Madonna Secretly Planning 40th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” Tour

Posted January 8, 2023 by with 12 comments

Is it really a “secret” if she’s already booked the stadiums? (Speaking of which, I hope that’s one of the hits she sings!) Via Sun:

The 64-year-old Material Girl is expected to announce new dates in the next few weeks — and has booked out London’s O2 Arena for multiple events.

Starting at the end of this year, it will be the pop superstar’s first ever compilation tour, featuring all her best-known numbers.

She hinted in an interview with Variety magazine last year that she was keen to get on the road again.

Now she has held a series of meetings with American director Jamie King, 51, who has masterminded her productions since 2001.

Last night a source said: “Madonna is trying something completely new — and really giving fans, young and old, what they want.

“She wants to capitalise on tracks like Frozen and Material Girl popping off on TikTok, and introduce her back catalogue to an entirely new generation.


Uhhh, hearing anything else about those awful remixes and how they were “popping off”(?) on the Chinese spyware platform is literally the last thing that will make me interested in a tour, so let’s hope that’s not an actual “source” and is just tabloid nonsense.

While it didn’t feature very many of my favorite Madonna songs, the best tour she ever did in terms of overall production, entertainment, and quality was actually her last one in 2019, Madame X. And I’m not even saying that because I had such great seats. Here’s a clip from the concert film, in which you can see little ol’ me (nervously/ecstatically fidgeting with my hat, of course) two rows behind her as she chats with Dave Chappelle. I wasn’t even drunk, but was just happily losing it after 35+ years of loving her:


One of the tours I regret missing the most was the Confessions tour, which featured a stunning performance of “Erotica.” Here’s hoping she can still pull something like this off:

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