Lying Liar Theo Ford Lies Again In Bizarre Interview About Bogus Boyfriend

Posted April 21, 2015 by with 22 comments

bizarreThe only thing weirder than watching the below video interview with Theo Ford talking about his fake boyfriend Logan Moore is to actually read what he’s saying, wherein he not only doesn’t answer the questions, he’s not even making any sense?

When you presented to the So You Think You Can Fuck competition, did you present as a couple with Logan Moore?
The thing with Logan, umm, it went further than we expected. If you actually watch SYTYCF…you can see we have, or we had anyway, a deeper understanding of each other and knowledge of each other, much more than the other guys who might have been together for longer. So, I know a lot of people have said “we lied” and everything, but truly, no, we were as much of a couple as a lot of people.

So, now he’s saying they were a couple, when in fact he already said he had lied about them being a couple? He was lying when he said he was lying the first time? The hell? It gets worse:

Dominic Ford said that you presented as a couple? Was he misunderstanding things?
No, I didn’t say anything to the studio, Dominic Ford, to get on SYTYCF. He…when the studio offered me and us…umm…a spot on the show because when they were casting I was actually staying with them in Florida, but at first the idea of a “couples”…umm…season wasn’t even in their heads, so it wasn’t me trying to get on the show, but in no way did I ever lie to get a job or to get, umm, an extra scene. They were more than happy to have us on the show.



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