Lying Liar Theo Ford Lies Again In Bizarre Interview About Bogus Boyfriend

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bizarreThe only thing weirder than watching the below video interview with Theo Ford talking about his fake boyfriend Logan Moore is to actually read what he’s saying, wherein he not only doesn’t answer the questions, he’s not even making any sense?

When you presented to the So You Think You Can Fuck competition, did you present as a couple with Logan Moore?
The thing with Logan, umm, it went further than we expected. If you actually watch SYTYCF…you can see we have, or we had anyway, a deeper understanding of each other and knowledge of each other, much more than the other guys who might have been together for longer. So, I know a lot of people have said “we lied” and everything, but truly, no, we were as much of a couple as a lot of people.

So, now he’s saying they were a couple, when in fact he already said he had lied about them being a couple? He was lying when he said he was lying the first time? The hell? It gets worse:

Dominic Ford said that you presented as a couple? Was he misunderstanding things?
No, I didn’t say anything to the studio, Dominic Ford, to get on SYTYCF. He…when the studio offered me and us…umm…a spot on the show because when they were casting I was actually staying with them in Florida, but at first the idea of a “couples”…umm…season wasn’t even in their heads, so it wasn’t me trying to get on the show, but in no way did I ever lie to get a job or to get, umm, an extra scene. They were more than happy to have us on the show.



  • Brian Sky

    And what Theo Ford says is relevant because… ?

    • Tim

      He does rather present himself as if he is the best thing since sliced bread. But let’s face it he’s just a dumb lying greedy whore. A pretty one, yes. But dumb. And a liar. Which is a pity. He really doesn’t know the old adage that when you are in a whole you should stop digging.

  • Alan

    First there was the lie, then the non-apology, and now the explanation that the lie was actually truthful, sort of – except when he denied it… Am I the only one thinking that he’s in the wrong business and should consider a political career once he leaves gay porn?

  • Javk


  • Rob

    Another lies?

  • Ayda

    I feel better if I say this on my first language: Este tio es gilipollas (This dude is an asshole)

    • lordgabux


      • Ayda

        Gracias, gracias jajajaja

  • sxg
    • Mike Julius

      I think Tyler the Creator is hot. I know I need help, but I looked into it and there’s no rehab facility for that…

  • Alan Keddie

    He’s still hot! I wouldn’t say no!

  • Todd
    • Scrapple

      Lol. Which set of Theo’s lips are you talking about?

  • Dazzer

    This will look weird because I’m going to defend Theo Ford here.

    i) He’s French and French morality is a bit different to various other places in the West. When French President Francois Mitterand popped his clogs, the first time the French public had an indication that he might not have been entirely monogamous was when his mistress and his gown-up daughter turned up at his funeral,

    And the French population took this as a matter of pride that their ex-President separated his public persona from his private life. Theo Ford is the product of his environment – and the French environment is very different from the American one.

    ii) I get all the Green Card arguments. But those arguments don’t really stack up when it comes down to international immigration laws. Theo Ford is French, but he has also had a residence in Britain. His husband is American. Were their marriage one of convenience, the simplest way for Ford to get fast-tracked for a Green Card would have been for Ford to use his British residence as a qualification to get married to an American under British law.- and then just move out of British legal territories.

    It’s difficult to explain, but the legality of a marriage is determined by the territory in which a couple gets married. If Ford and his husband got maried in Britain, and then moved out of that legal system, British legal authorities would consider them legally married and the French and American authorities would accept that the British had done their due diligence and treat them as a legally married couple. Immigration authorities the world over work on the basis that if another jurisdiction has signified that a marriage is legal, they don’t have to expend resources investigating it.

    Had Ford and his husband maried in a non-American, non-French legal territory, Ford’s application for a Green Card (should he be applying for one) would go far faster if he hadn’t married in LA.

    iii) Who gives a fuck?

    I don’t.

    But for some reason I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes of my life writing this shit.

    • McM.

      i) French morality is fairly predictable as the population is largely socially conservative and has a long history of mores established by the Catholic Church. Cheating it is cheating, and what constitutes a monogamous relationship is clear to those involved and outside observers, even when the model is translated into same-sex pairings.

      French President Francois Mitterrand was lauded for keeping his political and personal lives separate b/c his personal life was a potential point of national embarrassment. A lot of French people were not okay with him having a mistress and a child out of wedlock, but in the end they appreciated that Mitterrand kept that mess to himself so it did not reflect badly on the public as a whole. Then again, we may be talking about Mitterrand from two different standpoints, and both could be equally valid. Though I think the French come off as being okay with dubious relationships b/c they prefer not to talk about or validate them. Discussion can cause controversy and bring shame to a family.

      ii) Makes a lot of sense.

      iii) Well, since I read the first part, I like a good follow-up :)

      • Dazzer

        Totally great response and I think I agree with most of it.

        French morality is complex and I’m probably a bit too close to the Miterand situation because I knew Mitterand’s English interpreter and his wife gave me all the gossip from the funeral – apparently the wife and the mistress were glacial in their respect and distance from each other (one was Arctic, the other was Antarctic). Your point about how the French population overall responded to the revelation is well made and accepted.

        Instinctively, I still think Ford buys into American morality and everything he’s doing while answering American questions are being accompanied by an eye-roll. But I could just be a witless prick on this.

        But I’m British and the only things I have to thank the French for after a millennium is garlic and my one-time French boyfriend who was the cleanest and most enthusiastic bottom I’ve ever experienced. Sadly, he turned into a psychopath.

        So, it’s basically just garlic.

        Thank you France.

    • FrenchBug

      With all due respect, I am French and while you are right that the French have a different relationship to sexual morality, I am not sure I understand how this explains, let alone excuse, the lies Theo Ford told about his fake relationship with Logan Moore.
      Lying your ass off to get publicity is just as pathetic there than it is here.

  • Diogenes Veritas

    i think he’s saying that if one defines a couple as two people who know each other pretty, well then, yes, they were a couple. unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that most people define an engaged couple as two people who are planning on getting married. strangely, that is something he did learn in his month-long engagement and subsequent marriage. still, using theo’s original construct, i would imagine, though they are married, they may be less of a “couple” than he and logan were. scorecards are available in the back btw.

    • lordgabux

      I get what you’re saying and I agree. The mother of my godchild and I were so in tune with each other that many people thought we were married (we even called each other wifey and hubby).
      And do we need to believe that every time they say something in a scene (or a porn movie) is real?
      Then Johnny has fucked all his family at hahahahaha

  • Zealot

    Theo Ford’s favorite scene from his favorite movie…”Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”!

  • La Bambi

    Zach, in your first interview with Theo Ford you described him having “a charming personality.” Do you think you were conned by him? Is he charming but also a compulsive liar?

  • Anonymous

    Theo has turned the corner on the pathway to LOSER alley faster than it takes a Frenchman to devour a basket full of frog legs!

  • lordgabux

    I wonder if someone send money to that kid every time she’s posted somewhere hahahahahahaa. I don’t think she knew she will be all over the place hahahahahaa.