Caterer Who Posed As Cosmetic Surgeon Jailed For 5 Years After Performing Botched Penis Enlargement Surgery That Led To Man’s Death

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This psychopath essentially killed someone, and all he’s getting is five years? I guess murder isn’t that big a deal in Germany. His trial began earlier this summer, and the fake doctor who performed that botched penis enlargement surgery has now been found guilty and sentenced, via DailyMail:

A man who posed as a cosmetic surgeon has been jailed for five years after performing a botched penis enlargement surgery which killed his patient after months of agony.

Bogus medic Torben K. 46, a catering worker from Solingen, Germany, had injected the patient’s manhood and scrotum with silicone oil during what was supposed to be a ‘girth enhancing’ procedure.

Judges in Wuppertal District Court jailed him on August 28 after he was found guilty of causing death by grievous bodily harm.

The 32-year-old victim – not named in court – died of sepsis seven months after the agonising operation in July 2019.

According to the victim’s 29-year-old sister, her brother had doubts about the procedure before Torben K. convinced him to go ahead.

But instead of ending up with a larger member, the victim began having breathing problems as soon as he returned home from the treatment.

He visited several hospitals but died of blood poisoning, as well as liver and kidney failure.