Map Reveals Countries With Largest Penises

Posted June 6, 2024 by with 8 comments

It feels like some pharmaceutical group or random medical organization does one of these lists every year (in fact, they do, as we saw last year), so it’s time for another list of countries with the largest penises. Last year, the country with the largest penises was Ecuador, and this year, it’s apparently Sudan, according to something called “Now Patient” and “World Population Review” (via TheSun):


I’m definitely not surprised to see Colombia cracking the top 10 (last year, they were at #21), given the size of Colombian men’s cocks. Anyone ever had any Sudanese cock? I don’t think I have. There’s more at the link, including the list of countries with the smallest penises, with Thailand coming in last.

Here’s what the map looks like, with more details on WorldPopulationReview (average erection size in the U.S. is 5.5 inches):

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