 by with 5 comments


ICYMI from earlier this week, the Cum Event Of 2014 is Lucas Knight blasting a 16-second long sperm shower all over Kyle Ross until he is literally drenched and marinating in cum. When I first posted about this Helix scene, there weren’t any gifs of the cum downpour yet, so all we had were screenshots.


Well, get ready, because the Cum Gods have smiled upon us all with gif after gif of Lucas Knight cumming, and slutty Kyle Ross lapping up every last drop as if it were a vanilla milk shake being shot out of a cannon.

Here are the gifs of Lucas Knight cumming. Of course, you still need to watch the full scene to actually witness the cum tsunami. Bring an umbrella.

1tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo1_500 2tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo2_500 3tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo3_500 4tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo4_500 5tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo5_500 6tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo6_500 7tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo7_500

[Helix Studios: Lucas Knight Barebacks Kyle Ross]