Man Suffers From Erect Penis For 17 YEARS Due To Worm Infection

Posted May 9, 2024 by with 5 comments

First brain worms, and now dick worms! What a time to be alive for worms. News about a 72-year-old man who had worms in his penis for 17 years that caused him to be “partially erect at all times,” via DailyMail, of course:

The 72-year-old lived for 17 years with a severely swollen penis that caused the organ to appear partially erect at all times, as well as a swollen scrotum and left leg.

The unnamed patient was found to be infected with hordes of live, microscopic worms which were causing chronic inflammation around his groin.

An antibody test came back positive for Wuchereria bancrofti, which are microscopic, thread-like worms.

Infections are caused by mosquito bites, which transfer the larvae into the bloodstream.

Once they hatch, they travel into the lymph system — a circulatory network used to drain fluid. This carries them to other areas of the body, including the scrotum.

They then mature, mate and produce millions of offspring.


Maybe instead of Trimix, gay porn stars can start using worms? I could see Michael Lucas trying to shove them up his models’ urethras. There’s more on this story at the link, including how the man was finally cured with anti-parasitic drugs.

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